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  1. Also, since this is a different game entirely I'm going to go ahead with a huge role reveal on the first bloody day mates! I am the....
  2. I second this. I get why we do the delay but it's always kinda felt like one of those weird house rule board game things we could just change if we wanted to because it'll make the game flow easier.
  3. Your held up on the wrong word. Stallone is one of them so I can handle that one, the first name however. It could be a tie-nan, it could be a tee-nan, it could be a silent y and just be t'nan. I have no clue.
  4. What a fire player name, hopefully I can pronounce it correctly.
  5. Devise

    Two New GMs

    For the sake of clarity and to clarify, it isn't that VHL GM jobs are specifically off limits for older members. The terminology used is probably what is causing confusion here. When the GM application process became more involved there was a effort by many behind the scenes to see people who have not had as many cracks at GMing take over in the bigs. Given that a lot of veteran older members have GM'd some VHL clubs off/on for many seasons, it's not that much of a stretch to say given the leagues size that these members have had their fair chances at these roles. However it's impo
  6. Devise

    Two New GMs

    Right but this is a specific instance where these cases make a lot of sense don't they? ADV was FISTED ANALLY BY A CIRCUS MONKEY a GM spot when we retracted Cologne and for personal reasons stepped down a season when he was given the Malmo expansion job. It wasn't his intention to never GM again. IR stepped down as VHLM GM directly because he wanted to pursue a VHL GM slot. With how competitive those applications have been, he's been waiting many seasons, so he has decided to scratch the GM itch and return to the VHLM.
  7. Devise

    Two New GMs

    I think it's a tough line we are in with this. In principle your right and I agree with you. But we aren't in the old times where if you wanted a VHL GM slot you could just easily get one. EVERYONE wants one. So are experienced long time GM's just shit out of luck since they aren't meant for VHLM opportunities? I think you could probably make an argument on a case by case situation.
  8. Devise

    Two New GMs

    I am so out of the loop I don't even know the meme going off in this thread. Congrats to both ADV and IR though, veteran blood back in the VHLM mix.
  9. Frank the man, the myth, the legend. My new player has nothing so I may as well use your great services to get some a hot new sig. Sven Reikkinen with Roman Josi as the render. Thanks!
  10. The playoffs are in full swing in both the VHL and the VHLM, given that Sven Reikkinen aka "Baby Reik" decided to join the Saskatoon Wild, a totally non playoff team; there is nothing but time for the young defender to focus on what may be in S77. All things considered Baby Reik actually had a pretty good short stint with Saskatoon. While Sven is known more for his goal scoring, his skating and offensive instincts were on display in a short 14 game stint with the Wild. Sven put up 8 assists, 31 shots, and was a +2 while still managing a respectable 15 hits and 14 shots blocked. It will be inte
  11. Since Eagles didn't share my will, which the Discord timestamp will show was in well before this closed, I'm going to use my permission powers to post what I had shared with him to share here there. ........suck it Mike. For my last tracking action I'll track that your obviously sus.
  12. Can the VHL's official Horny Police legally be engaged in activity this horny?
  13. This is legit not an act. Gus is right the votes are on me and revealing my role would hugely benefit town here. I'd be sus of anyone pulling votes off me here now that evil realizes Mike gets exposed by me dying.