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  1. Will

    Uh what?

    True he's retired - but he really did get depreciated. Turns out there is nothing preventing retired players from appearing in the Depreciation Tool - not that it matters too much but would be better to preserve player ratings where they retired so I'll fix that. The linkage between user and player exists indefinitely, even when they are no longer your active player, so that's why he still received the notification.
  2. Will

    The Tag BlaideMaidenThread

    i think there is much more inappropriate uses of the tagging system than announcing a co-gm (such as this thread). i also think i should set up @VHL Bot to tag @eaglesfan036 12 times per day for the next four weeks as retribution for this thread.
  3. Will

    Moscow not on Draft page on the portal

    Changed Status to Closed
  4. Will

    Moscow not on Draft page on the portal

    @Victor Moscow has been created and added to the draft.
  5. Will

    Moscow not on Draft page on the portal

    will be added was waiting on images
  6. Will

    Rookie Contracts

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. Will

    Rookie Contracts

    This is accurate yes. When the Team Management section of the Portal was being designed we had a discussion on whether or not it was worth it to build in our RFA rules when none of us could remember a single time they were used. We decided rookies would be defaulted to 3 seasons when they are drafted but would retain the option of holding out or going to arbitration (not that anyone has ever done that either). So when you draft a rookie they are automatically signed to 3 seasons. You're able to offer their first extension in the off-season following the final season of their rookie contract.
  8. Will

    S64 Regular Season Index

    @VHL GM Playoff index will be up tmr but reminder you can just use the client file from the regular index and me/devise will copy your lines once the schedule is there.
  9. Will

    Keaton Louth Rule

    And the first person to break the Keaton Louth rule.... Keaton Louth!
  10. VHL Bot really wants to get the point across, duh
  11. Will

    S64 Regular Season Index

    This is a built in STHS, not a Portal thing. There's a spot on the index to upload lines and they end up in a folder called linesupload in FileZilla. I have a small idea that might make it workable, going to test later
  12. Will

    S64 Regular Season Index

    The upload works fine, the trouble is the feature in the sim to pull the uploaded lines automatically doesn't work so have to get them manually - that said, it might take an extra few seconds but would alleviate the issues with getting lines to both me and devise. Also getting pretty sick of Outlook putting the same people in junk after i say 'this is not spam' 10 times 🤬
  13. Will

    Website Themes

    Honestly that's pretty nice for being free. We did consider buying a theme a little while ago but had other stuff come up first. @Will you have access to our IPB account now eh? Yup can install anything. I've thought about the themes as well but honestly just don't have time to do work on themes with everything I want to do with the Portal so you/Quik would likely have to spearhead customizing it but I can install whatever for sure.
  14. Will

    Official Regulations on Tampering

    I volunteer to punish you, anytime
  15. Will

    S64 Regular Season Index

    he already was. i will wait until i get home.