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Jeffrenomitsu The Third looking forward to the draft


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"Hey there, this is Liz from the VHLN how do you feel going into the draft?"


Shortly after a big win against the Philadelphia Reapers, Jeffrenomitsu The 3rd, the rookie winger for the Houston Bulls found themselves face to face with an avid reporter looking to get a response in regards to the upcoming Season 74 Victory Hockey League draft. Naturally the winger had been so focused on improving as a player for the league-leading Bulls that he had not really thought about the draft, his draft stock and which teams were even considering taking him in the first place. "Well?" She pushed for an answer, forcing Jeffrenomitsu to snap out of his daydream. "Well, I haven't really thought about it much truth be told. I'm just focused on winning it all with the Bulls that I hadn't really considered the possibility of getting drafted to the VHL so early." he answered truthfully.


In all honesty he was looking forward to the challenges of meeting new players and friends while possibly reuniting with former teammates and old friends, whether it be GMs or players.

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