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Oslo Storm looking good for S40


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The Oslo Storm are looking at another relatively weak season after finishing 8th in Season 38. Their poor season did not come with the consolation of high draft picks, as trades in previous season sent their own picks away. Their first pick was at 16th overall, when they took defenseman Lloyd Light. After Light, they spent draft picks to add Christoph Klose, Vladamir Komorov, and Aleksander Petrov, as well as John Heffley. With the exception of Heffley, these players all have potential VHL careers in their future, but it is likely that they will all spend Season 40 in the VHLM as well as Season 39.


By this time, these four players will ideally be among the upper echelon of VHLM players, as their current superiors will have graduated to the VHL. In addition, Oslo currently holds seven picks in the two rounds of the Season 40 VHLM draft, including three firsts.


The current Storm roster may suffer a bit this season, especially at the beginning. While the drafted players have some training completed, most other teams have players significantly better. Given the relative inexperience of the team, expectations are low, as is the pressure that the players feel. This will allow the team to have more fun before things get more serious for them in Season 40.

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