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Percy Miller Keeps Soldiering On


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Quebec City, QC - July 28th, 2014


Percy Miller continues to soldier on for the Moscow Red Wolves. He currently sits at 90+ practice hours.since being drafted in the 2nd round of the Season 38 VHL draft. If he conitnues at this rate the VHL will surely be in his future. Although he doesn't practice as much as some, he does have the will power to continuously get better. That should give him an advantage over most of the 2nd round in the Season 38 class. Mother fucking Percy Miller is also quite the character and locker room presence. With Quebec lacking any real leaders in previous seasons before the arrivals of Waldron, Azhishchenkov and Ali. Miller will be a welcome addition to that group and should gel nicely with them going forward. "I'm very happy we were able to select Percy back in Season 38 and we hope he continues to progress as we move forward, we'll need him." GM Chadwick said in a statement. 



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