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  2. Offseason 1) The offseason tends to be a boring time without training. What do you do to stay motivated and busy? Hoping for some big moves from Helsinki's new GM to help push us over the hump. That's my motivation looking to next season. 2) Is there anyone in particular you practice with during the offseason? We're a pretty tight group here so we'll all be sticking around and training together. We all weren't happy with how the season ended. 3) The WJC and WC usually get underway during the offseason. Do you tune into those at all? My player will be suiting up for Can
  3. Helsinki, Finland May 9th, 2021 It all started during the season 77 draft when Helsinki selected Aurelien Moreau and Gustislav Nasherov @Vat who are poised to be great players in the VHL. Then we saw Helsinki swoop in and sign one of the best players in the league and if not an even better member Venus Thightrap @BladeMaiden. The signing solidified Helsinki with one of the strongest forward groups in the league. As well as bringing the locker room together. Without Thightrap, Helsinki would not have gotten past Warsaw in the conference finals. With an already stellar group co
  4. Don't speak ill of our lord and saviour @Jubo
  5. 7. How do you bring your intensity up to match a team that has had the success Warsaw has? Smelling salts before each period. Also our pure hatred within the LR for Warsaw. 8. Do you expect things to get overly physical in the playoffs? Yes things always get more physical during the playoffs. I added to checking specifically for that reason. 9. Who is most likely to win the chirp war between Helsinki and Warsaw? I think it would be close but since we stole Thightrap from Warsaw, we have the advantage. 10. In mighty ducks fashion, how would you vandalize the oth
  6. Gotta test Seattle for those performance enhancers.