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  1. Beketov

    GM 227: Wranglers vs. Bears

    30 goal rookie season, I’ll take that at least. Minor victories in a season without many real ones.
  2. Beketov

    Beketov’s Grading Log

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Claimed for this week: 2
  3. Beketov

    Montgomery Signature

    Review: Don’t sweat it too much, everyone starts somewhere; it’s how we learn. Immediately I would say that you’ll want to make signatures smaller for sure. A canvas size this big doesn’t work for a sig and is rather impossible to cleanly fill. Personally I try to avoid going any larger than 450x200 unless I have a specific effect in mind. You’ll also want to look into getting some stocks to help with backgrounds and such so they aren’t plain colours as that’s obviously a little dull. I’d also suggest not worrying about changing the render’s number and stuff. Jersey changes can be a bit complex and look cheesy if they are done wrong so it’s better not to draw attention to the fact. I’m not sure if that effect around the render was intentional or the leftover of a first time cutting but it does look quite messy. Overall I’ve seen worse first tries. Like I said, everyone starts somewhere, so keep at it and you’ll improve.
  4. Beketov

    Claimed: Jake Davis - Signature

    Review: That’s definitely an interesting font choice, and not one I think I’ve ever seen before so that’s fun. Unfortunately I wish the style of it reflected in the rest of the piece a bit. I would definitely try learning to cut out renders, or else downloading some pre-cut ones, as fading out a photo just looks kinda LQ and makes the render feel disconnected from the rest of the piece instead of simply a focal point in a greater image. The digital line type stock used isn’t a bad one but don’t get caught up with using it too much or it’ll become kinda predictable. Look into some tutorials and you’ll improve over time. Everyone starts somewhere.
  5. Beketov


    Review: On a detroit render kick were you? I will say I kinda prefer this one to the last one. The blending is done very well and nothings looks overly disconnected. The text is a bit of a weird font choice that doesn’t completely fit the theme but it’s not completely off either. My main complaint is that it’s kinda bland; there’s no real contrast. Just adding a bit of a punch with an S-curve or something would go a long way I think.
  6. Beketov


    Review: I’m going to start this by saying that overall I do find this to be quite a well put together piece. I start with that because I’m going to be a bit pickier sounding than I actually feel. Nothing is overtly wrong with it but minor things just don’t really feel as if they add up. For example the background looks like it should be kinda modern and clean; sorta reminds me of a TSN graphic. However the lighting doesn’t feel natural with that style at all; neither does the text. The text is actually my main complaint; it feels like an afterthought. No real effects on it and no real blending; it’s just sorta there. I would like to see a bit more attention paid to it. All in all a good piece but slightly disconnected.
  7. Beketov

    Claimed: revchenko

    Review: Holy Yellow batman! That is one major pile of yellow; though I don’t completely hate it. The coloud can be very tough to work with but you blended everything together in quite nicely which is good to see. Render effects are very strong but that helps to really make his face pop in the sea of yellow so that’s good. Light Source is also quite naturally placed with the render which is good, that’s often done wrong. I would like to see the next take up a bit more room so that it’s not quite as hidden away but all in all a very well made sig.
  8. Beketov

    Claimed: Shawn Glade Signature

    Review: Don’t worry, early on everyone goes way bigger than they intend to I think. In general I try to avoid larger than 450x200 unless I’m going for a specific look. Anyway, it’s a manip so obviously less can be done with it than a piece where you create everything. The purple was certainly a bold choice, even if you didn’t intend it to be. Purple can be a tough colour to work with generally speaking so you actually blended it pretty well. I also really enjoy the text work. It’s bold but not overtly distracting. Render effects and lighting certainly need to be looked into though. As it stands the Boston logo is more of a focal point than the face which is a big problem, especially when we don’t exactly what to be pointing out the wrong logo. Keep working at it and you’ll improve over time.
  9. Beketov

    B.B. Nat Signature Graphic

    Review: I definitely like the kind of style I’m seeing here, it just needs to be polished up a bit. For example the background looks like it could be something very fun but it’s slightly over-saturated which is making it pop more than a background should. The text style is interesting but it was taken too far so it makes it very challenging to actually read. In a similar vein, the render effects could have been nice but they were pushed a bit too far so it looks unnaturally smooth. I’d like to see the canvas a bit smaller to eliminate some of the extra space and not push the render so far to the right. Overall it’s a good start to a piece but could use a bit of work to really have that wow factor.
  10. Beketov

    Arthur 18/06

    Review: The main thing that strikes me immediately is that the jersey change is very well done so kudos for that. It blends well, looks the right size, and is well placed. Unfortunately I don’t care for the rest of the piece quite as much. The BG and text are both pretty plain and it’s lacking in effects. You aren’t the most experienced so I don’t expect perfection mind you. Try to play around with different stocks, blending modes, and effects to see what kind of results they generate. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Not everything will work but some of the best styles come from strange choices.
  11. Beketov

    Matt Thompson Press Conference

    1. Obviously the dynamic duo in Eiga is playing amazingly. Honestly I’d say most of the top rookies are performing exceptionally well. Obviously I would love to be topping them instead of Cast but I think everyone is performing quite well. I imagine I’ll probably finish the season where I am now: third in rookie scoring but leading them all (and all forwards for that matter) in shots blocked. 2. Yes and no. Obviously the last two seasons Davos skyrocketed themselves up the standings so in that way I would love for us to be like them. However, on the other hand, Davos’ rebuild was quite a long one. So I think we could be in the sense of we may be able to burst out of a rebuild straight into being a strong team but hopefully it doesn’t take us as long. 3. I’ll take 1 Chara Sized Kane. Having 5 defenceman with no bull behind them doesn’t seem like it would be as useful as having 2 insane power forward that can move the puck like a small guy but shake off hits like it’s nothing.
  12. Beketov

    Matt Thompson Press Conference

    Week of: July 8-15 Questions Asked: Cast (x5) Answers
  13. Beketov

    Pod Cast Press Conference (PCPC)

    1. You’re now leading all rookies in points. Did you expect this going into the season? 2. New update system: yay or nay? 3. If it was entirely up to you to relocate VHL teams would you move any? If so where would you move them? 4. Recruitment is up but retention is still somewhat an issue. How would you fix this? 5. What have been the best and worse changes in the league since your return?
  14. Beketov

    (S62) RW - Anssi Koivuhaka, TPE: 30

    @Higgins sets everyone at 24 as the default. The settings in the sim make sure that she doesn’t affect player performance in any way.
  15. Beketov

    Welcome jlowenstein!

    Welcome to the VHL, jlowenstein! We're happy to have you. You should have received a PM with some more detailed information, but to get started quickly you will want to head over to the "How to Create a Player" topic. That topic will offer you detailed information about how to use the VHL Portal to create your player an get you started. Once your player is made VHLM General Managers will be in touch with you about joining their teams. In the meantime, please feel free to ask any questions you have here or in your create-a-player thread. We're happy to have you in the community and we hope you stick around!