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Goalies Tough


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they are not joke when they say goalie is toughest position in league. am play against real VHL competition in super cup for 5 game and got destroyed except for in one game and i still managed to have lose it. am not sure if position change have are be worth it but in a few season we will have see if it right choice for me in career. my next appearance will be in all prospect game and we all know how that will end for me so hoping i no let in more than ten goals.i have draft by saskatoon at 6th overall and am not too overly surprised since i already have knew i was not leaving 7th spot of in draft. We now have stud defence corp and active forward to compliment scoring so am look forward to good year because I have good team. am no sure if i will be next remy lebeau and stretch out career as long as i can on in one team or like steven smyl who have retire after being have frustrated by results. I am probably Mack Hudson, Evgeny Chekhov type prospect right now but I have no idea where future will take me. Will i keep as goalie or retire early because too tough? i not know but it will be fun ride


also must say arcehole will win supercup.

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