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Yukon Rush: Continuing to Push


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Here we are, every team is pretty much at 40 games played. The Reapers continue to be the league's top contender, and the Storm fall down to 3rd in the standings whilst the Lynx (2) and Reapers (1) still have a game in hand. Yukon sits 6th with 51 points, and there's only a 4 point difference between the Bulls (4) and the Rush who again, sit at 6th in the standings. Given the minor break in the Storm's early season surge, and the tight race in the middle of the standings, Yukon is not in a bad spot at all. Yukon has some areas of weakness, but has recently acquired C Nate Wright that we expect to make a difference in this Yukon lineup, and GM Josh has definitely made it clear he wants to make a push.


Nate Wright (C)

Coming from the Mexico City Kings for a S68 YUK 3rd round pick, Nate Wright has allocated 12 points so far this season, which is a good amount given he is coming from a rebuilding team, and only been able to muster 31 games this season. He has been looking healthy, and has been an amazing addition to the two way role. By filling this role, Yukon's scorers are able to do what they do best. A young unselfish player, and will soon get his turn at the wheel. Being able to hold a role position so well and continue to produce, shows true leadership for the future of Yukon.


Andrej Petrovic (D)

One player that has come out strong and is one of Yukon's top producers is Petrovic. A decent sized defense man, with a blistering first step and an eye for teammates sticks. With 21 assists already in the season, Petrovic is not joking around. He wants to win. A plus minus problem at the beginning of the season, but he has reduced it, whilst continuing to put up good shot blocking numbers. He has been doing his job and Yukon is happy about it. 


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