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Quebec and Toronto... WTF


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So, as many of you are aware, right now there are two battles in the NA conference (listen to the Pajodcast if you want to hear someone repeat that).  One is the Americans V Seattle, where there is a battle for mediocrity... and then there is the battle for first between the Legion and the Meute.


Thus far, the series between the Legion and Meute is 2 for Quebec, and 1 for Toronto.  With that said, Quebec has won both their games in the shootout (F*cking Rift), and the Toronto win was also only a one goal game.  Unfortunately they dont play each other for 4 days, so we must wait for the next installment, but I think everyone is thinking the same thing right now.., NY AND SEATTLE BETTER NOT FUCK THIS UP WITH AN UPSET IN THE FIRST ROUND, BECAUSE WE ALL WANT TO SEE A SEVEN GAME SERIES!!!


Good luck Meute, and hopefully we stay tight all season but I actually would rather pull away

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