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  1. A Quik resignation??? Best of luck with everything dude, it was a hell of a run. Be sure to visit
  2. Will


    jokes on you Frankie
  3. Player Information Username: Will Player Name: Commodus Recruited From: Returning Age: 29 Position: LW Height: 72 in. Weight: 178 lbs. Birthplace: Italy Player Page @VHLM GM
  4. I've looked at this a bit and I think in its current form we could do some VHFL tracking on the portal but I can't see us implementing the drafting, that would be a pretty big job. Something where the fantasy manager uploads the final rosters and then we track VHFL stats in real time would likely be manageable but I think people are more or less doing that with the API already so not sure if that would be a valuable addition or not. Might be able to do something nicer with a different format. For weekly fantasy zone - I was actually pretty far into working on a fantasy system in the portal before my little hiatus.. It's a bit obsolete now with these changes and VHLE but I will look to modify and finish that once I know what the requirements are.
  5. They are default but we can change them. I'll get rid of the irrelevant ones and add discord. Gotta wonder why IPB still includes AIM as default tho Personally I don't think we should encourage people to post their social medias (especially where we have a lot youngins) so I'll hold off on adding anything else unless you guys want me to.
  6. don’t project your age insecurity onto my 1996 ass bro
  7. I think I was the pioneer with ‘The one about Updating’
  8. Changed Status to Closed
  9. @Victor fixed by adding a new "Playoff award" option to the Awards List.
  10. Will

    Ban Thread

    Just honoured to be the topic of your first post of the decade
  11. Will

    Ban Thread

    @Jayrad28 has received the following after having been identified as the individual behind the users @Nick Kirkpatrick and @Bobby Bummhole, through which multiple inappropriately named players were created and illegal multi's were operated: 7-day suspension 2 week TPE ban (weeks ending April 11th and April 18th) Nick Kirkpatrick and Bobby Bummhole have been permanently banned. Operating a multi for any length of time is a serious offense and return to the league will be subject to a discussion with the commissioners/mod team at the conclusion of the initial suspension.
  12. Will

    Ban Thread

    @Nick Kirkpatrick has been suspended indefinitely for multiple inappropriately named players.
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