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  1. It is unfortunate but not much I can do unless someone wants to put every Team Scoring page of every index up S40 or whatever into a spreadsheet, even that would only get us to S20 tho. Probably a good case for discarding the first 20 seasons given we don't even have indexes tho
  2. Will

    Halifax Logo Size

    @Quik @Beketov I don't have PS
  3. @Greg_Di I believe this is what happened - in the logs I can see 60 TPE was spent on April 22 - but if you look at update log 29 TPE was updated as of the Week Ending April 21. Add the 30 starting and only should have been 59 available to spend. Anyway, nothing to sweat about. You can keep the extra TPE for your trouble and I will just adjust your total TPE so it matches up. 😛
  4. @Josh. The problem is the calculation goes by TPA rather than TPE. I have no idea how 1 TPE would be applied and not counted (perhaps a mistake if he was manually edited at some point), but 200 TPE is applied to the player despite only 199 TPE counted: See CURRENT TPA
  5. Will

    Broken Link

    It did seem the same until the other day but I separated them for better record keeping. Forgot about the links. Thanks for the fix!
  6. Fair point. You are worthy.
  7. Only person on this sheet with 5 unique items god builder unless you count historian 🤗
  8. Good call.. we just updated the way Player Pages are generated to be cleaner and more efficient. Couple bugs to work out
  9. @Commissioner I can't seem to find the square logo for San Diego..if one of you guys have it can you update it in the Portal Admin CP? Teams >> San Diego >> Icon
  10. The option will appear when off-season starts. When the finance season is rolled forward in the Finance CP, the Portal checks contracts and sends notifications to players that have options to go deal with them in My Contract. They only show up there at that point. @Banackock