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  1. Will

    Finals GM 5: Riga vs. Calgary

    FYI - RIG G did NOT start the game. View full game thread. I almost re-simmed.
  2. https://vhlportal.com/gameview/63/Playoffs/VHL63-PLF-35.html
  3. I'll settle for .5 and a beer if its craft. Otherwise I'll take the gram.
  4. I've got no idea what your talking about 🙄
  5. Will

    GM Change

    Yes. I've re-added your other player. If you go to https://vhlportal.com/players/playermgmt you should see a button that lets switch between players.
  6. Will

    GM Change

    You should be able to just create one here: https://vhlportal.com/tools/create This will unlink your existing player but I can re-link it after your new one is created.
  7. Will

    GM Change

    Done. Has someone taken over Glades VHLM team yet?
  8. Will

    WC GM 1: Toronto vs. Quebec

  9. Will

    S63 Playoff Index

    It will switch over once I actually start playoffs, this just for lines. And yes I will load an update before first sim.
  10. Will

    GM 286: Quebec City Meute vs. New York Americans

    Always is my friend
  11. Will

    GM 286: Quebec City Meute vs. New York Americans

    Ermm sorry about that. I don't know tbqh. I remember checking the backups games played last night and I thought you were under the 8 for some reason. I was also quite high.
  12. Will


    Well usernames are directly accessible obviously, but we do have to enter GM names manually anyways for GM Career Stats so could probably hook into that. Or could just let GMs set a GM name in their Team Mgmt area.