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VHL - Fantasy Zone Rules


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The following message is from Frank, the VHL Fantasy Zone manager

Welcome to the VHL Fantasy Zone. In this section of the site you can earn extra uncapped TPE from completing Fantasy Zone challenges. There are various VHL related challenges such as Predict the Score and VHL Pick Em, as well as something new we are going to try called the VHL Fantasy League. But worry not there are many non VHL related fantasy leagues which will reside on yahoo. Any member can enter. Rules, payouts and schedules will be up to date within this thread. This is meant to be a fun and easy way of earning extra TPE. I am also please to announce we are bringing back Fantasy Team Names, you just need to specify in the thread what your team name is.

VHL Fantasy Challenges

VHL Pick 'Em

  • Each week, I will post four VHL games. I will post them at the beginning of the week, and they will actually be played near the end of the week.
  • In the thread I post the games, post who you think will win each game. Be sure to pick all four.
  • When the games are played, I go through and see who picked all four games correctly. Each person who does, gets 1 TPE. Not much, but hey, it's something.
  • If you post your predictions after the first game is actual played, your predictions will not count. That usually happens on Friday or Saturday, so be sure to post before them.

VHL Predict the Score

  • Every other week, I will post ONE game that will happen near the end of the second week.
  • In the thread I post that game, post what you think the FINAL SCORE will be and WHO WILL WIN.
  • Everybody who correctly predicts BOTH the SCORE and the WINNER receives 3 TPE. This is a bit harder to do, which is why the prize is slightly larger.
  • Again, anybody who posts their predictions after the game's results are posted do not count. Two weeks is plenty of time to get your predictions in.

Yahoo Leagues / Other Concepts

  • Every so often, some fantasy leagues might start up on Yahoo. These may be traditional fantasy leagues, or games of the pick 'em variety. I will always run these through Yahoo, so sign up for a Yahoo account if you don't already have one and want to play.
  • There may also be some games contained within the forum itself. For example, every year when the NHL Playoffs roll around we run a prediction game on the forum.
  • As these are even less frequent, the prizes are slightly larger. Scoring will always be available in the league site on Yahoo or in a special thread in the forum, depending on the game.
  • These games do not have deadlines, unlike the other games. That means you can join after the game has already started up. You'll obviously have less chances for points, and therefore less of a chance to win, but it's still better than nothing, right?
  • At times some members will start Yahoo Leagues which is fine but they must have permission from an admin.

(For 11-25 and up Leagues)
1st - 8
2nd - 6
3rd - 5
4th-6th - 4
7th-12th - 3
13th-20th - 2
21st and under - 1

(For 10 Person and under Leagues)
1st - 8
2nd - 5
3rd - 4
4th-6th - 2
7th-10th - 1

Feel free to message Frank with any questions, comments, or concerns. As well as suggestions for new Yahoo sports leaues you'd like to see introduced.

Good luck!

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