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  1. Frank

    [TC] S63 Quebec Meute

  2. Frank

    (S63) C - Theodore Gauthier, TPE: 61

    Glad to see you're still heading up Quebec
  3. Player Information Username: Frank Player Name: Theodore Gauthier Recruited By: Age: 18 Position: C Height: 76 in. Weight: 210 lbs. Birthplace: Gatineau, Quebec Player Page
  4. Frank


    Our lord and saviour. Great career Velv. Best goalie in Quebec history IMO.
  5. Frank

    S58 Group 1 Fantasy Draft

    Sergei Komarov Mattias Forsberg
  6. Frank

    Quebec Meute Moves [1/2]

    Patience unfortunately.
  7. Frank

    Le' Sean Coutzen

    @Sixersfan549 Let's get this man signed. @Beaviss @Smarch @Spade18 @Gooningitup You should have contract offers shortly.
  8. Frank

    Happy Holidays!

    Player Name: Marcel St Laurent Gift #: 3 Favorite gift received: I don't remember... Something beer...
  9. Frank

    Claimed: @Kesler [1/2]

    Helvectica is where its at. Also beer.
  10. Frank

    S57 Hall of Fame Induction

    Congrats! Quebec well represented.