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  1. The game between Seattle and Malmo was an entertaining battle. Seattle won 5-4, shots were 50-41 to Seattle, so those who watched the game were in for a good time. For many, the highlight of the game happened early in the third period. Former Seattle Bear Randy Marsh returned to his former home. Early in the third period Marsh and Bob dropped the gloves. Marsh showed he still has what it takes as he dominated the fight between the two. After the fight was over both benches showed some love for the players by wildly tapping their sticks against the boards. Despite losing
  2. 40. We traded @oilmandan. You got him a going away gift. What was it? What did you say? Firm handshake and Bears jersey with my signature. It was sad to see him go. Based on last nights game he is still a tough player, kicked my ass. 41. We traded @Dtayl. You got him a going away gift. What was it? What did you say? Multiple low market cap cryptocurrencies that might someday be worth a lot of money. That was my way of saying: good luck in the future! 42. We traded for @Matt_O - once a rival with Malmo back when our dynasty first started.. how did you welcome t
  3. Randy Marsh beats up Jim Bob at 0:36 of 3rd period
  4. jRuutu


    It took me almost 500 games, but I made it - I have over 1000 penalty minutes! I still remember how after my rookie year I watched my stats and wondered whether I ever make it 1000. It's a long way from 127 to 1000. Hell, at that point I was not sure if I even get to play in VHL for that long. My first year in the league was not fireworks and full of promise. Reaching this milestone and still playing in VHL today shows to everybody out there that you can achieve great things if you are willing to work hard. Not everything will go as you hoped, but it's important to remember that wh
  5. Gordie Howe hattrick!
  6. Seasons 61 and 62 are important in the history of Vancouver Wolves. Beau Louth and Rauno Palo were drafted during those seasons. In the eyes of many, Louth was always the number one center as he was ready to play at a high level right after getting drafted. However, despite a slower start, Palo developed into a more than a serviceable player. Over the years, Louth and Palo formed one of the best center duos in the recent history of VHL. Louth played his whole career in Quebec/Vancouver, 504 games with 554 points. Palo played the majority of his career with Louth in Quebec/Vancouver
  7. 34. The Easter bunny brought the Bears some "stuff"? What did it bring? The easter bunny brought the Bears a reminder. A reminder that mentioned how every bear has a soft side. You don't always have to be mean and aggressive, sometimes you can just leave the tree stand there. 35. @gregreg proposed a change to Easter. Instead of a bunny, he wants a _____ that delivers them. What other things did he want ____ to do? Example, a Easter Grasshopper, that hops and flies through the morning dew grass, delivering chocolate to all the boys and girls. You know he's coming when you hear the
  8. ''I dance, I dance, l dance around the Seattle hat. l dance, I dance, l dance and that's the end of that. ''
  9. 9/10 Despite being a ''write whatever comes to mind'' - article, I enjoyed it. Always fun to read about milestones and the future stars of VHL! My hat goes off to you for building a player you like over picking the meta or popular attributes. That is a guaranteed road to an enjoyable career. A picture could have been a nice addition, but overall a cool article.
  10. 9/10 Nice article! Structure makes the article easy to read, the stats at top is a cool touch and they also give the reader additional information. I liked your answers to the questions, especially the hockey IQ part and sometimes doing too much. Overall, solid article!
  11. As I'm looking at the portal right now, I'm 60 penalty minutes away from reaching 1000 career penalty minutes. A monumental milestone for any player. More so for someone like myself who came from humble beginnings. Just goes to show that everything is possible if you keep going on. You might not make it into the moon, but who knows what you find while you try to make it? During my career in VHL, many coaches have told me to cool it down, they say that the penalty minutes are not helping the team to win, but they can't stop me, they can only hope to contain me. If I'm completely hon