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Dexter Vaughn - Rookie Experience


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Dexter Vaughn ending up playing for the Ottawa Lynx.  He was making his path to the big leagues, to be the best goalie he once was. Farm life he once life was seeing the result, cause he wanted to be the goalie he once was. In his rookie year. He only been getting better each day. Growing and getting the experiences he needs in the league. Team was not doing well, Dexter knew he needed to stick it out to gets some games in to have feel for the league.


The start he was losing games, but people said do not give up it will only get better from here, it takes time. was a good year. he was sat out most the start of the season. unlit He said someone thing and played his first game in 20 some games. Dexter push thought it. Play each game and getting much better. Met new friends as well. 


Dexter really thought he picked the best life to be come a goalie again. In the offseason he will work on the ranch part time and be a bounty hunter. Other time he will train and get stronger. He can become a starter in the VHL.  


In the s75 you saw Dexter grow. He also shown off a other skill that was being graphic designer. Made some jersey for teams in the VHL. In the next come season he plans on doing more teams as well. Dexter Love making art for fun. You guys  expect to see that coming. Dexter Rookie season was just to grow and learn the ropes of the league. In next coming season he know it wont be easy but want get better each and everyday. It was not a easy season. I have learn alot and will use what I know make me grow. Looking forward to the draft.  Dexter being the top goalie in the draft is exciting to. Know that he did something, even thought his team losing. He still push it and gave it all his 100%. Hard working and no quitter Dexter is. He going make it someday he said. People will look up to him someday. 


Now it daft week. He had few teams interview him. Is still unsure what team will draft him. This all exciting stuff for Dexter. He looking for the draft this Friday That will be end off his rookie minor season. Bring on what's to come. One best league he has ever played for. He is enjoying ever bit of it. I want to go to the big leagues and make name for myself and win the VHL championship. Be the best goalie I can be. Be one of the greatest of all time. Maybe one day when I retire to become gm and see how that will go. Try anything to be part of the VHL. 

Its been one fun of a rookie year, thanks to everyone who help me and got me to this point. Here to the future. 

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