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  1. Who wants an off-season? We do we do! Also, livesim now live it's maybe the final day depends on several factors, one of which could just be me going "I don't care we ending today anyway playas!" I'm not Teddy long though.
  2. It's actually Day 12 not Day 11 so ignore the title of this video, but trust me it's a whole separate thing. Live now!
  3. Cup finals live now, brought you by the one and only TORNADO DDT! (Memes nobody gets but a few huzzah!)
  4. Also since I was so rude, Happy Birthday Quik.
  5. On the tenth I devised a sixth game for simmage action packed livesim action with extra sauce on cherry pie topping. Make sense of that bruh! We are live.
  6. Free Training Camp for everyone? Amazing.
  7. We keep on going, we still have a Cup to give out yet. Tune in live now for literally one single game. What a treat.
  8. Day 8 is live, the Conference Finals keep on rollin rollin rollin. Which team is going to come out on the short end of the limp bizkit.
  9. I told Jericho and ADV this after we were all out as well. I don't always lean into the "first gif is what I am" meme, but I figured given how broad Charlie is and my love of Sunny that I could sneak it in this game.
  10. The Conference Finals are underway today as we get going here. Day 7 Action.
  11. The resimmening is happening live right as I'm speaking. So to speak.
  12. Hey y'all. So it turns out the portal has had some issues in regards to storing and uploading your lines. I encountered an error during today's livesim that had corrupted Torontos lines. Given that this usually is a GM error I went forward and simmed. However as Beketov went to sim the VHLM he also encountered a corrupted line file. Thus this is being determined as league error. Therefore later tonight I'll be resimmig today's games. Note that because neither Helsinki or London sent in lines that we will be maintain the winning result of that game/series. Thanks and apologies for the drama and