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  1. Was in our pile of changes from the beginning of the season.
  2. I mean the lottery isn’t based on comments anymore so... 🤷‍♂️
  3. They don’t even do anything for that as far as I’m aware. Pretty sure we just set it up that own conference and own division = 8 games and other conference = 5 games so divisions do nothing but give us an easier way to look at things. As for the actual poll: I voted no for a simple reason, the sample size. This is a single season and while it is a particularly unbalanced one that’s not normal. We’ve had crossover playoffs the last 2 or 3 seasons and it has never come up because usually the conferences kinda sort themselves out balance wise. Just so happens that this season the top 4-5 teams of the league were all in one conference. It’ll happen now and again but on the whole that won’t be the case.
  4. @jRuutu not ready to give up the Szat quite yet I guess haha
  5. Best way I can describe it really. If you check the standings on the index you can see Seattle has clinched the playoffs and DC / Prague are both eliminated but none of that information is present on the portal for some reason.
  6. I just switched FA off and trade deadline on. Meant to do that on Wednesday when the deadline passed but been busy. Thanks for the reminder.
  7. Welcome to the VHL, Goliathus! We're happy to have you. You should have received a PM with some more detailed information, but to get started quickly you will want to head over to the "How to Create a Player" topic. That topic will offer you detailed information about how to use the VHL Portal to create your player and get you started. We also highly recommend joining the VHL Discord where there is a channel dedicated to helping new members with any questions that they may have about the league or improving their player. Once your player is made VHLM General Managers will be in touch with you about joining their teams. In the meantime, please feel free to ask any questions you have here or in your create-a-player thread. We're happy to have you in the community and we hope you stick around!
  8. Honestly the idea is solid but there’s no real way to execute it. The code is all pretty locked down by my understanding and all sims and rating updating is done manually (the latter being only a few clicks but still). STHS isn’t built to be run on a server which would be required for something like this. It also is incredibly unpredictable sometimes so there’s next to no guarantee you’d even get the same kind of results in a real environment. I’m not saying it’s completely impossible but I can’t fathom a way we would make it.
  9. It can smell however you want. I’m just as confused as you.
  10. Huge win! Also, point #800 on the career, my third goal for the season completed.
  11. Beat Vancouver 7-2 then get shutout by NY. Da Fuq.
  12. Yeah, my shooting percentage is kinda unreal. I’m not taking many shots at all but I’m scoring at my usual pace. A few sims ago when I was tied in goals with last season I noticed that I did it with 273 shots less. It’s kinda mind boggling and I’m honestly confused how I’m shooting so well.
  13. How in the hell does a team only record 3 shots all game? The VHLM is weird haha
  14. You had a decent game against a weak team. Don’t go throwing yourself a party yet buddy.