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After dropping down to 8th overall in the VHLM Disperal Draft, S40 prospect Tyler Cote took the next flight to Moscow to meet with his new team. Upon arriving to Moscow, Cote met with millionaire general manager Bruce Wayne at his 5 story mansion to discuss being drafted by the team. After a productive meeting with Wayne, Cote decided to meet with the rest of the team at the team's local practice facilities. Upon arrival, Cote notice it was pretty bare and only Percy Miller was present at the team's practice. "It was straight up empty up in there," said Cote after "practice". "Thank god Miller was there and I could get some work in with at least one teammate. Apparently Seth Rollins is off pretending to be a wrestler for the WWE and Jose Cansenco is currently dodging random drug screenings somewhere in Bumblefuck, Russia."


When asked if he was upset that he fell in the draft, Cote replied, "Why would I be mad that these general managers made a mistake? They let the best player in the draft fall into Moscow's lap so why would I give a flying fuck? They are gonna be real mad once they see what me and Percy do to this league. Imma show them why I deserved to not only be drafted in the top 5, but at number one overall. I'm not gonna call out names because these guys deserved to get picked high in the draft, just not over me and people are gonna see that this season. Whether that is scoring on them or knocking their player's teeth down their throats, I'm gonna make them regret not picking me up."


Cote is represented by Ball Hard Player Agency, which has a history of having it's clients get overlooked. In S10, defenseman Sebastian Ball feel to the third round before becoming arguably the best defensive defenseman of his time alongside Noah Lefevre. Then Sebastian Ball Jr. dropped out of the first round of the S33 draft before becoming the "heart and soul" of the Seattle Bears organization, most notably putting on an offensive clinic against the Quebec City Meute in the S36 Playoffs.

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