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  1. Will

    Welcome back!

    Yeah sure, you were active during the outage anyway. The June time limit is mainly for people who join/comeback and try to claim this 6 months later because it happens every time 😛
  2. Will

    GM 5: Wranglers vs. Bears

    Didn't see the player store purchase until now. Will switch tomorrow
  3. Will

    Will Press Conference

    Yes exactly 🧐 No, I mean I think being a commish for coming up on 20 seasons I likely would have got it whenever I stepped down regardless, but hey it seems all the extra stuff pushed me over the edge sooner rather than later so I can't complain about that. 1. I actually have no idea. He didn't give any indication he was hanging up his rigging hat, I guess I just went ahead and got the season started as I have been doing for quite awhile now except this time he never came back to take over. That being said, knowing jardy, I wouldn't be surprised one bit if he showed up one of these days ready to take over like he hasn't been gone for 4 months. 2. Awhile back when I was the only commish running off-season, I did actually start claiming 7 TPE for off-season commish. So I think that + 3 per week during the season is quite appropriate as I think a commish still ought to be doing regular point tasks throughout the season. 3. Certainly Jardy so I don't have to worry about God damn simming everyday. But some of the people I would have chose for this, like Tagger, have come back recently and I'm very happy about that. So right now Id probably say both Gows! I miss the good old days when I first joined and the two of you were some of the most prominent members. 4. Nope, I think the only one I even joined other than VHL was that baseball one and I never updated. 5. John Locke, for sure. By far my most successful player and after being rather inactive for the first bit of his career, getting super lucky with him was a nice thing to get me back into things. Plus he was my first player that I didn't have to worry about GM'ing whatsoever and that was refreshing. 6. I think so. If open-faced sandwiches count, I can't see how you could disqualify a hot dog. Thanks for the questions I will ask you guys some soon I promise!
  4. Will

    S61 Group 6 Fantasy Draft

    Chase Keller @Victor
  5. Will

    GM 1: Bears vs. Wranglers

    Get the backup games out of the way early I suppose 😛
  6. Will

    G - Roger Sterling Updates

    Week Ending June 17/18 Simming +8 Commish +3 Portal +1 Practice +1 Misc. Reddit Recruitment - 2 Training Camp +10 NHL Playoffs +1 Mock Draft +3 Adjustments: - 143 Banked: 143 >> 0 +20 Size: 50 >> 70 +25 Style Control: 45 >> 70 +35 Hand Speed: 35 >> 70 +20 Reaction Time: 50 >> 70 +20 Skating: 50 >> 70 +26 Agility: 44 >> 70 +26 Rebound Control: 50 >> 73 Earned: 29 TPE: 251
  7. Will

    [TC] S61 Seattle Bears

    Claim 10
  8. Will

    S61 Regular Season Index

    Yes I have the update file from Velv it just hasn't been loaded. I believe he was as traded.
  9. Will

    S61 Regular Season Index

    Like for updating?
  10. Will

    S61 Regular Season Index

    I was told he can't be put on the roster until CGY is cap compliant Edit: Oh I think they are compliant now. Will add Johnsson.
  11. Will

    S61 Regular Season Index

    INDEX GM's: Check your rosters, there is probably mistakes so let me know who needs added. Submit lines as soon as possible as the first sim will be Sunday.
  12. https://vhlportal.com/wc/60/Playoffs/WC60-PLF-Exh1.html
  13. https://vhlportal.com/wc/60/Playoffs/WC60-PLF-7.html