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The Bern Royals we all knew at the beginning of the season were a team that were very unpredictable. With many VHL/VHLM journeymen being signed to the team to provide offense, nobody was sure where the team would end up with only one young player, that being Blaine Olynick. Since then, the team has grown its own crop of young guns, some such as Jakob Linholm, Ron World Peace, and Antoine Sauve. They've also ripped through opposing team's defense by leading the league in goals for. They boast an impressive record of 43-13-0.


Although like many good professional teams, they've reached a detour on their progress. In their last 6 games, the team has gone 3-3-0, while giving up 11 goals in their last two games. Offense was never a problem with the Royals, with Matt Reilly, Earl Parker, and Eliana Ben-Lev tearing up the leaderboards. But the team's defensive game could've used some tweaking before this season's trade deadline. Goaltender Blaine Olynick has not posted a sub .900% save percentage for most of the season while his GAA has stayed modest with a mid-2.00%. The team is seen as a favorite to win the Founder's Cup, but most playoff teams go on to win with great season-ending momentum heading into the post season. If the Bern Royals want to see their opportunity, the defensive coaching staff will have to start grinding their players soon.

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