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  1. Hold on does that mean my simmer pay also applies to those leagues? What you trying to get me to create in another league here or something.....
  2. It's only been 16 games, but as of now San Diego Marlins first liner and second round draft pick Markus Nygren could best be described as "settling in." With only 4 points, and a -5 rating Nygren has been trying to work off a few off-seasons worth of free time. No evidence was more clear to the fact that it was going to take Markus time to get into gameshape than that of his current performance. For Markus he has appreciated the time to get minutes in, hit the body the one area he has still been effective in with 48 hits in those 16 games, and work on perfecting a game he knows he has. As an older entry into the VHL standee's the big playmaking winger looks to continue to round out his game as the VHLM season rolls along.
  3. It was a retool season for the Toronto Legion, or at least...that was supposed to be the hope. Despite some flashes of a solid team in some games, there have been just as much inconsistencies for Toronto. They currently find themselves outside the playoff race 19 games into the season, albeit only by 3 points. New York, who was the worst team in the league last season has enjoyed just enough success and a little easier of a schedule plus some heads up success against both Seattle and Toronto to edge Toronto out of the 4th and final playoff spot. It's still very early into the season with lots of games left to be played, but the focus was on Toronto GM Ryan Power, specifically if he was worried about his teams chances of making the playoffs this season.
  4. Thank you! Sorry been busy this week just been on to sim in most cases, was going to get around to this this coming week when I had a chance. Appreciate the help Josh!
  5. The two Princes of Pennsylvania? Other than being more VHLM orientated even as VHL GM and Flyers being a bit more behind the scenes you two have very similar member careers/impact so the comparison probably isn't that off. Especially if it's like a personality/forum presence type of test.
  6. I'm pretty sure I had something similar. I recall seeing some question asking if I liked Malls and knew that there was no other way I was getting anybody else lol.