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Ferk rambling about depreciation


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This offseason Timothy Brown experienced the regression known as depreciation for the first time. For the first time in his career, he may be on the decline instead of on the rise. This is entirely new territory, as he is a first gen player. Following the dreaded depreciation, Timothy Brown lost a total of 132 TPE. There was enough banked TPE saved up to completely cover it, but the following season is going to hit even harder. Banked TPE won’t completely save him next time.


However, this begs the question, could that actually help him out? Brown’s hottest streak of games was in his third season. He had 99 scoring and defense, 95 puckhandling and skating. It’s becoming apparent that a lower skating build can be beneficial, with Vancouver forward Andrew Su as a prime example. He had a mere 84 skating last season, but won the Szatkowski for most points, tying with Lahtinen.

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