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  1. Option 1 for sure. Having 500 TPE player again people as l ow as 100 seems a bit unfair. Pretty sure @Bushito had like 700 TPE on his two players before he was out of his rookie phase lol.
  2. Vasteras/Madrid: 25 seasons (S2-S25) Davos: 22 seasons (S39-S60) nice
  3. Tyler

    Read Here VHL GM's

    gonna draft u as revenge for retiring on me just kidding
  4. Tyler

    (S63) LW - King Gow, TPE: 30

    Over/Under set at 56.5 TPE make your bets below
  5. Tyler

    Jeff Traded Twice In Matter of Minutes

    I tried to push for a second but as Spade said a nya 3rd is basically a late 2nd anyway
  6. Tyler

    GM 25: HC Dynamo vs. Legion

    Axelsson goat
  7. Wish there was a non league video game.
  8. Chelsea haven't really spent a lot of money in a long time. Kante was a bargain so was Jorginho for what he brings. Hazard they got when he was young. Trying to think of the last time they spent a lot on a player I may have to go back to Torres but I could be wrong? Kepa doesn't count because it was such a weird situation. edit: looked it up totally forgot Morata was 59 million but that's a blip compared to current values. Paying 35 million for Drogba in 2004 is a lot I guess. Schevchenko went for a lot too at the end of his career.
  9. This is true. It got Mourinho fired lol.
  10. I mean they don't have "unlimited money" unless you're maybe PSG/Monaco/Man City. And even then if a player wants to leave there is very little you can do. Obviously wealthier clubs do have an advantage but it isn't like Spurs are facing administration either. They are in the upper tier of English football and kind of always have been in my eyes. Maybe not in results but certainly in name recognition. Chelsea has had some terrible transfer windows because they won't spend the money (the season Mourinho got fired, Conte last season). And in the end all that matters is trophies. Growing players for Real Madrid isn't really a big accomplishment if you want to be a big club which Spurs want to be. Gotta win a trophy at some point. It's been 10 years now. First time ever they've gone ten years without a trophy assuming they don't win one this season. I see what you're saying but taking it to its logical conclusion you should only support non league sides lol. The Premier League is by far the most competetive league in the world, so you could also suggest Spanish sides have an unfair advantage in Europe. However all the discussion in the world will just come back to trophies and what happens on the pitch.
  11. It's alright though because Spurs have won loads of trophies with the money they got from selling to Madrid
  12. Yeah I think Redknapp was leaving after the season anyway so it's tough to say. They both wanted Champions League which was the main driver away.
  13. Spurs finished 4th I think in the Premier league in 2012 and Chelsea finished 6th. But because Chelsea won the Champions League they were automatically in next year's competition which knocked Spurs out lol. As a result they had to sell Modric and Bale.
  14. Why not? FA Cup is decent football usually by the time you get to the semi's at least. League Cup has become a bit of a joke, though.
  15. they won the league cup in 2008 let's be fair