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  1. Yeah I recieved word about user @Canucks doing it from FrostBeard. Good heads up message though, as always everyone when something seems like spam it probably is. Using your common sense when clicking on links should be something everyone practices anyway.
  2. You can call him The Curse Breaker. Wasn't GM but Connor Evans was on the curse breaking S32 NY squad as well. Anyway good write up Solas enjoyable read down memory lane.
  3. Also since this is the exact perfect use of this gif @Enorama
  4. TBF I do think you have a point; your posts shouldn't be deleted as it wasn't considered toxic content. I was under the impression though that Eno did do originally with you on that day as a joke not knowing it would wipe your posts. Either way an apology obviously makes sense. Also the QT Marshall name change was actually the best April fools joke of all time and was worthy "punishment" for breaking the unwritten no members tag rule of law.
  5. Thats more about what I expected the goalies to be doing between SEA and NYA this season.
  6. Good read Reno. Speaking only for myself I'd like to think that overall context gets heavily applied to the volume stats debate of awards. Obviously we are always limited by just what we can consider reasonable analysis given STHS and what it gives us stats wise. Ultimately though yes how competitive your team is does start to factor into the process. Usually it'll come up the closer the battles are stat wise. Where as with players on rebuilding clubs the stat lead may mean less. However if their overall stats lead is high enough it's easy to overlook what difference team quality may make. Users here after awards are released should feel free to respectfully inquire about the decision making process on certain awards as well. I know most of the BoG have no problem being open about what was discussed and what was valued. That awards ceremony thread in the old days used to more regularly serve for that type of discussion.
  7. All hail the mighty portal. Thanks for all you do @Will
  8. Oof. Seattle has had our number all season.
  9. Totally have to agree with Vic, it was easily the most eye catching comeback from an old member. Quik is a huge reason (obviously as Commish) that we have the portal, a huge reason we are so structured. I vividly recall him entering the BoG during a time of toxicity and stagnation around the league, just due to lower numbers and how in fighting and drama between the members was just sucking joy for people around the board. He approached me and much of the other committed behind the scenes people here and I'd argue was a big catalyst for us collectively getting our ass in gear. Seriously @Quik as was stated in the article long overdue for a number of reasons, congrats sir!
  10. Twists with the twist, who would of thunk it? 

  11. Good stretch for Pines @rory getting back into that ROTY mix.
  12. Pretty pivotal game here for Funk considering the opposition and who was in net on the other side.
  13. How's everyone doing today?