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A week ago Devin Sundberg was over the moon as he had just been drafted by his home team and had signed his first ever contract but then everything changed very quickly for the 6th overall pick. Late last Monday Sundberg agent Greg Harbinson was in a back and forth discussion with Vasteras GM about helping the club improve for the coming season and all of a sudden Greg was ask to go to his client to tell him that he was involved in trade talks. Just like that Sundberg who thought he was apart of Vasteras future was now most likely on his way out. 


A few hours later Sundberg got a call from Thomas Corcoran and after a 5 minute conversation Sundberg was now a member of the Toronto Legion, as he along with a S41 1st and center Lieter were traded for All-star center Lindberg and defenceman Sixten. 


"I knew the world of pro sports was a different animal but I never though it be this crazy so quickly. I dreamed of playing for the Iron Eagles and I was so close to making my dreams come true but now I am apart of the Toronto Legion. Its all just all now starting to sink in and I'm glad to be apart of the Legion just going to take sometime to settle in." - Sundberg


Sundberg's crazy day didn't end there as Tuesday night Sundberg was drafted 10th overall by the Bern Royals, his 3rd different VHLM club in one season.


"While I was in Vasteras I had said that I would of came up from the minors before the VHL playoffs but with the trade that all changed. My comments just before the draft did have an affect on where I was drafted in the VHLM but Bern is a great team and we should push for a championship this season." - Devin Sundberg

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