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Grapes Junior Review


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Born and raised in Manhattan I dominated the New York youth landscape averaging an absurd five goals a game, and quickly found my spot at the right half wall. Started playing hockey at 8:00 and have always been a natural goal scorer always working on my shot. Unfortunately I never took my health seriously and as I got older I became more and more one dimensional. As I got older the hype started to drain away from being an immediate franchise player who could break scoring records to a solid goal scorer and little else. It took until I was 16 before a scout told me if I got into better condition I could be an impact player. I spent the next years of my life doing everything I could to get better at hockey, working out for hours, taking 400 shots everyday, dieting. When I turned 17 I had made major improvements and had scouts from all over telling me that I had tons of potential and that I just needed to truly harness it. Because I had no more use for the youth hockey leagues I was playing in I went to play professionally in Europe. I dominated and was a force to be reckoned with destroying the competition and truly showcasing my ability to score goals. Midway through the season I took a leave of absence. I had always had mental health issues but when things started to heat up I knew I needed to get away and lock myself away before I hurt anyone. Two months later I retired from the league. During my summer of isolation I went into very dark places and eventually started using psychedelic drugs as an escape from reality. After some time in rehab I was finally ready to play hockey again. So I enlisted in VHLM and was signed by the Philly Reapers. This was my chance and I had to make the most of this opportunity. I practiced harder than before and did all that I could do develop into the player I knew I could be. Now i'm ready to play the best hockey I ever have and bring my team and my game to another level and rise to the top of the draft. It's been my lifelong dream to be the greatest goal scorer of all time and I will do whatever it takes to become the best and dominate the competition. Remember the name Grapes.

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