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The Aces' Season


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                               It may be a little early, or a little late, depending how you look at it. But I'm going to go over the Aces' season, as in writing about the team itself and the players, and where I think we'll end up after everything is said and done. So, on with the article. 


        Right now, the Aces hold the 4th and final playoff position in the Western Conference, sitting 4 points ahead of the Saskatoon Wild, after trailing them for the first chunk of the season. However, the gap between the Aces and the third place Yukon Rush is a 22 point difference, and after today's lackluster sim, it looks unlikely that we'll catch them without a miracle. But we've caught Saskatoon, and they were a good amount ahead of us, so I'm not writing us off for that just yet.


       As for noticeable player performances, we've definitely had a few. Evgeni Shevkov has been a beast, with 40 goals and 87 points, putting him on the league leaderboards for both of those categories. Angel Wachiure, a veteran of a couple seasons now, is also making a difference with 53 points. Free agent D signings Joakim Lund and New Player as well as top waiver signing and VHL draft prospect Rolf Fizzlebeef Jr. have also been really solid on the back end. And, of course, mainstay goalie Aksu Maronen has kept us in countless games. 


As for my own player, Lenny Sanderson, I've been satisfied with his performance. While I definitely expected more goals and points, 29 goals and 53 points is still respectable and I can feel relieved to know I'm helping the team. I'm excited to join the LA Stars next season, a team on the rise with a lot of younger players.



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