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My VHL career has officially started! As I'm writing this, I have played four games in VHL. The start has been positive. I have 1+2 in those games. The first goal came in the game against Los Angeles. Early on in the first period, we got a powerplay opportunity, nothing too fancy. Forward passed to the blueline, quick d to d and I fired away, the puck went in and I scored my first in VHL.


Riga as a team has played well. That is the reason why I have so many points. You are more likely to score and play well when your team plays well. Simple fact. Riga has won three out of the four games. The only loss came against Prague, they won 2-1. That game was a tough day for us, we had a lot of powerplay opportunities, but we never got our game going.


Right now, we are on a bit of an away tour, Warsaw, LA, and then London, before we head back to Riga. I must say traveling around like this is exciting. The older players in the team are used to traveling around by now, but I have never been to these cities before. Shame we don't have that much time to see the sights. At least we can take a quick walk around and see how the locals live their life. That is nice.

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