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Yukon Rush: Middle Dogs


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Lets talk standings. Yukon sits in the dead center of the pack, sitting at a modest 37 points on the season, comparing to the top (Philadelphia Reapers-53pts) and the bottom (Mississauga Hounds-13 pts). So we can confidently claim Yukon as a middle of pack contender for the time being. Yukon continues to stagnate coming out the second quarter of the season, Dropping 3 games while only taking 2 in the past 5 games. Yukon's coaching staff was obviously displeased with the start to the mid-season, and are looking to make "small to moderate" changes to the lineup. Besides the slight bumps, Yukon still has bright spots and even brighter futures for the players in the organization.



Frans Eller (C)

Frans Eller is that two way player that you need on every team, but so far this season he has broken out to be almost a point per game player for the Rush. With 31 points in 32 games and a +/- of 15, He has shown he can make the next step to be the all around superstar with a quik stick, as Eller shows great positioning and stick work on the defensive end. If Eller can continue producing and truly mold into a dynamite all around center, I'd bet on Yukon being a huge contender in the near future, and maybe even a Captain.


Justin Rushmore (W)


Another player doing his job well is Justin Rushmore. With  20 points, (11G 9A) Rushmore is another Yukon player keeping up well with point totals and producing. With a big 6'5" frame, and 222 pounds of straight hockey strength, he has good speed and stick handling for a player his size. Rushmore has come out strong and confident, taking lots of shots and getting a good amount of physical play in. There is still more season left, and we expect to see Rushmore get even more physical, and  await his point totals at the end of the season.


Thanks for tuning in to the Yukon articles, I will continue to review the developing players on the Yukon Rush team and analyze the teams success, and failures.

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