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  1. Bump, Game 7 happening today too due to confirmation from both @Bushito and @Beaviss in regards to lines, and the fact that all other first round playoff series in both VHL and VHLM were already completed.
  2. Livesim (Game 6) Livesim (Game 7)
  3. Update during the season who does that? Much rather dump 109 TPE in before playoffs lol.

    1. Beaviss


      thats some old boi thinking

  4. Haha yeah that was all this is, nothing more formal than that. Kinda a league announcement to say that you are set next in line. No worries this isn't any official declaration that you are an Assistant GM. I forgot how seriously you VHLM folks take AGM stuff lol.
  5. AGM is a made up role that means nothing. At least in VHL. I literally just came up with a word/title to announce that he's next in line. I still will maintain and run all Legion operations until then. I really don't see a reason why Peace can't continue his role in VHLM considering all these factors.
  6. I mean, I'm not stepping down till Season 70 lol. Don't see how me announcing him as my successor then means he can't GM in VHLM now.
  7. Shuts down a ride? Is there something I'm missing?
  8. The Toronto Legion released a press statement confirming an addition to their Management and Operations team. The press statement, reads as follows; The press release would indicate that current Toronto GM Ryan Power is likely to step down by Season 70. Rylan Peace was a notable candidate among others, in the recent VHL GM Expansion hunt, we were told that after expressing interest in a GM role, Peace was contacted by Toronto management to arrange a contract. While it is still a few seasons away, it will be interesting to see the state of the Toronto Legion franchise when Rylan Peace is slated to take over.
  9. S68 will mark the last season for Mikka Pajari. I'll probably retire him at deadline so as to get the maximum value out of a recreate, and yes I'm going to recreate. Been a weird career for Pajari, who certainly out achieved his pick level in the third round, but as I put a little more into him I just wasn't active enough to get him into the elite status I was hoping when I arrived in Malmo. I'll have a seasons worth of updates to give him to handle depreciation and be able to get him as good as possible for a final season. But at this point I think I'm well past it and moving on the horizon. The best highlight for me has been the ability to get some consistency in the hit department with Pajari's player build, even if the offense didn't quite come. As for the future, well I already know for sure I'm going to be making another forward, a winger. Markus Nygren. I plan on being a little more experimental with this player than trying for something typical with offense. We'll see how it works, knowing my luck probably not at all. At this point for me the last few players I'm likely to make will be a mix of final ideas with the hopes of meeting up on a couple of teams to cross off the bucket list. It's no secret that I have a thing for playing on expansion franchises and I'd also like to have played for every single franchise to enough of a degree to say I had some time there. I'd say with the new expansion franchises I maybe have 4 or 5 teams to cross off. I've spent a bit of time on CGY, TOR, NY, RIG, COL, QUE, and SEA. HSK and DAV remain the only Europe teams I've never really played for that I can recall, and with the other two European expansion teams I have a feeling a lot of my upcoming players are going to be looking to play somewhere in Europe.