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  1. @Will @Josh Why is this in VHLM?
  2. Man I really have forgotten how to score haven’t I? I’ll take 3 assists in 2 games I guess.
  3. Lose to LA, beat Vancouver. Simon are you drunk?
  4. They can 100% trade for themselves, they aren’t being told that they can’t get themselves at all post-draft.
  5. You seem to think I’m speaking in hypotheticals. Basically every GM who has been part of BOG discussion on the matter at one point or another has said they would gladly jump ship to their own team. It’s not a matter of trying to give them fewer options (it used to be they were locked to their own team, doing this offered them actually MORE freedom), it’s a matter of trying to make sure they don’t just screw each other at the first possible instance.
  6. Tbh I brought it up for discussion before this past draft but a bunch of other stuff came up and we didn’t get it finalized in time.
  7. Regular players have no incentive outside of their own personal goals. GM’s obviously have team goals to consider. If FA is allowed three draft is just a formality. Get drafted somewhere, play three years, and then hop to your own team for your prime years without having to pay for them at all.
  8. It was considered but ultimately we felt like that still means a lot of judging quality of GM players unfairly. Some may be a top 8 guy but some might not. Having them be in the market as any other player would be means the market dictates their value, not the rules.
  9. Completely disagree. Native pick puts a massively unfair advantage into teams doing well because their native pick is lower in the draft. If 1 team gets last and another wins the cup but both GM’s are getting a player in the next draft the team that got last needs to use 1st overall for their player and the team that won the cup uses 16th. It’s inherently unfair.
  10. If you win the cup and have your player in the next draft you’re still getting a guaranteed high earner at 16th. The fairest system is to treat them as any other player would be: if you want them and you don’t think your pick is high enough to make it happen then trade up for them.
  11. And we’ll fix them when they do. If we tried to close up every hypothetical situation with every rule change nothing would ever get done.
  12. Players being held hostage by other GM’s, no other market for their player, that sort of thing. It won’t be a common occurrence to avoid GM’s just jumping ship to their own team after 3 seasons but it is allowable in certain cases if the need arises. Basically the same rules as we had when GM’s were allowed 2 players but they couldn’t sign their second in FA. We allowed an exception for @Higgins because every other team had a goalie and he had spent a full season with no team. We obviously wouldn’t want a situation to get that dire again so exceptions CAN be made but on the whole t
  13. Hello everyone, Just a quick update today that I meant to make after the draft but it's been a busy time so I kept forgetting. Starting in S76 we'll be changing the rules regarding GM's drafting their own players. Originally when the rule was introduced to separate GM's from their players it was done with the intention of having no link whatsoever. If you wanted your player, you had to draft them or trade for them like any other. This did get changed before being announced however to the rule that everyone has thus far known of a first round pick can be used to auto-draft your play
  14. At least our second line is clicking. I can’t figure out how we score 8 and I only get 2 points but I guess 2 points is better than nothing.