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  1. That's mysterious. What happens when you go here: https://vhlportal.com/players/playermgmt
  2. I've linked Dawson to @Kendrick Also re-assigned Jesse Wilson to Kendrick so that his player page lists that account instead of this one
  3. Yup, normally if you go to the TPE Tool, you can search for your player and 'import' them, which will populate the tool with your attributes. But I need to reset the search function as it isn't working right now but it's an easy fix and I'll do it today. You could type your attributes manually in the left-hand column in the meantime. From there, you can just change any stats you want in the 'current value' column and it'll tell you how much total TPA you would need to make that build. You can just ignore the other two columns if using the tool as a build planning tool instead of a depreciation tool.
  4. Wow thanks for the shout! It's funny to think back to the very early days where we had lots of automation ideas that I didn't think were really going to be realistic given my limited coding skills. When I started working on the Portal I had 1 Intro to Programming class that I had taken in first year university and 0 web development experience. I just took it one project at a time and learned a heck of a lot over time, and I still am. It's obviously made much easier by the fact that I enjoy it and view it as a hobby but it goes to show that anyone can learn to code if you put some time into it.
  5. Will

    December 20/19

    There has been many changes and improvement to the VHL Portal since its initial creation but there is one thing that has hardly changed at all, and that is the general look and feel. Fortunately, that changes today with the release of first alternate Portal theme: A simple dark theme to start, I think people that prefer darker colors will find it quite comfortable. Of course, you can always stick with the default. This process has created a bit of a framework that will make it much easier to create additional themes later on, so I do hope to have a few other options at some point. However, I am quite happy with how this came out. You can try out the new theme using the theme changer at the bottom of the page: Note that you must be logged in to change your theme.
  6. Yes. Player names in particular do indeed have a alphanumeric validator on them.
  7. Jaladolar the only other person I can think of
  8. I thought it did post acceptance until this instance tbqh 😛 I'll get it working.
  9. He likely hadn't accepted the offer yet when you tried, if he isn't actually on a team he won't appear in the ratings update. He has accepted now, I just downloaded the ratings and he's in there. Derek Charmander from the other thread, looks like he has his name changed: https://vhlportal.com/players/playerfocus/2328 He's also in the update now