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    Trading like there is no tomorrow! Yea I did not even bother counting
  2. Look at all those trades! Seattle has been making moves like crazy lately, I don't think I have ever experienced anything like this in my VHL career, certainly, me being in the team after it all seems to have cooled off is a first. When the trades were announced, I went to look at my contact details. As I noticed that I did not have active NTC in my deal - I must admit that the thought about me being next to be traded came to mind. Still, I'm here and that is all that matters. Interesting to see what happens in the near future when looking at the whole league, you would think there
  3. 9/10 The interview is done well, answers offer insight into what you as a player are thinking about various topics. Great attitude at the end, screw the scouts - make them regret it! I also liked how you made the whole thing look like a proper newspaper article, not just Q's and A's from top to bottom, good stuff.
  4. 9.5/10 I enjoyed the backstory about Slashers and everything else. The interview offered a lot of information and thoughts you have about the future, those are interesting reads always! The article is easy to read, pictures fit in well. The only thing I can suggest as a potential ''editing'' point is the font size, it could perhaps be slightly smaller, but overall well-done article!
  5. Good day to you! I'm here today to announce that for the upcoming season I will have 92 in skating, scoring, and passing. The decision to try something like that came when I and my agent were discussing about my future after the general manager of Seattle Bears sent my agent a friendly e-mail with a title: ''Teach him to score or he is off the team''. Something along those lines, I did not ask about the details. We both agreed that the best thing would be to focus on scoring during this off-season. I must admit that everything else being at 92 is purely a coincidence after depreciation took my
  6. 58. Can you believe we've asked another 60+ PC questions this year? I'm a stallion season after season, hey? Hells yes! There is no bad questions, only bad answers. 59. What are your thoughts on @TXC returning to the league? Good stuff, never too many active players in the league. Last player was a good one, so interesting to see what kind of career this new player will have! 60. Have you listened to @st4rface's new song? What were your thoughts? I have not, I'm not a huge music fan either, more than likely could not say whether the song is yay or nay.
  7. Donnie-T! Donnie-T! Donnie-T! Donnie-T! Donnie-T! Donnie-T!

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      Donald Trump GIF by CBS News



      even after the capitol raid? smh


  8. 9/10 Great article! A lot of valuable information in it. I especially liked the number 14, sounds simple enough but while under pressure I imagine you don't have that much time to think and aim, need to have that skill ready to go. Many of the points sound ''obvious'', but a couch fan like myself might not even think about these things while watching games, errors and good plays have a lot more going behind them than just simple skill, so good job!
  9. 8/10 Solid article! The questions are good and keep the interview going forward. The answers are well thought out. I liked the fact that you gave some insight into the draft day experience. The typical ''picture or two'' suggestion for improvement is the only thing I have. Good stuff.
  10. Unless you are Canadian, then the ride ends by losing in the finals. Moving on to other topics. The playoffs in VHL is finally getting near the finals, Malmo made their way in there already by beating Moscow. D.C Dragons and Chicago play a game seven later today. If I would get to choose, I guess it would be cool to see Phoenix in the finals as they kicked Seattle out, but then again D.C vs Malmo sound equally interesting matchup. We will see, should be fun finals either way. As Seattle has been out of it for some time now, I have relaxing back in Albania. My
  11. The regular season is over, your team is not in the playoffs anymore. What can you do? I'm here today to give you some general advice on how you can spend your time smartly because as a professional athlete it is important to always think ahead. 1. Read tactical notes Too busy swiping Tinder during team meetings, or was the notes too long and difficult to be fully analyzed during the hectic season? ''Neutral zone trap'' - what does that even mean? Whatever the case might be, now is an excellent moment to finally open the playbook and see what the coaches wanted you to do. By taki