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We have an excellent start to the season for Mac, before we delve into that though we are going to talk about his first season in the VHLM, after moving out to the States from the UK, Mac got settled in Minnesota and enjoyed his pre-season exploring the local area and training hard before he started. Which brings us to his first seasons stats, not incredible though expected from a brand new player, he used the season to climatize himself to the league and build upon his knowledge of the game, the change from an amateur team in the UK to the VHLM was a bit of a shock to the system however he is more relaxed and still enjoyed playing the game all season despite low stats, all they seemed to do was make him more determined to improve.


Looking into his stats a little more specifically we can see that he managed a grand total of 7 goals, over the course of 72 games a pretty measly stat to be honest with himself, 4 of which though were key game winning goals securing a solid victory for his team when finding the back of the net. He looks to improve this stat through hours of on and off ice training in order to ensure he can find the back of the net more regularly. As well as 7 goals he managed 7 assists, sliding the puck nicely to a teammate allowing them to score.


And here we go with an excellent start to his 2nd season having played 12 games at the time of writing and securing 8 goals already including 2 game winners, surpassing his goal stat for last season with ease, which obviously he is ecstatic about and is looking forward to racking up more goals as the season progresses,  still making sure to set up his teammates to take a shot on goal with 7 assists he is making a good impact this season so far. Seems as though all that dieting, training and spending large amounts of time on the ice has been paying off the young brit looks to have the beginning of what could be a rather impressive season alongside his teammates of the Minnesota Storm.

Moving on to his VHLM team the Minnesota Storm who are having a decent start to the season


sitting comfortably at third place with 9 wins, 2 losses and an OT loss leaving them with a 19 points after 12 games. They have had some interesting games this seasons including a decisive 6-0 win over the Saskatoon Wild and an incredible 7-1 victory over the Ottawa Lynx, obviously it isn't all wonderful games such as the one against the Lynx they also have suffered a 2-1 loss against the Yukon Rush. Minnesota seem to have started the season consistently scoring a good amount of goals and completely shutting their opponents out, I look forward to seeing a good season worth of hockey from the young VHLM team.

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