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S39 Pre-Season Schedule


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Day One (July 20)
HC Davos Dynamo @ Toronto Legion
Seattle Bears @ Helsinki Titans
Calgary Wranglers @ Quebec City Meute
Riga Reign @ Cologne Express
Vasteras Iron Eagles @ New York Americans
Day Two (July 20)
Quebec City Meute @ Helsinki Titans
Riga Reign @ New York Americans
Vasteras Iron Eagles @ HC Davos Dynamo
Calgary Wranglers @ Seattle Bears
Toronto Legion @ Cologne Express

Day Three (July 21)
Seattle Bears @ Toronto Legion
Calgary Wranglers @ New York Americans
HC Davos Dynamo @ Riga Reign
Helsinki Titans @ Vasteras Iron Eagles
Cologne Express @ Quebec City Meute

Day Four (July 21)
Seattle Bears @ Quebec City Meute
Vasteras Iron Eagles @ New York Americans
Riga Reign @ Calgary Wranglers
Cologne Express @ Helsinki Titans
Toronto Legion @ HC Davos Dynamo

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I'm simming the pre-season with V2.  Criticize the shit out of it so I know what to change for tomorrow.  I nerfed all the CPUs Fighting to 10 to reduce that shit. The regular season will be using V1 regardless, just figured I'd use PS for public testing.

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