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  1. 1) One goal games coming back to haunt us again in round 1. Do we pull off the comeback in the series? Yes! Need to keep going and trust the gameplan, 60 minutes of hockey is a lot, anything can happen. We have been close every game, just matter of getting even little bit of luck and comeback is reality. 2) What are you most looking forward to in the off-season? Resting, long season and its not even over yet, so going to need some time away to recover, never been in playoffs before, so unknown territory for me as a player. 3) Do you have a personal goal for S73? 50 assists, ambitious but I think its doable if I keep working on my game steadily. 4) If you weren't on Helsinki, which Titan would you never want to meetup with in a fight? Tony Bolonee is one, I know we have quite few big guys in the team, but Tony is a tank. Long reach and the agility, bad news in a fight. 5) What is your to go hot beverage? I actually don´t like hot beverages, I don´t drink any, but I guess tea could be something I might learn to like. 6) What is/was your best subject in school? English for me as well.
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    Gotta hand it to those Moscowanians, I tried to be cute when I predicted that they would be the ones who miss the playoffs, but in the end, they made it quite comfortably, and now they are playing against us in the first round of playoffs. Every game has been a tight battle so far, one-goal games, and unfortunately for us here in Helsinki, Moscow is leading the series 3-1 right now. I don´t know if there is anything we could have done differently so far as a team, like I said the games have been close, every game has ended 3-2, which is quite interesting as well, but since we are facing a critical game today I thought I try to do everything I can to give us even a little edge. Is there a better place to start than openly sharing what I think about Moscow Menace. You call yourself the ´Menace´, that is odd, when I look at that logo of yours, words like: jolly, Rudolph and chimney come to mind. When I try to say Menace with a Scottish accent, it sounds a little bit like mayonnaise. Moscow Mayonnaise, I like that. When I see your fans all I can think of is how Adidas is not one of your main sponsors, have you tried asking? The home arena and the ice quality is one of the worst ones out there, its year 2020, how about using a zamboni instead of a tractor with wet hay to clean the ice? The arena is full of smoke after each intermission and smells like motor oil. Why do you play only one song in the arena? If you are there for the whole game, you hear: Jock Jams - Are You Ready For This at least 18 times. There is only one door on each bench. Safety nets behind the goals is dozens of see-through shower curtains sewn together. The locker room for visitors is just a tent at the back. The food offered to away team is whatever the bus driver can fish out from the nearby river. I dislike your team so much, I want to see you lose more than I want to see my team win. I wish worst of luck to you and nobody else. When the puck drops tonight I´m going to run your goalie over, but I´m going to make it look like its an accident, which is not that hard when you think how clumsy I am. If and when we are going to have a solid lead, I´m going to celebrate each goal like we just won the championship. If I score a goal, I´m going to skate past your bench for fist bumps. I can't wait for tonight, I´m going to grab something to eat now, maybe a big bowl of pasta. Then I´ll go back home for a nap. When I wake up I´m going to watch that movie your organization produced a couple of years ago, The Grinch I think its name is.
  3. One powerplay goal against Moscow and another in the game against Davos, I now have six powerplay goals this season. When the playoffs are around the corner, being able to score on the man advantage is a huge thing not just for me but for the whole team. Every goal is huge in the playoff race and later in the playoffs of course. Helsinki as a team has not been among the best powerplay teams in the league, around 17% is bottom of the league, but that sounds harsher than it really is, Prague is the best powerplay team and their powerplay percentage is around 24, so not THAT big of a difference between the best and bottom, but like I said every goal is important and often the tight games are decided on the powerplay, so no denying the fact that Helsinki could be better. And I think that is the case, we have been better on the powerplay lately. Always tough early on when new players join the team, the balance and chemistry take a while. Some players are used to having the puck on their stick more, maybe they don´t get it as much in Helsinki or the other way around, they have the puck on their stick all the time, chemistry and finding the open sticks become important, but I´m positive that Helsinki and the powerplay will be a difference-maker in the last regular-season games and in the playoffs.
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    Season 72 playoff race is getting intense over in the European division, Prague, Moscow, and Davos are fighting for the last two spots. Moscow and Davos have 71 points, Prague is at 70, who is not going to make it? An interesting twist on it all is the fact that Prague and Davos have four games left in the season, meanwhile Moscow has six games left. Technically speaking Helsinki is not guaranteed to make it either, but when the Titans have 77 points it's looking almost certain that the Finnish team makes the playoffs after missing the fun last year. Last night was a night that could potentially even decide the playoff spots, Moscow and Helsinki played against each other in Moscow. It was a close game, Calia made it 1-0 for Moscow in the first period, in the second period Helsinki tied the game when rookie Vaakanainen made it 1-1. The third period was a poor one for Moscow, Bob put Helsinki ahead on the powerplay and around 15 minutes into the third period Rodriguez hammered a final nail to the coffin with a 3-1 goal. Helsinki won the game 3-1 and took the valuable points. After the game Helsinki winger Jim Bob shared our view on the importance of the game and what it could mean on the playoff race: As mentioned earlier Moscow indeed has two more games than their closest playoff spot rivals Prague and Davos, however three of those six games Moscow has left are against Seattle, a team that has won a lot lately and they are once again making a run for it, Seattle has won 44 games out of 67 games so far this year. Moscow also plays two games against New York, they have 35 wins this year so far and have secured a playoff spot, icing on the cake is the last game against Vancouver who is still in the playoff race, so not going to be easy games for Moscow. Prague and Davos have a lot of firepower in their roster, in fact, Prague has scored the most goals in the European division this year, Davos can be found third on the same list. Moscow's offense has been struggling a little bit, they share the same goals scored total as Malmo who is going to miss the playoffs. When you take the tough schedule into consideration with the fact that the loss against a rival team Helsinki last night was a monumental hit on their confidence, and despite the two extra games in hand, I have a feeling Moscow is the one who is not going to make the playoffs out of the Davos, Moscow and Prague trio.
  5. Missed last week, no members tag....................................................................................................................................... ..........................................................................................................................
  6. 1) It looks like we are a lock for the post season! Who are you hoping to meet in round 1? (Moscow or Davos) Moscow! Those games would have intense atmosphere, Helsinki and Moscow are fairly close to each other, fans could travel with the teams more, which brings unique feel to any series. 2) Have you met a seasonal goal in season 72? I was hoping to get 300 hits, but looks like I might not even get 200, which would be a bummer, but I could reach 20 goals this year, that would be great! 3) Which retiring player will you personally miss the most in S73? (Rodriguez, Strong, Fontenette, Johnson) Strong or Fontenette, and that is because they have been in Helsinki for long time, they bring a lot of veteran leadership into the team. Not having them around next year will be weird. 4) If you were an expansion GM which positional need would you aim to fill first? That is a tough one, having a solid goalie goes a long way, but even a solid goalie cant do it alone, so I would perhaps look into building from defense first, having that piece in order helps in making the team more attractive to free agents for example, which in return speeds up the whole process. 5) Are you currently into any mobile games? I´m not, I have actually never been much of a mobile gamer. Feels ´harder´ compared to gaming on a console. 6) If you could have a plane ticket to go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Japan or South-Korea, would love to visit both and just spend time walking around.
  7. My friends, I see with my eyes, I hear with my ears, and I paint with my fingers. Do you know what being like that is called? Its called being an artist. I´m like a subway musician, unlike most subway musicians who play popular songs to please the people - I do the opposite. I don´t play the songs you want to hear. I play the songs that I know you don´t want to hear. I don´t play for money, I play purely for my entertainment, knowing that you don´t want to hear my songs makes me feel all kinds of good feelings deep inside. My name is Jim Bob and I´m a hockey player. I play hockey because I like the sport, I don´t play to win, I don´t play for glory, I play so I can look good while playing the game. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I think about is skipping the morning skate, do you need to show up every day to practice? I don´t think so. Did Shaquille O´Neal practice hard? No, he did not, but he played hard. I do the same and always give my all on the ice. If you look at names like Scotty Campbell, Podrick Cast, Brett Slobodzian, Patrick Bergqvist, and Jim Bob. What all these players have in common? Talent, dedication, hard work? No, what all five have in common is that they went where only a few have gone before, they were not afraid to take chances and risks. Because just like in life, those who take the most risks are the ones who have the best stories to tell. That is how I live my life and that is how I play a game of hockey. Some say I take unnecessary risks on the ice, some say I don´t respect my fellow players. As a reply to comments like that, I´m going to say what my uncle always told me while growing up: whistles in hockey are just like numbers on a speed sign - only a suggestion. Just because the referee blows on the whistle does not mean I´m going to stop playing. This is hockey, not rollerblading. If you are not ready for absolutely everything, you are going to get hurt. That is one of the main reasons why I´m on a 130 game ironman streak, I have not missed a game yet during my VHL career. Is that something every player can say? It's not. The only way I can describe my future as a hockey player is by asking you to look straight into the sun or light source of some sort, keep staring for a few seconds, how does it feel? It´s bright, isn't it? We can sit here and wonder what does that mean exactly, but truth to be told, even I don´t know. Predicting something unpredictable is almost impossible. To the end I would like to leave a quote from my favorite hockey player, Wayne Gretzky: I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.
  8. At least let the guy say bye you heartless monsters
  9. 1) 50 games in, what has been your season highlight? I scored couple goals in one game not so long ago, those two goals pushed my season total to career high of 10 goals in one season, so a great game, and also a big game in the bigger picture. 2) Which expansion logo do you most enjoy? (LA, Chicago, London or Warsaw) They are all cool looking, but I like Warsaw maybe the most. Nice colors and fierce looking wolf like animal as logo, good stuff! 3) Are you hopeful to be on the Titans expansion protection list? I am, started to play better and better, hopefully the same continues and my name is on the protected list as a result 4) What area of our game do we need to improve on through the final stretch of the season? Scoring maybe, put more shots to the net and guys after the rebounds. Couple goals more here and there would not hurt at least! 5) If you could have any athletes signature who would it be? Olli Jokinen, legendary character in Finnish hockey. 6) Its hot out and you want to cool down with a cold dessert or beverage, what do you go for? Beverage, ice cold water all day!