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San Diego Marlins | Prospect Update

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San Diego Marlins | Prospect Update

The Marlins have been hot of late and their young roster has been earning and scoring their way to victory, we are going to take a closer look at how well some of the San Diego Marlins rookies have been doing. Each week we are going to give a run down of a different prospects so stay tuned for future installments, today we are going to look at the highest TPE earners.


D | Gert B Frobe | GP: 39 G: 4 A: 11 P: 15 +/-: -8 PIM: 60 | Ranked: 24th +1 (10th in Defenders) | :usa:

The highest TPE earner and most active has been defender Gert B Frobe, racking in total of 139 TPE halfway through the season. Frobe leads the team in many categories, checking, fighting, discipline, strength, defense and leadership, definitely one of the reasons the Marlins have been so motivated to win, not only does he drop the gloves but his defensive ability has been able to help his goaltender have enough time to recover and make an easy save, he has a total of 89 hits and 67 shot blocks. His shooting hasn't been the best but 1 of his 4 goals scored was a game winner. 


RW | Ryan Busser | GP: 39 G: 13 A: 22 P: 35 +/-: -10 PIM: 8 | Ranked: 27th +1 (6th in Right Wings) | :can:

Captain Ryan Busser has been working his way up the draft rankings steadily each week, earning 129 TPE along the way and has the best offensive ability out of any other Marlins prospects so far, helping propel his team to a playoff spot with a team leading 3 game winning goals.Trade acquisition Milan Griffin and Busser's chemistry makes them a deadly combo and their highlights keep getting better the more they play together. A couple attributes scouts will be looking at will be his crisp passing and should make him a definite target at this years draft, another major part of his game is his stick handling and he is the first person to take the shot in the shootout.


C | Chad Gilbert | GP: 35 G: 2 A: 7 P: 9 +/-: -4 PIM: 6 | Ranked: 31st +2 (3rd in Centers) | :usa:

Two things that would describe Chad Gilbert's game would be consistent and effective and he has put his 124 TPE to good use. He is by far the best faceoff man on the team and in the league, taking important draws to give his team possession and his ability to retrieve the puck in the corner pairs with it, making a deadly combination. He hasn't been scoring as many goals as he would have liked but that doesn't mean his shots on net aren't resulting in great chances for his teammates. Gilbert is very important to his team and plays a lot of minutes, playing a permanent role on both special team units and taking important faceoffs late in games.

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