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Queen Latifa excited after lockout

It has been a few weeks since the VHL has had any games played because they have been dealing with threats from within the leadership core of the league that have completely shut down all electricity in every farm and professional team in the league. The league has been shutdown for awhile now, much like the silly American government. They league has recently state that it is about to resume all activities, but they are going to give time to teams and players to get ready to play in the season. Here's what Queen Latifa had to say about the whole thing:

"I mean it obviously stinks that I haven't been able to start my second season with Minot yet. I'm really excited to get to the VHLM again and start playing my game. I'm hoping I can lead Minot this year. The lockout has given me a lot of time to practice and I'm ready to play and try and make my way upto the legion roster either sometime this year or next season. I'm just ready altogether."

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