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  1. jRuutu

    Jose Gonzalez predradt press conference

    1. Looking back now, enjoyed the whole draft experience? 2. Were you surprised to hear your name getting called on the first round? 3. Thoughts on getting drafted by Quebec Meute? 4. If you would have to pick one player from S63 draft, who would be your biggest rival and player you look forward to beating during your career? 5. Got any plans or goals for the upcoming season?
  2. jRuutu

    Jeff Gow Press Conference

    1. You have signed a deal with Haterade, comments on that? 2. Happy with the 750k and one year deal or were you hoping to sign a bigger and longer deal? 3. What is the most hateful thing you have done in the past few months? 4. In your opinion, what are some of the most important qualities that hater should have? 5. Is there such thing as a bad hater?
  3. jRuutu

    Palo signs with Haterade

    That is just mean
  4. jRuutu

    Palo signs with Haterade

    Damn that is hateful! You should consider signing with Haterade
  5. News came out earlier today, Rauno Palo - center for the Quebec Meute has signed a massive five year deal with Haterade, worth minimum of 750k per year! Rauno Palo released a statement shortly after signing the deal:
  6. jRuutu

    S62 Off-Season Schedule

    Apparently if I choose the teams first in the predictions, it fails to load the players names on the other sections? (Results could not be loaded)
  7. jRuutu

    S62 WC Game 24: Scandinavia vs. Mercenaries

    50 faceoffs? God damn
  8. jRuutu

    VHL Endorsement Contracts S63

  9. jRuutu

    S63 Group 10 Fantasy Draft

    Gabriel McAllister @Victor
  10. jRuutu

    S62 WC Game 16: USA vs. Scandinavia

    Good win! Strong starts to first few periods played a big part
  11. jRuutu

    S62 World Cup Predictions!

    Worst: Mercs Bronze: USA Silver: Canada Gold: World