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Is Success Subjective?


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Liam Rooney opened up about his views on hockey in a recent radio show interview, "What is success? Is success subjective? Is success not what we choose success to be? Individually, in our thoughts? I just mean – I look at my first two games and I can say – “Hey, you did ok...I mean – you didn’t score. But you won a few face-offs. Played a responsible game. Good job.” But then you think, “The fans don’t want this…they want goal sirens. Tits and Dragons as Ian McShane would say.”

The teen was clearly enjoying his time chatting with the radio host who had him do a number of fun tasks while on the air.

"So – is success subjective? Is it possible for me to feel that someone is crap – while another sees them as the bees knees? What’s with that? Do you find it frustrating when you disagree with the popular opinion?

Or is it freedom to feel this way?"

The two shared a laugh after the monologue..."That was deep..." The radio host pronounced.

Rooney was asked to play out a movie scene from a film recently viewed and he dropped an oldie....

“Oh, you’re still here? The show is over – go home.”

Rooney will be hoping to twist and shout his way to greater successes in the coming games.


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