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  1. 1) Who do you project as the next break-out talent out of the Titans? Me. Move over Pepper. It's Virgil's time to shine. 2) Former Titan cup champion Matt Thompson announced his retirement this week; what message do you wish to leave him with? Do you, fam. Live life to the fullest and enjoy your retirement. The game will miss you. 3) Kronos Bailey and Julian Borwinn are tied at 68 points to lead the Titans. Who do you project will lead the team when game 72 is all said and done? Can't we just say it'll be a tie? They've both been clutch for us. 4) Does Alexander Pepper achieve his second Shaw trophy as top goalie? Yep. He seems to be getting better as we get deeper into the season. 5) To the surprise of many Calgary sold off their top two offensive threats last week (Diljodh and Ylonen). Hoe does this effect the power rankings in the east? I think it drops them on the power ranking, but I think they're looking to the future and we'll see them up again soon. 6) Who is our biggest threat if the playoffs started today? Probably Malmo. They have the 2nd best record, and they just beat us. Always a tough game with them.
  2. Vancouver Wolves @ Helsinki Titans Moscow Menace @ New York Americans Prague Phantoms @ Seattle Bears Calgary Wranglers @ Toronto Legion
  3. After starting off very slowly, offensively, how relieved are you that the team has been on an offensive tear, scoring 40 goals in the last 15 games? I knew the squad would get it turned around. We have the talent, but just weren't really clicking the first several games. Have you considered ever changing your visor to blue or any other color? Visors are for bitches. Face masks are where it's at. Which current Titan do you expect to join the Titans Ring of Honour after their playing days are over? Pepper for sure. One of the greatest of all-time. What was your last part time job before making it to the big leagues? I have yet to play a game in the bigs, so I'd say I'm still part time What's the one thing you most regret in your career? Definitely regret taking a break as I was unsure what I wanting to do with my life, but now that I'm back on the ice I wish I wouldn't have taken that break. Why is Orion Slade such a great/bad teammate ? He's terrible. I wanted to stay with him when I came to Helsinki and he said nobody interrupts a week-long binge of Sesame Street.
  4. 175 Vancouver Wolves @ Riga Reign 176 D.C. Dragons @ New York Americans 177 Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans 178 Prague Phantoms @ Malmo Nighthawks