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  1. Devise

    Finals GM 5: Riga vs. Calgary

    Outplayed them too. How the hell do we outshoot them 32 to 12 in the first 2 periods and somehow wind up down 3-1?
  2. Devise

    Finals GM 4: Riga Reign vs. Calgary Wranglers

    Great now you went and jynxed Riga.
  3. Devise

    S63 Sponsors Shield Tournament Index

    Apologies, CPU's will be added to rosters and I'll update that when I have a second today. Thanks!
  4. Here you go everyone. GM's feel free to send your lines to me at and as always everyone let me know if there are any roster or player issues. I believe there may be a couple players missing, a retired Bo Axelsson and a more newly created member who I think just wasn't in the last portal update I grabbed. But otherwise they should be solid. Here is to a fun tournament everyone.
  5. So @Beketov about that lotto? 😛 

    1. hedgehog337
    2. Beketov


      You’ll get it when I say you get it :P

    3. Quik


      1. New York (via Toronto)

      2. Davos

      3. New York

      4. Riga (don't know how they do it, but it'll happen)

  6. Devise

    Semi-Finals 1, GM 6: Yukon Rush vs. Ottawa Lynx

    Of course it's gritty. Upset, come on Ottawa you can do it!
  7. Devise

    Semi-Finals 1, GM 4: Yukon Rush vs. Ottawa Lynx

    Eh. I'm not going to say it's not an upset, but given the shot totals and looking at the shot blocks for some of the Ottawa players. Holding them to 6 shots on net is very telling of who the better team is, but 19 on the other end isn't domination by any stretch. That is low by regular VHLM standards. Ottawa blocked 10 shots to Yukon's 1, a pretty big gap.
  8. Devise

    Semi-Finals 1, GM 4: Yukon Rush vs. Ottawa Lynx

    I'm sorry? We won a which we had 6 shots on net? .... Wow No words.
  9. Devise

    Semi-Finals 1, GM 3: Yukon Rush vs. Ottawa Lynx

    Dahlberg is back, Ottawa has life.
  10. Devise

    WC GM 2: Toronto Legion vs. Quebec City Meute

    Welp, two close games but the better team is moving on. Just happy to have our lotto. Best of luck Quebec, from the quality of the teams ahead of you, you'll need it.
  11. Devise

    S63 VHLM Achievement Tracker

    J.B. Rift Goalie
  12. Devise

    GM Change

    Nice, this is a cleaner solution than I thought then. Basically if you are an external hire and your former GM player was young enough that you just want to roll with it, you can without creating a player or doing anything. So pretty much ANY GM transition can be covered with these rules.
  13. Devise

    WC GM2: Ottawa Lynx vs. Las Vegas Aces

    Hello next round here we come.