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  1. Now there is a wild game, some revenge for HSK and Pepper across the board. The shot totals though wow, Helsinki poured it on. Best of 3 now.
  2. At this point I don't even know what to say. JHC is a man possessed.
  3. Somebody give @Donno100 a medal for that one. Wowsa did we not deserve to be in that game. I will say though I do tend to let LPLL run wild so him fighting and taking out Revchenko only for us to score like seconds later is entirely on brand. Also I hope this series goes 7 just for the free Youtube views.
  4. To be fair though, show me a VHL underdog team that won with players attributes in the 70's. That is kind of the only aspect of this debate that rubs me the wrong way. This happened when RIGA was wanting resims vs NY this season too. It's not arrogance it's just, how do you guys see that your team has zero chance of losing? That isn't the case. New York doesn't have players with just 70's. Hell even JHC has a 90 in an attribute. That is the whole point. RIGA and SEA were TOTALLY better on paper, by a slight margin. But all the teams that made the playoffs, hell even DAV/Vancouver can be counted among the group, have elite level players somewhere in their line up. Players with not just high 90's, but 99's in important attributes. It doesn't excuse the sim entirely obviously, and I think Kallis struggles vs JHC's success is a good place to be frustrated at. But goalies have always been inconsistent in the playoffs as several members here can attest. The point is though that we build underdog stories in this league not from who is the worst but who we perceive to be the best. For it to be the "underdog story" and a highly unlikely win as most people think these things are, the underdog would need to suck. Most of the "underdogs" in these series don't suck. They just aren't as stacked as the teams we had as best on paper. Again I point out that the team OVR of both HSK and TOR are higher than not just average but like...most cup winners. The fact that RIGA and Seattle are so good is only a testament to how many good players we have in the league. Anyway, it's water under the bridge now and I'm sure another team entering the league matters. But yeah, 90's facing 70's with the 70's winning attribute wise is not something that happens.
  5. STHS really wants you to have that "process" when you finally win right? League parity leading to things being like real NHL means you gotta suffer all that frustration before triumph. Or STHS sucks. I'm going to go with the latter.
  6. Your not wrong. Each game is itself a coin flip in the playoffs it seems.
  7. Something tells me STHS wants HSK to get revenge for the sweep last season. Tough break for Seattle and Riga again this season, honestly. They certainly were the two best teams on paper, however I do think the "differences" between teams aren't nearly as strong as people are making out. But again, tough losses can cause all of us to be a bit frustrated with things. That said best of luck to Helsinki and @Quik in the finals rematch.