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  1. It’s supposed to go right? No one told Holik apparently.
  2. Time to activate that 3-1 curse? They just won 3 straight so maybe we can. Seriously though, Eagles is on a fucking mission.
  3. This is for the expansion draft where they pick assets from the other teams. Also up for grabs will be those draft slots, they decide when they’ll be picking.
  4. @Greg_Di steals the game for sure and is denied a star. First loss for Calgary these playoffs when I got a point I think. GG Riga, gonna be a good series.
  5. The team that needed 14 games to make the finals vs. The team that only needed 8, what a storyline. Great series NY, as we knew it would be, you pushed us right to the limit for sure.
  6. The Riga Reign are waiting in the Continental Cup finals but who will they face? Game 7 starting soon!
  7. I would definitely prefer to end the series tonight but man I do love the idea of the cup storyline being 2 wins in 7 vs. 2 sweeps. I don’t know if the league has ever had a cup final with that storyline.
  8. 1 more fellas, and on the 4th of July as well to rub it in their American faces haha. Continuing the streak of not losing any time I get a point!
  9. You realize I also Simmed my rookie season right?
  10. FWIW my opinion is torn between Dawson and myself right now as well, I just like messing with gorlab. Dawson has a bigger point improvement than I did but I went up by more goals.
  11. I want to see Calgary take it in 7. Obviously because I play for them but also because I love the idea of a team that swept rounds 1 and 2 facing a team that needed game 7 in rounds 1 and 2.