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Age: 19

Born in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Height: 5''9

Weight: 138lbs

Number: 69

Position: RW


Eti Yoman is a great dangler. He has great speed and his shots almost always go in the net when he is

on a breakaway. With a lot of training he could become the fastest player in the league! His determination and

his leadership makes his teammates happy and confident. When he played Midget, he was rewarded

best scorer and the leagues MVP, leading his team to many championships and winning them.



Many of his motivation came from his dad, Eric Yoman who could have been a VHLM prospet if he would not have a serious injury at the age of 15. He practices every day to become better andstronger. Thats what he missed, he was small and skinny, he didn't have great muscles like other players. He was always too scared to fight or to hurt a player and get a suspension. He was very disciplined and didn't have a lot of penality minutes.

He was not very durable because he played his best at every shift, being exausted after every shift. He was great on penality kills,scoring goals on breakaways. On powerplays, he prefered passing the puck to his teammate than shooting it every time. He skated outside every night to make his speed could be better. Playing for the VHL was his dream since he was very little. He watched how the players were good and he imagined himself playing, what a good sensationit would be.

At first, he didn't really know what to do when he could be picked by a team, but with a lot of help from all the members and he was so excited to be picked by a team from the VHLM. With a litle practice, he became better and without even knowing it, he was watched by teams. One day a letter came in and he saw it was

from the VHLM. He opened it and saw that eaglesfan036, the Yukon Rush gm, claimed him off the waivers to take place in the organisation. He was full of joy and couldn't keep it in himself, he needed to tell it to

the ones who help him. He was told to have first line minutes and he knew that for this, he needed to practice a lot. He went to practices and became better.


His dream can come true, being a VHL superstar, winning the Super cup and many awards, but first, he needed to make it out in the VHLM. He still knew that with the help of teammates and members, he could become one. He already has a plan.

Making friends with the teammates is very important to become better and have fun, making friends with the management should come next to see what he should improve and practicing comes next to improve his qualities. He will execute all this after one thing, saying thanks to everyone who helped him and who knew he could go that far.


There is only one word in his mind: win.

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Content: 5/5 
Nice. I think you had a good balance between VHL and life talk here. You didn't bog it down too much with stuff about Yoman's personal life but, rather, kept it mostly VHL related and saved the life story for your bio. Eaglesfan is an excellent GM and I think you will really enjoy your time in Yukon.

Grammar: 1/1 
Good job here.

Appearance: 1/1 
You have enough here.

Over 500 Words? 1/1

Overall 8/8

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