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  1. Meyers and Kozlov should have been thrown out of the game, started the fights and clearly went after the top guys.
  2. Only typical that the league sends refs who help the ´favorite´, even more so when they start at home. Now that we move to Vancouver, the series is fairly surely going to be 2-2.
  3. Going well, If you would be up for fair fights - would be going even better. I mean, we don´t send our goons against your top guys - we send our top guys.
  4. Meyers once again going after me, Helsinki with the dirty tactics - targeting the star players 😕
  5. Part I - Pick em' (Pick the correct winners of all three games for 2 TPE) Game 3 - Helsinki Titans @ Vancouver Wolves Game 4 -Helsinki Titans @ Vancouver Wolves Game 5 - Vancouver Wolves @ Helsinki Titans Part II - Predict the Score (Predict the correct score and winner of this game for 3 TPE) Game 5 - Vancouver Wolves 4 @ Helsinki Titans 2 Part III - Player Predictions (Predict the correct player for each category, 1 TPE for each correct answer) Series leader in points: Shawn Glade Series leader in goals: Rauno Palo Series leader in assists: Shawn Glade
  6. Vancouver won game seven against Calgary and is heading into the finals! Helsinki Titans is there waiting for them, Titans was the only team to collect over 100 points during regular season, they had 113! Vancouver had 82 points - is Helsinki a favorite in the finals? This is what Rauno Palo had to say after the Calgary game earlier today: Game one is played tomorrow in Helsinki, to make things interesting - the second game is also played in Helsinki, so remains to be seen what kind of hockey we see, take it easy at first or is one of the teams going to come in hot and hope to surprise the other one?
  7. You think you can beat us? Huh? Come to Vancouver and take wins? That is not going to happen, while you have been taking it easy in Helsinki, we have been playing for weeks now, steadily improving our game - you guys are rusty. Vancouver is like a well-oiled machine at this point of the season, climaxing at the right time. I hope you have your fighting gloves ready, because I´m coming after your star players - I don´t give a fuck, I drop the gloves right after the faceoff and skate towards Borwin or Thompson, what are you going to do then? Stop me? That is cute. Four fights and two wins - I´m on fire. Look what happened to Kovalchuk in game seven, that Calgarian donkey thought he can go one vs one with Rauno Palo, can you believe that? If possible, his face is even uglier now, but that is the price you pay sometimes. Now, when I look at Borwin and Thompson, just like Kovalchuk - they don´t have what it takes to go full fight against me, that does not stop me though, I´ll take them out and watch our first line score couple goals while Borwin or Thompson is sitting in the box with me. How can you stop Vancouver? - Helsinki/Calgary fans I´m not a mind reader obviously, but when I look at some of the comments posted lately that are related to Vancouver, I feel the biggest feeling underneath those comments is fear, people are scared when they see Vancouver Wolves, it´s easy to root for ´big´ teams like Calgary for example, but now that we kicked their ass, people are teary-eyed and left wondering: what now? If Vancouver beat Calgary, who is going to stop them? That is a natural thing to feel and think, so they have now switched to supporting Helsinki: I-i-i ho-hope that Helsinki wins. From those people, I want to ask two things, first: when will you learn? Vancouver is a superior team when you look at the talent on the roster, but more importantly superior on the mental side. As we all know hockey is a mental game. There is nothing Helsinki can throw at us that would be a surprise, we have a plan for everything and as mentioned, we have played tough games for some time now while Helsinki boys have been skating around in practice. You think they are ready? We will beat them up so badly in the first two games that they will ask if it´s ok to play best of three instead. The second question is: Still want to come and watch our cup parade in Vancouver? If yes, I can fly a few of you over to be my personal guests, get to ride the minibus behind our victory truck and also watch me drink orange juice from the cup when we meet in our home arena before going out to party after the parade. In general to everybody who has been following the playoffs I just want to say: you are welcome. I can only imagine what it´s like to watch Vancouver play from the stands, entertaining and life-changing, soon you get to watch us win the cup, must be great.
  8. I have short fuse, things get out of hand fast