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  1. Tyler

    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

    Sure looks like it
  2. Tyler

    Finals GM 6: Riga Reign vs. Calgary Wranglers

    congrats @hedgehog337 @Smarch @Fire Hakstol
  3. Welfare isn't too much. I only bother writing medias when I have a doubles week or something like that.
  4. Tyler

    Drouin as a Winger

    Gotta think long term. Poehling and Suzuki should both have better offensive upside then Danault so if you can pencil one of them in his spot in the future then you let Drouin play wing. He is a lot better then last year. His play last night + his goal against Boston show how elite he can be if he ever gets his consitency together. He's also been elite his entire life in playoff games. Would love to see how he performs in the playoffs with the habs someday.
  5. Tyler

    WC GM 2: Toronto Legion vs. Quebec City Meute

    Ay Ay Ron's last game
  6. Tyler

    Fury was robbed thread

    I just use reddit /r/boxingstreams then use ace player lol it's always good quality. Might pause for a minute here or there... I use reddit for every sport. It's like a curated streaming service lol /r/nflstreams /r/nhlstreams /r/mmastreams /r/baseballstreams /r/soccerstreams they all work. Download ace player and you'll be feasting. Othwewise, I use https://streams.rip/
  7. Tyler

    Fury was robbed thread

    The issue with boxing is clear. It's awesome to watch but it's so obviously rigged. No way Fury shouldn't have won that. They just want the rematch money. Thank god for illegals streams lol.
  8. Tyler

    European expansion destinations

    London is a cesspool put it in Dublin
  9. Tyler

    European expansion destinations

    *jerk off noises*
  10. Tyler

    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

    So few assists it's a crazy stat line
  11. Tyler

    GM Change

    God willing.