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  1. Devise

    Have we Exhausted V1?

    Haha yeah, as people can see very similar to the tests that we ran in Blue seasons and seasons ago. I know we hadn't released a lot of this publicly much but still the same old whacked scoring and fighting. To be fair all our players are at 40 fighting, which I think might be high in terms of attributes or like, middling. I don't know if every NHL player in their stats for example for STHS has 40 fighting. I think some may even have like, 0 or near it. The scale is meant to go from 0-99, us defaulting to 40 has always been something that messes with things I believe. @Beketov When you have the time could you humor me? Take that exact set up you have in terms of rosters/players/adjusted sliders, and then add bottom level NHL players to their rosters, or even older VHL players. Just like fill up the 3rd/4th lines and the D slots. I know I had a debate about it somewhere with Jason, maybe even this thread, but I'm just curious if micro managing the minutes more realistically has an influence at all, and having more realistic rosters. I still maintain STHS and most hockey engines are all designed from the ground up to feature regular roster sizes, since that is how it normally works in most real leagues. Like a lot of people shit on STHS during these moments as if it's the engines fault. When in reality I think it's more like we are motherfucking DOS asking why something very specific to us that we prefer can't integrate correctly with Windows 10. But with the results we are getting, it's hard to see anyway to balance this in a way that allows us to leverage the new sim. Are there any other sims out there besides STHS? Could like a Hockey manager game application even be a substitute for us?
  2. Devise

    GM 10: Toronto Legion vs. New York Americans

    You do know you won a Cup in Season 61 right? You, Kane, and Warlock. Haha. It aint all of a sudden, goalie market still pretty young save for you and a few other higher names. Most of the tenders still getting up there, this season and next probably seen as their chance to climb and overtake. Also, your a stud that is why.
  3. Devise

    GM 5: Helsinki Titans vs. Toronto Legion

    Hat trick Ironside!
  4. Devise

    GM 1: Toronto Legion vs. Calgary Wranglers

    Steal against the Wranglers, I like it!
  5. Devise

    S62 Hall of Fame Induction

    More HoF players than I'll ever have. Seriously though sir, congrats. Also congrats to Skye as well. And I'm sure in a seasons time we'll be inducting Quik into the Builder section too so we'll save our congrats of that till next season.
  6. Devise

    S63 Regular Season Index

    @Will Brandon Hood and Ay Ay Ron still D on the index. Once that is fixed I can get you lines. Season 63 here we come!
  7. Devise

    VHL Endorsement Contracts S63

    Accepted. Also, I'm still waiting for offers on Pajari folks....
  8. Devise

    RIG/TOR: S63

    I mean, they are obviously a packaged deal either way.
  9. Devise

    [S63] Player Store and Balances

    Player Name: Mikka Pajari VHL Team: Riga Reign Cash you have: $3,000,000 Purchase Name: Double Award Predictions Cost of Purchase: $2,500,000 Cash Left: $500,000
  10. Pajari +1 Rift +2