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  1. We aren’t cutting the pay from one source, that isn’t fair. If we were to do that we’d pick one of the many themes we’ve thought of before that are great but don’t work at all for GFX. Half the league earns their weekly PT from GFX, it can’t be viewed as lesser just because of what it is.
  2. I’m guessing no since this is from 2 years ago.
  3. articles can’t be claimed for multiple weeks, than MS’ and podcasts only.
  4. I honestly don’t get the hate for the Davos logo, I vastly prefer it to a few others. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this I just think it’s simple and if it’s going to be simple it might as well be the current one. Just my thoughts though. I’d rather see the Lynx or Wranglers get a new logo before Davos
  5. Was hoping to see photos of this bad boy. Glad you like it and major kudos to @MMFLEX for the gesture. He easily could have dropped to a lower tier and still gotten something for himself but instead he instructed us to send his grand prize to you.
  6. I had a bit of a time while my wife was on the phone....
  7. I mean I really tried here guys.
  8. I continue to be pointless but at least we’re winning
  9. As the person who did do it I can say that your assessment is pretty much bang on. Removing at least one of the two new teams made the most logical sense and Quebec was a more successful franchise. I do miss that Stockholm logo
  10. Nah, I assume he’ll take over the Beketov monicker.