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  2. 85 Prague Phantoms @ Helsinki Titans 86 Calgary Wranglers @ HC Davos Dynamo 87 Riga Reign @ New York Americans 88 Malmo Nighthawks @ D.C. Dragons
  3. 1. The big news for this team at the moment is, obviously, that Shawn is out and I am in. What are your honest, unfiltered thoughts on this recent development? No disrespect to Shawn but you seem a lot more pro active getting your players involved etc.. You're both swell though. 2. How long will it take us to become a playoff team? What about a legitimate cup contender? 2 seasons for playoffs, 3 for contention. Team needs development time. 3. What position do you feel we need the most help with at the moment? Forwards and defense. 4. Give me a background of your experience with Davos. When did you first end up here? What have you accomplished with the team so far? Was traded to Davos in Season 23. GM'd Davos to back to back cups from S24-25. Lots of history. 5. Who on our team are you most excited to play with this season? No specific player. Need to build some chemistry first and find the right fit. 6. @Peace told me today that he's expecting a Toronto-Davos final in S75. Challenge accepted? Yes and Toronto looses. 10/10
  4. Milos Slavik - Left Wing Born: March 27, 2001 Height - 6' 2" Weight - 205lbs Nationality - Slovakian 🇸🇰 Milos Slavik is first and foremost a playmaker, he uses his vision and smooth skating to create time and space for his linemates. He also has great defensive awareness but often loses puck battles due to his slight stature. His VHL comparable would be a poor man's Aksel Thomassen. Slavik drafted in the third round of the Season 69 VHL draft by Davos. Projects as a second line winger in the VHL, more of a complimentary piece on a good VHL team. He has been trending well as of late so with continued work in his training could see a bump in how he is projected 2 or 3 seasons from now. Pros + Passing - Arguably Milos' greatest strength. His passing is what makes him a game breaking player. He is better than most defenders at the stretch pass. He can run the half wall on the powerplay like an elite talent. His vision is what scouts believe makes him a diamond in the rough type of prospect where he could potentially become a first line winger. Puck Control - His puck handling is reminiscent of Pavel Datsyuk but not quite on the same tier. His elusiveness and trickery while handling the puck is almost mesmerizing. He can stick handle through defenders with ease. Think of the term "stick handling in a phonebooth". Skating - Foot speed would be the strongest aspect of his skating. His breakaway speed is what sets him apart from his peers. Though this is considered one of his strengths he does tend to fall a lot with any sort of contact (diver?). Not Pavel Bure but also not John Scott. Cons - Defense - As mentioned above his defensive game being a weakness isn"t so much due to lack of effort or awareness but due to strength and positioning. The latter he will have to work on extensively if he wants to be an effective VHLer. I suspect he will be spending a lot of time with the video coach. Strength - Guy needs to hit the gym. At Milos' size he should be able to fill out his frame but until he does puck battles and defensive zone coverage are going to be a major deficiency in his game. Have performance enhancers been banned in the VHL yet? Shooting - Shoots like Happy Gilmore, if happy Gilmore shot muffins. If it's a tap in, he'll miss it. If it's a slapshot, he'll miss it. Wrist shot? Forget about it. Empty better, nada. This is an are Slavik will need to improve if he wants to have a long VHL career. The price is wrong bitch! Potential VHL Floor - If Slavik's development stalls and he can't elevate his play or improve he will likely be a fringe depth player on a rebuilding team. VHL Ceiling - If the moon's align and Slavik reaches his full potential he could be a first line playmaker on a cup contending team Prospect Rating - 7.0 C Has the skill of 7/10 with a C grade of reaching potential.
  5. Michael Gary Scott @Kendrick