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DC Dragons Stadium


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In addition to the graphic I created here is a little rundown of the Red Rock Cave, the new home of the DC Dragons. With a capacity of 18,500 the new stadium is looking pristine, the regular seats are all padded with pillows, that have a nice rubber layer in order to help with spillages. Feel free to help yourself to one of the many food and drink stands available within the arena, or take a tour of the Dragons Memorabilia and Stats lounge where you can see live leaderboards of our all time highest scorers, most hits, longest time spent in penalty box and much more! With extravagant VIP areas complete with hockey puck cake, in a variety of flavors and Stanley Cup champagne flutes., feel like spending a little extra on your VIP ticket? Bump it up and meet the players a few hours before the game, go on a walk through the locker room and get to know pre-game rituals of all your favorite stars Of course no hockey rink is complete without a giant graphic in the center of the ice containing the Dragons expertly crafted logo. 


This new rink is expected to see thousands of incredible hockey games played over the course of the Dragons career, the entire establishment and of course the team look forward to welcoming you to the new home.

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