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Douffet declares for the VHLM


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A new player has made himself eligible for the S39 VHLM Entry Draft and his name is Soren Douffet. Born in Antwerp, Belgium, Douffet has spent his whole life in Belgium and is finally ready to take on the best the VHL has to offer. 


"I got noticed by this agent who goes by the name 'Spangle'. He has had three guys in the VHL prior to me and brings a lot of experience to the table. I am excited to learn from him and become a top goalie in the VHL one day," said an excited Douffet.


"This is my first goalie prospect, so there will certainly be a learning curve as I navigate my way through everything. Plus, a lot has changed since I was last here full time. Teams like the Quebec City Meute and Cologne Express are foreign to me (though I called Cologne being a relocation/expansion spot a long time ago). Same goes for much of the VHLM, as the Ottawa Lynx, Yukon Rush, Bratislava Watchmen, Moscow Red Wolves, and Turku Outlaws, are brand new to me. There will be a learning curve in terms of those teams, but the biggest one will be the new members who I may not entirely familiar with. But, I will try to adjust quickly," said Spangle.


Only time will tell how Douffet develops, but both player and agent seem very excited to tackle the VHLM. Many scouts believe he could develop into the next top goalie in the league, so it will be interesting to see if those beliefs come to fruition.


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