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  1. Nobody knows for sure, but I would be lying if I did not spend at least half of the time thinking about the answer to questions like that. I´m a deep thinker you know, I think and deeply. As a hockey player that is a good thing, I might see something that nobody else will or think about certain things in a totally different way, for example, my playing style is heavily influenced by the thought that I want everybody to have fun, why should I try to score and ruin it for the other team? Much rather focus on some fancy dekes and setting plays up instead of sniping the puck, that is why puckhandling is one of my strengths and shooting is not. Sometimes I do get frustrated because I can´t seem to think straight and figure out the answer to whatever is going on inside of my head. That is why I have been thinking about taking some fighting lessons and maybe add that to my toolbox for the upcoming season, not so many centers in the league who are fighters, so I could really take over that part and at the same time release some of those frustrations in a good old duel.
  2. jRuutu

    Vesto Slipher Press Conference

    1. Rauno Palo, your teammate has started to work on his passing game, does that make you feel all kinds of good? 2. What you think was the biggest reason on why Quebec did not make it into finals this year? 3. Christmas is coming up soon, got any plans? 4. What is your comment on the fact that I also eat chicken, but I always buy the one that is on the premade marinade sauce thing? 5. If there was toothpaste that tastes like chicken, would you use it? Your breathe would smell like it for at least 3 hours after you use it.
  3. jRuutu

    Louth/Quebec Meute Press Conference

    1. Thoughts on Quebec´s playoff run? 2. Who is your least favorite center in VHL to go against in the faceoffs? 3. I have been planning on doing very little cardio during the off-season, is that going to be a problem when training camp starts? 4. Are you going to let BladeMaiden handle the yelling in practice from now on or are you going to come and watch the players still and keep on yelling? 5. What you think is Quebec´s biggest weakness right now?
  4. jRuutu

    S63 Finals Fantasy Zone

    Part I - Pick em' (Pick the correct winners of all three games for 2 TPE) Game 5 - Riga Reign Game 6 - No Game Game 7 - No Game Part II - Predict the Score (Predict the correct score and winner of this game for 3 TPE) Game 5 - Calgary Wranglers @ Riga Reign Riga wins 4-2 Part III - Player Predictions (Predict the correct player for each category, 1 TPE for each correct answer) Series leader in points: Jack Shephard Series leader in goals: Jack Shephard Series leader in assists: Jack Shephard
  5. jRuutu

    Center of attention

    It´s been couple days now since the season 63 officially ended for Quebec Meute, I must say that it still feels bad, we had high hopes for this year, the main goal was to make our way back to finals and take that one more step, but it was not meant to be I guess. Despite the regular season and the struggles we had here and there, I´d say the year has been a fairly positive one, made the playoffs and the players in the roster has managed to keep on improving, some have even started playing on totally new position, so when we go forward from here, we have one more season of experience under our belts and players who now have the ability to play multiple positions and adapt to new situations quickly, that makes the job for coaching staff a lot more easier and also keeps our enemies guessing. One of the players who has started playing on a new position is Beau Louth, he made the jump from wing to center. The idea for Louth´s move to center came after he beat the team´s other centers in faceoff competition. Komarov and I were practicing our faceoffs moves when Beau skated by and said: Can I try tweisoffs with you guys? We laughed, but coaches gave him a chance, they laid the following rules: Komarov and I take 30 faceoffs, who wins the most of them goes against Beau. I tried my best, but Komarov and his strong shoveling wrists still turned out to be too much for me, Komarov won 19 out of 30 and went against Beau next. Same rules as before, the winner is the one who takes most out of 30 home, I go against the winner. To the surprise of all, Louth won 25 out of 30. Some might now say it was because Komarov was tired, but I can tell you right now - Louth was dominating. As a player who likes challenges and challengers, I was really up for the next round, I wanted to see how good this guy really is. Pretty good, once again Louth was the stronger one, won 23 out of 30, I was defeated just as badly as Komarov was a moment ago, Louth beat both of us and the coaches from there on had him play as center in practice. Around a month or two later he made his official debut in VHL as a center and has played on the middle ever since. I thought it was pretty cool how he comes from nowhere and is able to beat centers who have taken thousands and thousands of faceoffs more than him. The way he celebrated left bit of a sour taste into my mouth though, could have let the ´I have never practiced faceoffs, you guys are shait´ - comments out, but he earned the right to brag - at least little bit. That was just one example of what happened in Quebec during the season, an interesting example still, when you look what our lines could be in the future. Having player like Louth in the middle now opens spot in first line wing for someone, I guess ideally the winger would be more of a two-way player, but with some offensive upside, we will see what the lineup looks like in day one next season, but now it´s time to rest and enjoy the off-season!
  6. jRuutu

    World Building in the VHL

    The easiest way of course is to start the rivalries and stories in general on your own and hope something comes out of them, make stuff up, call out players who you play against, your rival players, check game reports around VHL and see if something interesting happened - player A gets minor for diving, you now start to drop his name here and there as one of the biggest cheaters in the game. Eventually you might find user or two from VHL or even from your own team that start to play the same game and response back in their own articles, giving rivalries and stories that can last for long time! (Tagging people you mention in your stories is a good way to push the idea forward little bit.) At least in the past there has not been over the top amount of users who write every week, but perhaps now that VHL has so many new users, they start to write more and more once they get to know the place and it´s users. I´d say keep on going and write as wild stories as you can! If you chuckle or even laugh few times when writing a story, that has been more than good use of your time and those stories might inspire others to start writing more.
  7. jRuutu

    Rumors are not true

    Since the season ended for Quebec last night, I can now officially come out and say it, no - I did not have an injury slowing me down during the playoffs. I´m both flattered and also offended about these rumors. I´m flattered that some think I could play better, but in all reality, this is the best I can do at the moment, unfortunately. I have taken a few steps forward from my rookie year, but there is still a lot more steps ahead of me if I want to be the difference maker I want to be. But do not worry, I have been blessed with so much potential as a human being that it´s only matter of time before I move up to the elite category among centers in VHL. I have also been thinking about starting to play some other sports during my free time, almost unfair that fans in other sports don´t get to enjoy my talents, so during the upcoming off-season, I´m going to play basketball and see how it goes, always good to play more than just hockey - keeps your mind fresh. My and Meute´s journey in the playoffs came to its end earlier than we hoped, but we will be back - stronger than ever.
  8. jRuutu

    Dan Montgomery Presser

    1. If I remember correctly, Barzal used to live with Seidenberg and his family for a while when taking his first steps in NHL, would you let a rookie player stay with you if opportunity to do something like that comes knocking? 2. What is your opinion on players who can´t shoot the puck? 3. You had 85 points in 72 games this year, happy on that number? 4. What it´s like to be the captain for Helsinki Titans? 5. From the teams that made the playoffs this year, who is your least favorite?
  9. jRuutu

    Szita Press Conference

    1. What is the story behind your username? 2. Is Jonathan Hill easy to play with? 3. Any NHL players who you keep as a role model? 4. If you would have to pick one VHL player that you will destroy with a nice open ice hit - who would you pick? 5. What has been the biggest difference between regular season and playoff hockey in VHLM?
  10. Oh nooooo! Good luck to Riga going forward!
  11. Oh my god, we are in a tough spot now
  12. jRuutu

    Semifinal 1 GM 2: Quebec City Meute vs. Riga Reign

    Weey! 1-1! Big win, Iseult is a beast!