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This Week with David Wallace


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This Week with David Wallace


The Las Vegas Aces have been on fire the past few weeks and are on a six game winning streak. The team is being led by Benny Graves and Ben Tate, who are having two of the best seasons in the VHLM in recent history. They have 94 and 91 points in 42 games, and are not slowing down one bit. They are on the top line for the Aces, complimenting each other perfectly. That brings us to line two with David Wallace on the wing and only having 35 points in 42 games. After choosing the Aces as a free agent last year, Wallace was waiting to see who selected him and was glad to get back to the Aces especially with their extreme depth. He was poised to have a breakout year with a full training camp and an off season with a lot of training. This has yet to translate to points, he has not hurt his team with his lack of production yet. Wallace continues to improve his game each week and has impressed coaches and management with his dedication.


Wallace has been named captain of the Aces because of his work ethic and dedication to the team. He is also one of the longest tenured player the Aces have and is a great locker room guy.


I feel like I have been letting my team down with my play, I know I can produce more and doing my best to contribute anyway I can. Said Wallace after a recent win. I am just glad we are winning, I will get going soon enough, as long as we continue to win I’ll be happy. 


Those comments from Wallace show why he was chosen as captain for the Aces, he is all about the team. In other news with Wallace, he was selected to play for Team World in the upcoming World Junior Classic.


What an honor, I mean I’d love to be on an England team, but to be able to play in this tournament is huge. I will do everything I can to help push Team World to a gold medal finish. Said Wallace.


His agent Juddy had also applied to be a general manager for the World Junior Classic, and did not get the job. Juddy has been very active in trying to get a front office role and has yet to get a job. He has interview for several assistant jobs and did get an interview for the WJC general manager but was not selected. There were other more qualified options and Juddy understands why he was not selected. 


Wallace is a player on the rise though and even though he says he’s having a down year he still is almost at a point per game, and one hit streak will put him over that mark easily. His teammates have joked that he’s saving himself for the playoff where they’ll see him go off. Last year in play offs Wallace had 4 goals and an assist in five games, so when the light shine brightest he shows up. If he can do that in the playoffs this year he just may be the playoff MVP and the first the hoist the VHLM trophy.

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