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  1. This is a placeholder for this weeks PT since I can't post my banner submission until after the polling. Will update with submission after poll is complete. @Beketov has given me permission. Since I can't do another PT this week.
  2. Inactive GM gets robbed of top GM honours. 

  3. Will this be a L or a W for Toronto?
  4. Frank has made a free agency offer to Venus Thightrap: Anywhere but Seattle.
  5. What about the pee though, how long until that gets to room temperature? Asking for a friend.
  6. Frank


    What about the pay out for this past season?
  7. Season starts on Wednesday. Is this still a thing? @Domg5 @youloser1337 @Beketov @bigAL
  8. Maybe @Quik can give @Beketov access to the forms?
  9. Frank


    @Will skips the E, by not having a player.
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