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  1. Frank

    (S63) C - Theodore Gauthier, TPE: 61

    Glad to see you're still heading up Quebec
  2. Player Information Username: Frank Player Name: Theodore Gauthier Recruited By: Age: 18 Position: C Height: 76 in. Weight: 210 lbs. Birthplace: Gatineau, Quebec Player Page
  3. Frank


    Our lord and saviour. Great career Velv. Best goalie in Quebec history IMO.
  4. Frank

    S58 Group 1 Fantasy Draft

    Sergei Komarov Mattias Forsberg
  5. Frank

    Quebec Meute Moves [1/2]

    Patience unfortunately.
  6. Frank

    Le' Sean Coutzen

    @Sixersfan549 Let's get this man signed. @Beaviss @Smarch @Spade18 @Gooningitup You should have contract offers shortly.
  7. Frank

    Happy Holidays!

    Player Name: Marcel St Laurent Gift #: 3 Favorite gift received: I don't remember... Something beer...
  8. Frank

    Claimed: @Kesler [1/2]

    Helvectica is where its at. Also beer.
  9. Frank

    S57 Hall of Fame Induction

    Congrats! Quebec well represented.
  10. Frank

    VHLM Rule Changes (Player Carry Over)

    damn that's some quality insight