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  1. Will

    S62 Group 2 Fantasy Draft

    My bad Jack Shepherd @LordTony
  2. Will

    HOF Articles

    Um, no. Mine is reserved for you. After all, you made me this way, the least you can do is write me out!
  3. Will

    HOF Articles

    You got ma builder article after that right??
  4. Will

    S62 Group 2 Fantasy Draft

    Gabriel McAllister @jacobaa19
  5. Will

    VHL Banner Competition

    Pure speculation but I'm guessing Quik didn't want put the first one in cause the vote was supposed to be anonymous, plus i thought i remembered reading that you were going to do another one? Can you re-post though? I might try to use it on the Portal, I liked it.
  6. Will

    S62 VHFL Signup

    Sure. Maybe I'll even build some automatic tracking for this at some point this season.
  7. Will

    S62 Regular Season Index

    You can PM them to get the season started but after that im not accepting PM lines (from anyone) as I got too many of them last season and it was very tedious Except extreme circumstances
  8. Will

    S62 Regular Season Index

    Around 7 should be fine
  9. Will

    S62 Regular Season Index

    @Tyler I think you may have sent me the wrong lines file, the one I got still has Aleksei, Gow, ect in the lineup so it's all messed up.
  10. Will

    VHL Banner Competition Voting

    Hmm so yes the icons clashing with the linked-icons pose a challenge. I see two solutions: 1) Get rid of the linked icons. They're probably used much less now that update threads aren't on the forum, and we could even get rid of the subforums for Roster and just have the Roster's under the main Team forums so they'd only be one click from homepage. Could probably figure out something for the links to the index's. 2) If McWolf could put up a version with the icons removed (just the icons, leave the lines), we could possibly use CSS to absolute position the existing linked-icons on top of the banner in the right spots.
  11. Will

    S62 Regular Season Index

    The lines will are not effected by the attributes. Or vice-versa.
  12. Will

    Welcome VHL Bot!

    Of course! He's going to need some profile attire
  13. Will

    S62 Regular Season Index

    should be fixed
  14. Will

    Playing around with career stats

    Yeah Jardy fucked me and spelled his name as Marcus King for the first half of his career. Fixed 😛