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  1. Devise

    Welfare & Pension (July 9th - July 15th)

    +5 for Pajari
  2. Devise

    2017-2018 NHL Discussion

    Yeah, I think the face on Ovechkin following the Pens win tells the story. I know @diamond_ace had the hot take that they thought the job was done. But that is so far from the truth. No fans, and none of the team thought that was the case. The entire LR was saying they were only halfway done and a big reason their approach has been better this year is because they don't even focus on any of that. It's one game, at a time, do your best to win the game. But as a longtime Caps fan, the thing our core group of players have struggled so much with is the confidence to think they could get it done in the playoffs. Beating the Pens wasn't a "hey we are arrogant we have won." It was just a relief, regardless of what happens now the narrative has changed. When you get stuck in a rut for so long it eventually starts to make you question how good you actually are, but anybody would be a fool to think that the Caps teams of previous weren't also good. The NHL is simply highly competitive and has pretty solid parity imo. Also the team game they have bee playing has been stellar. It's still early in this series, anything can still happen, but the last 4-5 games they have played have for the most part been some of the best stellar full team effort hockey they have played. You'll win hockey games like that, pure and simple.
  3. Well the Caps apparently can win tin the second round. Who knew. 

    1. DollarAndADream


      I hope they win it all.

    2. Da Trifecta

      Da Trifecta

      I hope they don't. We all know sports are rigged.

    3. BluObieZ


      Took 20 years. I'd love to see a Vegas V Caps Final. Vegas winning of course. said it from before the expansion draft. I even have a bet on it in vegas

  4. Devise

    Rebrand names

    Saskatoon Sterling
  5. Devise

    Welfare/Pension (April 23 - 29)

    Pajari for 5.
  6. Devise

    2018 NHL Playoff Brackett Rd.2

    EASTERN CONFERENCE Lightning (A1) vs. Bruins (A2) Winner: Lightning # of Games: 7 Capitals (M1) vs. Penguins (M2) Winner: Capitals # of Games: 6 WESTERN CONFERENCE Predators (C1) vs. Jets (C2) Winner: Jets # of Games: 7 Golden Knights (P1) vs. Sharks (P3) Winner: Golden Knights # of Games: 5
  7. Devise

    S60 Group 5 Fantasy Draft

    Reinholdt and Krigars for my two picks. Apologies on the delay fellas.
  8. Devise

    VHL Predict the score (S60W1)

    6-3 Bears
  9. Devise

    VHL Pickem (S60W1)

    Davos Riga New York Helsinki
  10. Devise

    Discussion - Welcome To VHL Dynasty!

    I hath signed up.
  11. Devise

    S60 Group 5 Fantasy Draft

    Right right. My bad. As for how fried, quite a bit...yes quite. I'll take G - Ike Arkander. Now, I'm legitimately sure that it's @FacePuncher turn.
  12. Devise

    G - Roger Sterling

    I feel like this is the least Will name and player of all time. I don't know why. Roger Sterling. He sounds like he'd be the guy to do your taxes at H&R block.
  13. Happy 420 day all. 



  14. Devise

    S60 Group 5 Fantasy Draft

    Sorry, it's 4/20 I have non VHL things to do. Alright then give me my boy Casey Jones instead. @FacePuncher