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  1. INDEX @VHLM GM The index is here fresh with a schedule for the first round of action. For all you GM's that means send your lines in via the portal. If your a VHLM GM who didn't make the playoffs I should warn you now that given some of the discussion going on behind the scenes there is a chance we may wind up doing something for your teams as the playoffs are going on. If that is the case obviously you'll need to send in lines via the portal as well. Good luck to all the teams in the playoffs this season.
  2. Also we used to give 1 TPE Practice Facility based on having posted in a game thread at one time @Spartan Anyway BigAl pretty much made a better Devise post on my thoughts here than I would of. The long and short of it is that our Discord doesn't need to feel under attack here.
  3. 1. Who's winning rookie of the year? As much as I want to be biased and favor my boy @Esso2264 Doug, despite him having a pretty solid rookie season goalie numbers wise, especially when you consider the stats that position has been getting of late, Lamb being so far above a point per game and with a solid goal count to boot is just too hard to ignore. 2. With the season almost finished, who's your prediction for winning the cup? I think/hope Malmo takes it this year. Their team really seems to be turning from simply playoff threat to serious contender, and we've had enou
  4. And probably the most realistic given the life situation. I'm totally in though we are hard due for a Pajodcast reunion show.
  5. Hulk Hogan Jr is what you wound up having to go with?
  6. Wow we lit up a good team and chased their competent starter. What are we good now suddenly?
  7. 1. NHL FA is in full swing, anything that has surprised you thus far? Holtby to Vancouver, just to name one. Has been a rather weird free agency for the NHL thus far if we are being honest, with a lot of shake up in key places as teams try to figure out exactly how to take a step forward, especially the young competing teams who may be close but aren't quite there yet. 2. With the TDL approaching, are you surprised to see any teams where they are in the standings? Not really, Chicago still being so high is about the only big shocker but even they are falling to earth a l
  8. 3 points 11 hits? Pines on fire? Win against Seattle? Check check check check check check. Doug only one to complain about this game.
  9. Another W. Could of been a way worse sim for us all things considered.
  10. Take the L but I'll also take 9 hits.