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  1. Should be good now. Also updated back to S70 for proper splitting.
  2. Ahh makes sense now that I see it - we didn’t account for that when we changed stat tracking for the purpose of properly showing them separately on player pages. We’ll look to fix this in the near future
  3. I'm sure someone would be willing to run some more test sims to see anything's changed- keep in mind we have spent a lot of time trying to upgrade the engine in the past so it's not a matter of the blue team being unwilling, it's just a matter of being able to get reasonable results. As far as 1.5 in particular, I think we've been able to get some semi-decent results in the past so there's some chance it could be viable. Unfortunately we've never had any luck with 2.0 or 2.1 to get giveaways and takeaways and I don't think we'll ever get there without major changes to the league.
  4. @diamond_ace believe this has been fixed for the current season and going forward: https://vhlportal.com/players/playerfocus/3656 Will go back and update old season at some point.
  5. Will

    Traded players stats

    Changed Status to Closed
  6. Will

    Traded players stats

    @Jubo07 I believe this has been fixed for the current season and going forward: https://vhlportal.com/players/playerfocus/3006 I'll go back and update previous seasons at some point.
  7. Changed Priority to Suggestion Changed Status to Closed
  8. @Beketov I've pushed an update to add this.
  9. Will


    @diamond_ace I looked at this back when originally posted and again just now...I'm really not sure what could have happened there. I'm going to leave this issue open for now, please let us know if you hear of anyone else having this problem
  10. Nice going dude. I don't have any personal experience quitting cigs but I was a dip guy through most of my university years and it was (obviously) a tough thing to kick. Those first 30 days or so were the toughest dealing with both the mental cravings and physical symptoms of withdrawal. That's not to say it was easy after that but if you've made it 43 days, you can can certainly tackle this long-term For me the biggest thing in fighting urges was keeping the health aspect top of mind. Leading up to it I had been thinking about quitting for awhile and one day when I was running lo
  11. Great job everyone and please be sure to take a second and spam all of the @Commissioner’s to thank them for putting all of this together. It’s crazy to me that this site that we all visit to watch simulated hockey games is donating $3,800 at Christmas to some great causes. It really speaks to the quality of our members and I think makes contributing to the league a much more rewarding experience.
  12. I've noticed this too since yesterday, definitely seems like a theme issue so may have to wait for an update but i'll try to fix it
  13. JFK for sure. The Epstein death is pretty suspect. Recently attempted suicide, cellmate moved, guards fell asleep, cameras magically malfunctioning that night.. it at least seems someone wanted to give him the opportunity Then again, it also seems like there'd be way less suspicious ways to go about it so who knows.