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A Good Loser Never Quits


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"Can Someone be a good loser..."


In a recent press conference – I was asked to reflect on my decision to join a losing team and if given the choice – would I do it again?

What a complex question. Is there a mentality behind being a loser? Can someone be a good loser?



Firstly, I believe there is absolutely a mentality behind what it means to be a loser and benefit from the experience. If we believe that FAIL – First Attempt In Learning – is a common notion. Then it must be generally accepted that one must first learn to lose before they can be truly comfortable with what it means to win.

For what could we make of a positive experience – without the sting of a negative one. Right?

As for being a good loser – I think its impossible. Anyone who loses goodly is accepting the idea that losing is acceptable. But I guess that means – to be a good loser is to hate losing? Just, not in a destructive way. Just the simple idea of losing – seethes through your core. Making you tense.

I guess I contemplated losing a lot more when our team was advertised to be a guaranteed bottom feeder. But we have gutted out some big wins! While we strive for the promise land – let us not forget the bumps and bruises. For they provide us with the relatable feelings to revel in triumph!


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