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  1. Tyler

    Dynamo Rebuild 2.0?

    The Dynamo are rebuilding but it could be a quick turnaround. A blockbuster trade was made in the VHL this past weekend. The Toronto Legion added Ko Kane, Adam Warlock, Ay Ay Ron and goalie Shawn Brodeur to their team from Davos. In return, the Dynamo add season 63 goalie Rhett Stoffiday, Seattle's first round pick in the upcoming draft, Toronto's first in Season 65 and a couple of third round choices as well. Many comments after the trade said it was a big win for Davos and while I do think it filled a need for us in a way I wasn't really invisioning heading in to the off season, I think Toronto is getting some key pieces back. Kane is an underrated top pairing guy on any team in the league while Warlock offers solid veteran depth. Ay Ay Ron is in his last season and while his career has been controversial to now, he still has some two play left in store. Brodeur offers them flexibility with their young goalie of the future and could be key if they wanted to make the wild card series. I have no idea what the Season 64 let alone the Season 65 drafts will look like. That said, if they can be anything like the last draft then I am going to be very happy. We already have two Season 61 defenseman on the roster with Smith and Jokinen and while I wonder how much more Smith will develop, I have no doubt Jokinen can continue to be a leader. That is why I recently named him captain. I feel as if the captain should be someone who represents what the team represents and obviously there is no greater cheerleader of Davos then @Ahma. With those two plus Lombardi in the prospect pool the back end of the team is looking like it is among the teams most valuable part. When it comes to goalies there is a log jam here. I traded for a named goalie because I would hate to have CPU goalies the entire season. Whatever, not expecting much just a name so its a little more realistic. All the prospects I have are from Season 63 and they are all pretty much at the same level. No idea who is going to remain active but I've had good conversations with them and I think we're headed in the right direction in net. Up front is where things get a little more interesting. The Charm is obviously the most valuable single asset on the team. Due to the rules of the league I can't really do much with him other then keep playing for Davos. My plan was always to go eight seasons with him and it still is. Who knows how this thing will end up, but hopefully his stats don't get too much of an ass kicking since he is mostly all by himself up front. The other spots are going to have to be filled in the draft and maybe free agency or good trades. At this point, I'm feeling a lot more confident heading in to this rebuild then I did the last time I started one when I too over. Hopefully I have some better drafts and can build a core that lasts longer then two seasons!
  2. Tyler

    VHL Season 59 Retrospective Re-Draft

    Not really? He had the second most TPE and was updating every week. Can hardly predict someone leaving the site all together when they show no signs of it.
  3. Tyler


    Great trade by me shankly must be a 60 overall by now
  4. @Victor Vasteras/Stockholm: 31 seasons (S27-S57) *franchise defunct petition to remove this one so i can have the top two
  5. Tyler

    MLB Discussion

    27 rings!
  6. Tyler

    What more could the portal do?

    An away list so people can post that they're away for a few weeks or something? I know we have a thread here but it would be cool to add it to the portal too. Also a number claim system would be interesting all be it useless in reality. Just somewhere people can say their player is wearing ____ number for that team.
  7. Tyler

    S62 VHL Award Ceremony

    I guess it's inevitable. Still think it's shitty that a player on a bad team can win MVP but oh well I guess I don't vote anyway.
  8. Tyler

    DAV/TOR: S63

    Yep I switched him last season when I acquired him.
  9. Tyler

    S62 VHL Award Ceremony

    Boring award ceremony this year
  10. Tyler

    Davos GM/The Charm Press Conference.

    1. Like a 6.5? 2. Yes for sure. My goal is always to win I don't care if it takes a dynasty or a one year team. Just win baby. 3. Rebuild through the draft like every other time I've been a GM. Now that there's more players in the league I do wonder how free agency will take shape. We had some good FA's this year so we'll see if that's a trend or not. 4. Probably adding Aleksei and Kyle's defenseman who's name I am too lazy to look up on the cheap. I underestimated how important they were to the team, I think. 5. Drafting Hood at 2 maybe? Not sure really. I had to make a coinflip between him and D_A and decided he was new and seemed enthusiastic in the PM's we had. Turns out he bailed because his player wasn't getting points which sucks since he was a 200 TPE defenseman so I'm not sure what was expected. I guess skipping on Jonsson in S57 but you can hardly be blamed for that. I also got Kane with the pick I would have used on Jonsson so I went with the safe route there. Oh also drafting Gow fourth overall :p
  11. Tyler

    Davos GM/The Charm Press Conference.

    I don't think it's that simple. I mean it was easy for me to make the trade, but as I said those picks are no gurantee of being worth anything and it helps Toronto's pick be ahead of Helsinki's whcih was always Devise's main purpose since he has their pick. Good trade for me potentially great one for him.
  12. Tyler

    DAV/TOR: S63

    Yep now you have to write everything in French Italian and German