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Breaking The ice

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Getting The Monkey Off His Back

You could see the relief when Rooney earned his first league point in a close game against the Saskatoon Wild. It was a garbage point on a mad scramble in front of the net - but you have to imagine Rooney will take it at this point.


The young Center won the face-off back to his defenseman who got a quik shot off – generating a rebound. Jaxon Walker and Rooney both took whacks at the puck before Noah Hanley managed to pocket the rebound. It was quite the scramble, "Deffinatley not the prettiest point I have ever gotten. In three years it will be a little sauce from the half-boards for a one-timer top shelf. For now - ill take what I can get." Rooney told reporters after the game.


“It was a great game and to be able to keep the score close like that and really show case what we can be as a team was excellent. I think we are certainly trending in a positive direction.” Said Rooney after the game.

Ultimately the Hounds lost the game by a score of 3-2. With the Wild scoring only 3 minutes later and not looking back in the contest. The Hounds will look to gain back some lost momentum against the Rush and the Aces in upcoming competition.

Further more,

With the team trading away one of their top players this week – Rooney has been wearing the 2nd assistant “A” for the Hounds. “It is a great honor” Rooney told the media, “I am really excited to be able to be looked upon to be an example on the roster. I will do what I can to keep it up!”

There were some that were critical of the move – mentioning the youngsters newness to the league. “We are talking about a kid who has played four games – four. FOUR!” One talk show host proclaimed on his late night show, “I just hope he doesn’t crumble under the pressure of discovering his game and trying to be a leader in the room.”

Other perspectives have pointed to the youngsters consistent play. The biggest flaw so far being a poor showing in the face-off circle against the Marlins. The youngster went 7/25 in that game – which was surely abysmal.

Some analysts chose to focus on the fact that in the grand scheme of things – if having a bad night in the face-off circle every now and again is the worst we see with the player – we should consider ourselves lucky as fans.

In a short radio interview Rooney pondered success and what it would mean to be successful. Well – earning a letter and scoring your first point in the same week is a decent accomplishment.

Is there anything that you are looking to improve after playing your first round of games? “Well – obviously as you can see offensively – I have a ton of room for improvement. Look at Kidd – he has been killing it offensively. I want to score!” He laughed, “But I am trying to be patient and soak it all in. Be there for my team.”

We look forward to being able to report on the future successes of this young talent as he continues to set benchmarks for himself. The sky is the limit!

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