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Carson Walkers


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Carson Walkers

Birthplace:Huntsville, Alabama





Carson Walkers 110177444_hockey2.jpg.30a861fe96347f811c6855a151cef7de.jpgcareer in hockey started out far different to others. Born as the second youngest of five in his family, Carson didn't stand out in most areas except athletics. Cason’s family was a huge soccer family and as such Carson spent most of his life practicing and playing soccer. While he did try other sports such as baseball and football he didn't care for them. After playing for his middle school soccer team, an unfortunate injury prevented Carson from trying out for his high school team. But some friends invited him to try out a local hockey league after he healed instead of soccer. Carson deciding to give it a try instantly fell in love. His only experience before was watching his local SPHL team Huntsville Havoc play.


Although he struggled still being new to hockey Carson was able to still quickly pick up the sport. His first season with the league wasn't anything exciting putting up very little points. However after spending the summer practicing with his friends, his next season was where he truly started to shine. Carson was able to place second on his team and fourth in the league on goals scored and 1st on his team and 2nd in the league for assists. He then spent the next summer working ever harder to stay in shape and reach first in his league for goals and assists the next season, which he finally managed just gaining the top spots in each in the last few games. 

Unbeknownst to Carson the coach for the Havocs watched some of his games and invited him to trial with the Havocs. Carson was determined to blow them away at the trial and managed to make it onto the reserve roster for the team. Carson didn't spend much of that first season on the ice. The next season saw Carson make it onto the First team roster. Working hard during practices Carson earned heaps of Ice time and was one of the top for assists in the league. His next season Carson helped lead his team to winning the Presidents cup. Leading the league in assists and being seventh in goals, Carson set his sights on the VHLM wanting to prove himself even more and prove himself as one of the greats.

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