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  1. @MexicanCow123 (among many others) with he huge sim to get us back into the series; this is the kind of play we're capable of. No idea what that was in the first sim.
  2. He is simmer the M this season so he's likely more focussed on the playoffs of that than he is the lotto Tournament.
  3. I assume by commish he means Josh who isn’t a Commish but anyway
  4. Beketov

    Two New GMs

    This is exactly what I was hoping would happen when we made that.
  5. Wildcard does count as playoffs, it’s just fun and easy to poke fun at it and say it doesn’t.
  6. Absolutely amazing series Prague, you guys made it terrifyingly close. Huge congrats to Warsaw on the VHL's first ever reverse sweep!
  7. Can Warsaw complete the never before seen Reverse Sweep? Can Moscow finally win 2 straight and hold off Prague? It all comes down to game 7! Going live momentarily
  8. Honoured to three-peat the stars award. Now the question is whether I can finish up next season with a 4th straight.
  9. As someone who lives in Halifax I’m not sure how I feel about this.
  10. 14 points in 6 games, I really want that damn Kanou haha. Gotta get to the finals first though and the first step is making it out of this round. Gotta break the back and forth nature of this series and finally win back to back. Also Warsaw HYPE