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There was a theme around the Mississauga Hounds practice facility – the being the feeling that momentum was beginning to swing in favor of their squad.

The team has added two young Centers to their core who have stepped in and provided solid contributions. “It felt good to get that first point a few nights ago – just one assist. Something to celebrate about. Where you think you yourself – ‘so, I can produce at this level.’ – and the hands tighten on your stick. You’re not cutting off blood flow anymore. Yah know.”

Rooney told reporters before going out and having a fairly solid game overall – one of his best showings since his signing. With 5 shots and 4 hits – to go along with his first goal in the VHLM. “Obviously it feels great. You want to have success and you can’t really describe what its like to pump yourself up for something like your first goal. Then to get it in front of the home crowd – everyone was going nuts.”


Rooney was all smiles when asked what it felt like to pot the first of his young career. “Indescribable. Unlike anything – you dream about that moment when you are growing up and to accomplish it. I let the passion out – for sure.”

Rooney joked – in reference to a recent interview he had done.

A couple of nights after scoring his first goal – Rooney played a part in a late-game goal that propelled the Hounds past the Las Vegas Aces.

With a minute and twenty seconds remaining in the game  - off a mad scramble after a lost face-off. The puck bounced around to Kris Tougher who potted it.

“To be honest – I didn’t even know that I touched it. It was just one of those situations where you keep playing your man and good things happen. We worked hard for the two points.”

Just as the Mississauga Hounds begin to gain momentum – as does Rooney. The youngster has been playing heavy minutes for the Hounds – and has been a very solid addition thus far. Now having a goal and 3 points in 6 games – in addition to 11 hits; 2 blocked shots and a +1 rating.

“We have been watching the Hounds and he is a player who seems to be getting better with every game. Hopefully he can continue to grow as he would truly be making noise come draft time.” Said an anonymous scout.

When asked about the possibility of being drafted high Rooney told reporters, “I am not even thinking about the draft – I just started playing games here. For me to remain motivated – I need to focus on the little things and satisfying the details. One step at a time.”
It will be interesting to see where Rooney lands un upcoming Draft projection boards – the Hounds having two strong candidates to go relatively high in the draft this season in Kidd and Rooney. When asked about the possibility of playing on the same team after turning pro – Rooney welcomed the idea, “Sure – he is a talented guy and we are both dedicated. I think we could help solidify the middle of the ice for years to come.”

Words: 529.
Using for PT for Week ending on - August 11th, 2019


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