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TPE II Talks Out of League


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"At this point, I feel like I am an extra and not a star, if we are comparing pro athletes to pro actors. I am not the protagonist pointing the gun at a zombie, or even the pathetic weakling that is he is trying to protect and eventually get bitten in the middle of the movie leading to the crowd cheering for it when it happens because the weakling has been dragging down the protagonist's group for 45 minutes. No, I am that second zombie that got his head blown the fuck up."


"There are dreamers in every industry but a lot of them simply don't make it. It's one thing to dream, but only the 1% truly make it. Or maybe dream should be different for everyone. Instead of trying to become the best player in VHL history, perhaps some should be dreaming to 'touch the VHL at least once'. I have seen some NBA documentaries on this shit. Some rookies don't have the ambition to be the best darn thing ever, they just work hard so they can eventually land a second big ass contract four years down the line. To them, it's a fight for survival, not for glory. I guess I am a survivor myself, not being the most talented player out there. I have confidence in my capability, but sometime you just have to assess things from a completely neutral standpoint. You can be confident, but humble."


"I am on that phase now. I am still playing around Europe, shit even Asia at one point, but I am still looking to go back to the VHL if possible. Only time will tell as I continue to get older, but this survivor is looking to hang on for one more run --always."

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