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  1. 12 years experience in operating heavy equipment under the influence of narcotics
  2. I didn't actually use Fr. @Quik is targeting me Also it's UK for a specific reason will see if someone gets the reference
  3. Player Information Username: Will Player Name: Will Clarke Recruited From: Member (Higgins) Age: 24 Position: D Height: 72 in. Weight: 165 lbs. Birthplace: United Kingdom Player Page @VHLM GM
  4. I came to conclusion that there is nothing to be gained by playing next season
  5. I should probably specify this is not a portal test 😛 0 for 2 in success with mad men named players
  6. Will

    KnightTime #1018

    I usually listen
  7. For whatever reason I can't seem to get this to work properly anymore. Can you give me a direct link to the donation page and we'll just wrap the image in it?
  8. Will

    Ban Thread

    Last night @BluObieZ was banned from Discord and given a 48 hour forum suspension for making unprovoked attacks. As of this morning an additional 48 hour suspension has been levied for circumventing the first one.
  9. Welcome back old Frenchman
  10. Yeah I heard that in the boubabi cast too - but it was actually me that made black 2.0! But yes I'll go shopping today.
  11. I'm not really sure much I can do, only way to embed is an iframe only way to make an iframe responsive is with CSS which I can't do in a post