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  1. The warning is for the future of this thread, not what's already in it.
  2. And that my friends is why I nuked grading some years later
  3. I just set everyone’s theme to the new one instead of getting the hate for that
  4. A new theme is available for the VHL Forum. We've been working on getting it ready since the forum update the other day. Those of you who frequent the SBA forums will find it familiar. We of course checked with the admin team over at the SBA before going ahead with it and we appreciate them giving us the OK to use it as well - it's easily one of the best themes available at the moment and as a plus, some added familiarity across the two communities can only benefit the affiliation. Key features of this theme is the ability to seamlessly switch between dark/light mode
  5. While certainly misguided, thank you to whomever graced the nominations with my name
  6. Will

    HOF Articles

    i was wondering that myself but probably just to preserve the per season stats since thats the biggest pain in writing the articles
  7. Will

    HOF Articles

    as a heads up, that one was started and not completed - so imagine you either could pick it up where the last person left: https://vhlportal.com/hof/inductees/150 Or start from scratch
  8. me watching the vid and waiting for an internal server error
  9. Wow I was unusually sassy in that thread, I apologize lol But in my defense I do remember being genuinely very concerned what a 4-peat would do to the league
  10. Yeah its a fair suggestion - I think i'd prioritize getting World Cup and WCJ stats on player pages first but obviously only makes sense to include awards after that
  11. Will


    Stats Standings page is now defaults to per conference Overall standings still available on a different tab Drafts Added Next and Previous buttons to draft pages so you don't need to return to the draft list to navigate through drafts Some minor changes in the hopes of better performance when the drafting is taking place, including: The "From XX via XX" messages will no longer be visible when drafting is happening. They'll still be there before and after the draft. Updating Update validation was updated earlier this week