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  1. Discord may be down, but CHAT is still working. Thanks @eaglesfan036

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    2. DilIsPickle


      ok boomer(s)


    3. eaglesfan036


      Thank god Moscow is the only team that actually uses a locker room

    4. Devise


      @DilIsPickle Just a fyi.....


      There were sims. :P 

  2. Devise

    MOS/DAV; S69

    Welp at least playing Davos is absolutely a gimme now right? Best of luck to @Poptart on a legitimate competing team for a change.
  3. Well at least my last GM run will go out in the most Devise way possible.
  4. Holy shot totals VAN calm down. I thought for sure seeing this on the ticker that it meant Rift was garbage but with those shot totals he actually wasn't that bad.
  5. Rift says sorry for this one, again. I've figured out why I suck so much against DC. As @Advantage can testify whenever we play the EA NHL games I always lose/get scored on to former Caps. That curse has now finally carried over to this league because we have a damn DC team and now they likewise will always perform good against me.
  6. I know, I'd rather shit the bed against Malmo let them boys get points but STHS has decided DC and Prague are the Rift/TOR killers.
  7. What a game for the guy who be red.
  8. Yeah I've been monitoring that thread, my apologies for not following up further with a comment regarding it, but I have read every post and have appreciated the comments/thoughts there. I will say that it is my intention to record a video showing both the slider settings we've always used, as well as explaining how morale works and has worked in our league best as I've always understood it from the STHS research I've done. It would also allow me to show/explain a couple of things regarding STHS anyways. However without going into to much detail here the most I've been able to ascertain is that team morale goes up based on wins and down based on losses. How badly it spikes up and down, and how high your overall team morale stat is to start the season is based on a mix of the default starting team morale and some of your players morale. All players start with the same default morale as well when inputted in the sim. Players who invest in leadership give a small boost to their teams starting morale and have a higher chance of keeping their team morale up during win streaks and making it go down less during losing streaks. The affect that morale itself has on the sim only gets applied at the beginning of games and it's the teams overall morale, giving players a small performance boost on each side based on team morale. Although we do not have morale disabled in the settings, morale has always been set pretty low in STHS at a slider of 25 on the usual 0-99 scale for each team.
  9. Early VSN Change Impressions: Pretty impressive suite of features with some consistency early on. :cheers: to the team. 

    1. Banackock
    2. Acydburn


      Key is to be able to maintain it!

    3. GustavMattias


      Spoiler alert: once my current run of article claiming ends I may or may not be pumping out sweet VSN content as well

  10. Ironically the cure for suck is to not give a fuck because it's all luck. Amazing how rhymes work.
  11. Same team that put 11 shots on net upsets last seasons Cup winners. All about that Brick Wahl though.
  12. Rift drinking in Prague the night before clearly. Rest of team had that shit in the bag.