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Sebastian Ball Jr Finally Gets His Due


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The S38 VHL awards ceremony has come and gone. After many long seasons with the Seattle Bears, their Captain of the past few seasons Sebastian Ball Jr has finally been given his due. Ball Jr won the Top Leader award in the recent S38 VHL Awards, an award many would argue he was long overdue for.


After the epic era of the Seattle Six the Bears have struggled to find an identity in the new era of the VHL. Seeming to constantly employ a mixed strategy of competing while also making moves for the future, or acquiring players to try to make the playoff run memorable, the Bears haven't been able to to the VHL finals in some time. 


However through all the frustrations and mediocrity there was a core player at the heart of the Bears roster. A player who through thick and thin continued to remain optimistic, put his team first, and push for the Bears to be the best they could be. That player is Sebastian Ball Jr. S38 will mark the final season in the career of Ball Jr, as he has chosen to retire and move on in his life and career. However while Ball Jr never got to see the Bears, HIS team hoist the Continental Cup while he was there, he at least will get recognized as one of the true heart and soul captains during his tenure in the VHL. 

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