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  1. More random musing from season latecomer Tee Pee E.: "I am happy to find get some chance on the ice. The professional level is far above me so I have a lot of work to do, but I like getting in there and trying my best. That's really the best I think I will ever get in my current situation. According to many people, and that includes my friends and family who I love, I am not supposed to be here, to make it, and I have already done better than that. I don't blame them from that line of thinking though. Ultimately, they are more realistic than me. I am a dreamer, always has been, always will be. Ironically, I don't know where I get this from. It's normal for my family and friends to think that way since we are a business family and my friends are most people who are into entrepreneurship over something like what I am doing. They are more likely to be the team owner than the dudes on the field. In some way, they probably don't get my goal and why I am so obsessed with it cuz we are too different. But it's okay, this world needs every type of people. There will be no VHL without the owners and the business side of it. Or it'd just be a casual league with no money to make and my dream is null in that sort of timeline. And that's about it. I am different from my social circle and it's not easy to keep my dream alive in such environment. I did it though, I made it to the minor league, and I am looking forward to improve further next season." [290 words]
  2. SBA +6, claimed part 2 of a three part article last week, this is part 3. The whole three parts got approved for 3 weeks in SBA.
  3. SBA +6, claimed part 1 of a three part article last week, this is part 2. The whole three parts got approved for 3 weeks in SBA.
  4. Musing from season latecomer Tee Pee E.: "For many years I have wanted to play at the highest level in ice hockey and I am glad that I finally had a chance. I will take this chance and do my best with it. It doesn't matter if I fail -- even if I am trying my best NOT TO, but you know, life's a cruel mistress. I understand sport is a talent-based game, it's not a regular 9-5 job where you can be mediocre and survive. As someone who is just not in the spotlight in my whole life, it's a challenge for sure. I am not touted as a great player, or even good. No 5 star recruit, ESPN spotlight or whatever. It's me against the world, although same can be said to the best talents. This world is full of haters, and sport fans are pretty vicious. It's another challenge I have to be mentally prepared for as a soon-to-be professional player. But the 'soon-to-be' is not so soon, since a no-name in the minor is not someone anyone gives a fuck about. It's about work hard and getting recognized. I.AM.FUCKING.READY!" [203 words]
  5. Player Information Username: Goliathus Player Name: Tee Pee E Recruited From: SisterLeague Age: 19 Position: D Height: 66 in. Weight: 161 lbs. Birthplace: United States of America Player Page @VHLM GM