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  1. Will

    S62 Experience Points

    @Victor might be able to clarify, but my interpretation has always been that VHLM Call-ups get 2 regardless of if they played in playoffs/finals.
  2. Will

    Have we Exhausted V1?

    Yup, my experience with the testing was that sliders do very little on V2 - you can set goals and shots to 1 and you will still get those kinds of results. This was very frustrating at first but like I said, after some digging on the STHS forum I found out that the player attributes are weighted much much more heavily than the sliders in V2.
  3. Will

    S63 Regular Season Index

    Ah, they went to junk. I white listed you 😛
  4. Will

    S63 Regular Season Index

    @Beaviss @Bushito Still waiting on lines from you two. I'll be doing the first sim tonight and will have to auto-line you if I don't get a file by then.
  5. Will

    S62 Hall of Fame Induction

    the streak ends
  6. Will

    S62 Experience Points

    SEASON 62 EXPERIENCE POINTS Congratulations to everyone for a great season! Another season has past and you have all earned some more experience. How to Claim Claim experience in the Player Management area by clicking the 'CLAIM OFF-SEASON TPE' button and selecting Experience from the dropdown. Enter the amount of Experience you are eligible for as described below and link to this thread. Once approved, the Experience will be added directly to your player's experience attribute. You do not need to apply it yourself. NOTE: YOU CAN NOT CARRY OVER EXPERIENCE POINTS EARNED BY A RETIRED PLAYER ONTO A RECREATE POINTS Full VHL Season - 5 Points Playoffs - 2 Points VHLM Call-ups - 2 points Finals - 1 Point Example: Roger Sterling plays for Seattle. He gets 5 for a full season and 2 for playoffs. For the most part, members of these teams will receive: CALGARY - 8 NEW YORK - 5 QUEBEC CITY - 8 SEATTLE - 7 TORONTO - 5 DAVOS - 7 HELSINKI - 5 RIGA - 7
  7. Will

    S63 Regular Season Index

    Thank you! I never thought of it but with rosters on there, I should be able to automate rookie status now.
  8. Will

    S63 Regular Season Index

    updated with position changes/rookies
  9. Will

    S63 Regular Season Index

    Good to see rosters are not missing players though - I have set up a system to download a file from the Portal that can be loaded into STHS to automatically assign players to their roster. It cut the time it takes to set up rosters from like 1-2 hours to 20 mins or so and appears to be accurate
  10. Will

    S63 Regular Season Index

    Yeah don't worry about copying lines. You just need to do the first page and I will copy them all once the schedule is created.
  11. Will

    S63 Regular Season Index

    I think you should be able to assign them to forward anyways. I will mark them forward tomorrow
  12. Will

    S62 Off-Season Schedule

    Update - Aiming for a tomorrow start for VHL. I hope to get the index up tonight.
  13. Everytime or just sometimes? When did it start?
  14. Does anyone else have annoying problems with quotes on mobile? It seems everytime I quote someone, I end up with my cursor stuck inside the quotebox. For me, I have to click the 'source' button and select all to delete everything and re-do. Cant imagine how annoying it is for those that don't have access to that button.