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  1. Changing the doubles week to another 5 uncapped
  2. 49 Prague Phantoms @ Moscow Menace 50 Calgary Wranglers @ Vancouver Wolves 51 Seattle Bears @ Helsinki Titans 52 HC Davos Dynamo @ Malmo Nighthawks
  3. Black Velvet was a pleb.
  4. 1) Beauty contest among our squad - who is the best looking player on Bulls? Milos Slavik. Worst player best hair and unibrow combo. Think early seasons Malkin with a longer mullet. 2) How do you feel our newest additions Jokinen and Telker are doing on ice here with us? Both great additions who have had a seamless transition into our room. They understand the culture of the team and the success we want to have. I'd say it's still early to judge on ice success we still all have a lot to prove. 3) What do you think is your best skill off the ice? I enjoy working with various charities in Houston as well as team functions. I"d say bringing the team to Houston despite my struggles on the ice. 4) We are lunching a Houston Bulls blues band and we need a bass player - who do you see being good at that? Newest addition Jokinen seems to have some musical prowess. He gets my vote. 5) We are on pace to have the best season in our Franchise history, how do you feel about that? I feel like the best is yet to come. This season and beyond. 6) Many really good and very well known players are up for grabs in waiver market - what do you think they should know about Houston Bulls? That we're a hard-working team with great attention to detail. We all want to elevate each other to have the greatest result possible.
  5. Yes or I"m living vicariously through you.
  6. 😅 Hounds or Bulls what's the difference really.
  7. 1. The Hounds committed themselves to buying this week, spending two picks in S70 for defenseman Finnegan MacBurn. Is this a good move? Do we have what it takes to win it all? Yes the Hounds will prevail and win the S69 Founder's Cup. Macburn is a championship named player if I ever read one. So yes this is a very good move. 2. Speculation about team management has escalated this week, with @GlowyGoat making his nickname "berocka is a racist" and "gustav is a stalinist" on a couple separate occasions. Who's a bigger concern, myself or @berocka? Who gets overthrown first? Glowygoat is just trying to take the spotlight off the team with his off ice antics. Probably Glowygoat as he comes across as more of a loose cannon. Why can't we have have both of you overthrown? 😉 3. Which team would the Hounds beat easily in the playoffs? Las Vegas Aces. Since we're.not located in San Jose. 4. Which team would you least want us to face in the playoffs? Philadelphia Reapers , the name gives me chills. 5. You have to describe hockey to someone unfamiliar with the sport in 10 words or fewer. What do you say? Ice skating. Use stick to hit rubber circle in net. 6. Pick any VHL player whose build you'd like to emulate and tell me who it is and why (if you don't know your VHL players, now is the time to do some research!). i would like Milos Slavik to emulate Matthew Borigina the great Helsinki Titan. I admired his work ethic and his players all around game. Despite the fact I despise the VHL team. I can respect the quality of talent they've produced over the seasons. Hopefully Slavik can be half the player Borigina was.