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Denis Officially Wants to Prove Doubters Wrong


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Martin Reway was very candid in an interview about the draft, and claims he should have went a lot higher than he did.

Despite having one of the highest potential ceilings of the entire draft, Milos Denis slipped to the 7th choice in the first round. However, he has had an incredible training camp and is looking likely to make the VHL right off the bat and could be on the Americans first line come opening day. The small sneaky winger dropped past teams he had talks with leading up to the draft, but was ultimately happy to be selected by a team he sees as the favourites to win this year. "New York was really good last year, and I think there is no team in the league to keep up with us this year," said the 18 year old European. 


Despite an average VHL season, Denis had a breakout playoff, but it was not enough to push him ahead in the draft, and he slipped past teams he had been talking to. "Of course it hurts when a team doesn't draft you after you talk to them, but I just know, in time, they will regret it. That's enough for me." 


Denis obviously did not disclose any names of the teams he is discussing, but he did say he is happy, as always, to be an Ameircan and thinks the team should be the odds on favorite to win the Continental Cup. Oddsmakers agree with Denis, putting the Ameircans at 5-1 odds to win the cup, with the Iron Eagles at second with 11-1 odds, and Davos at 13-1.


ps: i have no idea why i put officially in the title.

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