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  1. I guess it wasn't "Time to Play The Game" eh @Beaviss?
  2. Hello draft pick my old friend.....
  3. Coming back isn't really the word I'd use with him. It'd be more, what is the chance Jericho decides he's even interested in the VHL ever again? Less than 1 percent also. It has nothing to do with the earning TPE stuff, he was never really a big hockey guy. But more than that, he hasn't even had time to like...edit for our channel in a while tbh as we are sitting on over a series worth of content we still have yet to put up. He's been busy after getting married dealing with a new job working way more fluctuating hours and has taken a huge interest in both DnD and Critical Role on top of League which he also plays and watches. I regret to say too I really do not know how much longer @Advantage and myself will be lasting around here. I'll probably be the last soldier to fall, but ADV has some personal stuff going on himself and after another GM run here has been feeling the pressure. I know our Malmo boys know he's contemplated stepping down. I know the sim is some of it for ADV, but tbh he's not the only one I've seen bummed regarding the parity. I'll go a few more players after Markus for sure, especially while earning simmer TPE but we'll see how things shake out. Time and age eventually consumes us all.
  4. Bump. Holy hell this thread is already this old? Kinda surprised to still see it on the main off topic but post Discord the off topic section has in general been a graveyard. Anyways shoutout to @diamond_ace for being our most loyal viewer all these years later.
  5. @Beaviss I think this deserves 6 TPE for the truth value alone. Nothing is more cringey than grandpa Paul Levesque in his 90s jeans "acting" like a rebel.
  6. HoF discussion hath started so that eats up some of the BoG interest. But otherwise ya'll we've been mostly discussing the changes to Trivia and Pension (and the members issues and complaints with them) some payment scale changes for a couple of jobs, and a giant thread on Update Scale, Endurance, and the Salary Cap as we examine the team/player balance and parity. That last one though feels like it's an ongoing process. Fonger can get the dates updated in the OP, but figured I'd just let you guys know that things still be popping in there regularly. Also it hasn't been publicized yet but @Josh has been doing shadow sims this season for a couple of things. We've seen a sample of some of those results, most of is just with new update scales or if we enabled endurance. Just an example though of how we like to get our ducks in a row before full board announcing things. Unless it's Trivia changes in which case they announce them thinking it's a small deal and the league erupts.
  7. Yeah the argument that we have users that only use the Portal and treat it like an App, especially now that I believe we have mobile stuff is pretty much my take. I think it's a good thing too. Instead of pushing people to use forums (which despite my love for them are an outdated way for the "kids" to communicate) we should be pushing more to the Portal/App. The idea that we would have some users who are less community driven/focused but treat it more like a game and will do bare minimum or a bit extra while logging in weekly to update their player is absolutely fine. It'll never be the bulk of all users, and we still have enough community leaders and drivers keeping the forum going. Obviously you want to cross promote and encourage people to engage everywhere, but there is nothing wrong with differing levels of user tiers when it comes to activity and engagement with the site.
  8. Just casually have an 11 hit game, no worries.