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Sven Reikkinen Ready for S79


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That's it the off-season is over the festivities and drafts all wrapped up, players have signed to teams, it's time to get the show on the road. Over in London it'll be the sophomore season for Swedish defender Sven Rekkinen. Reik has been a very quiet, soft spoken player for much of his career thus far. He did show some emotion following his Gold Medal win with Team Europe in the World Jrs this past off-season, but after a humbling rookie season Sven has been all business heading into Season 79. At least that's what his head coach had to say, when he was asked about the prospect of Sven taking on a bigger role with the team so soon in his career. 


"I think he's ready. I mean listen, he logged a lot of minutes for us last season but it was on the second pairing straight through, against second pairing guys. If you look at our defensive depth chart this season, Sven could go from being our 3rd/4th minutes defender to maybe our top minutes guy this season. General Zod is a more well rounded two way guy, but the way Sven has been putting in minutes this past off-season, it isn't going to be long before even on the depth chart he's going to be our top guy. More than that; if you look at our defender core, he is the most offensive minded D we have. Especially when it comes to the shot. So it's a big step up for him this season, a big step up. He'll likely be the top power play minutes guy on D for us this season. It's going to be interesting to see how he handles the transition. But like I said, I really believe he's ready. He has been business like this season and it looks like the butterflies are gone. I'm excited to see what he brings to the table for us in Season 79." 


A lot of words from the London head coach on Svens development this past off-season. Looking at the depth chart it's hard to deny that due to just depreciation and the loss of some players on the back end Sven went from being the 4th best developed D TPA wise to now nipping at General Zod's heels to being the top TPA D on the squad. 

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