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  1. It doesn't cost us anything anymore so that's the only reason it's still here
  2. Forum, maybe, but I'd rather not have a Twitter feed on the portal home page tbh.
  3. So the GM will have the opportunity, prior to their draft year, to declare that they're claiming their player with a draft pick - specific requirements of that aren't set in stone yet but basically the GM player can still bypass the draft and go right to the GMs team if they have a sufficiently good pick. The team will lose that pick and get their GM player before the draft ever happens. Otherwise they'll take their chances in the draft as a regular player and would have to trade for their player if they were drafted by someone else and wanted acquire themselves later on.
  4. I mean I don't where the line will be but say they have to pay a 6th overall or better, for that they're getting a player where they have complete control over how much TPE they earn and how long the player stays with the franchise...it's the safest bet ever
  5. Practice Facility has moved to the Portal These topics will no longer be created.
  6. Will

    October 8/19

    Updating Changed the layout of the "CLAIM" buttons Added options for the new Career Point Tasks Restored the functionality that pre-populates the TPE field based on what you're claiming Updated Bulk Claim Practice Facility will now be claimed directly on the Portal. Instead of posting in the thread, you will simply claim it in your Player Management Area via the new button. These claims will be automatically approved rather than needing to go through the queue. Fixes Fixed player list mobile display issues Fixed issues where trades/contract offers could accidentally be sent twice if the submit button was clicked twice
  7. I had initially suggested that we somehow set the price where its like one good 1st, one decent 1st and second, ect..but it was pointed out that would be pretty arbitrary and hard to implement, which I can't argue with. I think potentially the most fair way to make sure it has some value would be to set a maximum line somewhere (ie the pick has to be 7th overall or better kind of thing). Some of the finer points likely still need to be thought over, i think we just wanted get out ahead of any GMs recreating.
  8. assuming it meant S70 draft class was opening soon
  9. @emidas good to see you decided to create, i guess @Quik better get back from vacation and finish that dark theme for you ASAP!
  10. You can change the NEW_PLAYER_SEASON setting in the admin anytime. Actually there's nothing automated with the deadline so you have to 😛
  11. Yes this post wasn't created automatically due to an error
  12. Player Information Username: Garsh Player Name: Griff Manzer Recruited From: Age: 18 Position: D Height: 72 in. Weight: 220 lbs. Birthplace: Finland Player Page @VHLM GM
  13. Yeah I don't think we'll do that one, no reason to take the choice away from Players.
  14. Will

    September 28/19

    Note: Some of these items have been live for a little bit so you may have noticed them already. Updating No member can approve their own updates anymore. Minor validation improvements based on discussion with updater's on common mistakes they're seeing - more to come on this. Updater's can once again un-approve updates without needing an administrator. The uncapped portion of double weeks now have to be claimed separately under "Other" instead of being added to Point Tasks. This is necessary as the lottery needs to be able to differentiate between capped and uncapped. Took steps to improve admin/updater ability to reconcile a player's attributes/banked with their expected TPA, as players have sometimes gotten slight off-balance as a result of manual adjustments. As part of this, player's will notice that: An initial "Base TPE" update will now appear in update logs to represent the 30 starting TPE and any carryover claimed. An update with negative TPE will be now appear in update logs when a player is depreciated. The negative TPE represents the total TPA lost as a result of depreciation. Players Updated the Player List with the new filtering structure from other areas. Apparently people didn't know this so I made it clearer, you can actually search for players by Username using the auto-complete tool. Updated the page layout of various pages to match the new layout used elsewhere. @Josh Set up automatic processing for Contracts. Fixes Fixed the issues GM's experienced with drafting in the off-season. Fixed the issue where positions weren't appearing on Team pages. Fixed the issue where VHLM Goalies weren't displaying properly on the League Overall stat page. Fixed a whole bunch of links that weren't being styled properly. Fixed an issue where the "Player Movement" tab wasn't displaying properly on certain Player Pages.