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  1. jRuutu

    Team Scandinavia World Cup Roster

    Lets gooo! šŸŽ·
  2. jRuutu

    GM admits spying

    My computer or well the browser was running weirdly slow for two or so days. Tried to visit the new Wolves web site, but loading the pages took so long that I could not do it. I mentioned it to Vancouver GM Beaviss, who said he has no problems, he also suggested that maybe itĀ“s all the late night web surfing I do and something affected my computer? From that, I knew it was something on my end. Later when I was home I started to think, how does Beaviss know I surf the web late at night? Then it hit me, he has been spying on me! That is why my browser is slow. He penetrated my machine with some kind of spying software. I confronted him and he said: I know everything. I could not say for sure if he is just joking or actually been spying on me? How much he knows, can I afford the information on what I did or do ever to come out? This hell of mind twister kept me up all night yesterday, I deleted everything and made sure no cameras or mics are on. Somehow the browser is working nicely again and I can do whatever without having to wait so long, nothing worse than having to wait your own picture to load so long on VWolves.com because of browser problems. I suggest everybody to visit and maybe give my photo five-star rating. Every Vancouver player is in there, so letĀ“s get Palo as number one before training camp starts, so it looks like I have been doing something during the off-season.
  3. jRuutu

    Quebec Meute Press Conference

    1. Was hoping we could, but in the end it did not go that way 2. Beau Louth, he has been eating super well lately, jawline is like side of a mountain all of a sudden, so he will be the go to guy when it comes down to scoring. 3. 70Ā“s bush all the way! Something so erotic and almost naughty about a nice bush, canĀ“t say no. 4. IĀ“ll say Mountain Thunderfist, guy is a tank who will run you over if you are not ready. Done it to me couple times. 5. I actually kinda like Seattle, has that mean look to it and also cool colors. I bet the jerseys would look sick in television. 6. Neither for me as well, IĀ“m not much of a drinker. Water or juice, maybe Red Bull? (apologies for late answers)
  4. jRuutu

    S64 All-Star Game

    Woo! 1 TPE, I take it
  5. jRuutu

    S64 Finals Fantasy Zone

    Part I - Pick em' (Pick the correct winners of all three games for 2 TPE) Game 3 - Helsinki Titans @ Toronto Legion Game 4 - Helsinki Titans @ Toronto Legion Game 5 - Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans Part II - Predict the Score (Predict the correct score and winner of this game for 3 TPE) Game 5 - Toronto Legion 1 @ Helsinki Titans 4 Part III - Player Predictions (Predict the correct player for each category, 1 TPE for each correct answer) Series leader in points: Keaton Louth Series leader in goals: Vesto Slipher Series leader in assists: Mats Johnsson
  6. jRuutu

    Keaton Louth Rule

    Over the top punishment for silly rule, that is what I have problem with. No problem with VHL punishing for breaking the rules. The actual rule that you have to play backup 8 games is silly, the fact that itĀ“s so important to the league that go to punishment to make sure itĀ“s followed is to punish the whole team by playing whatever missed games in the playoffs with a backup is crazy. In the spirit of the league, the best of the best should go against each other in the playoffs and if there is a need to punish a GM over something trivial, itĀ“s done in some other way. BUT if this is the only way, so be it. Hopefully there is no more incidents like this.
  7. jRuutu

    Keaton Louth Rule

    Yes? Yes? Not against me directly, but since IĀ“m part of the team - it had a effect on me. Even if you laid out 18 different options for punishment and this is still the one you picked up from the pile, IĀ“m going to ask why and/or moan about it. I have hard time believing that anybody would be upset with more backup games next year type of penalty or even with the cap or pick penalties.( In this case, not in the extreme ones)
  8. jRuutu

    Keaton Louth Rule

    When you made GMs and people know this is the year when punishments will be handed out in full force - before this season? There is no benefit, that is the point. Some people just like to see what happens when they do option A instead of option B. The integrity of the league should always be questioned when something like this happens. If I take the time and try to be active in this league, but then when the final show is about to start with playoffs, something is directly blocking me from fully enjoying the experience, IĀ“m going to moan about it.
  9. jRuutu

    Keaton Louth Rule

    Hard not to think that there was nothing extra in play when deciding this punishment, could have just as easily decided to punish the team in some other way, despite what was agreed on before the season. ItĀ“s not fair to make a team play with a backup in playoffs, itĀ“s just not. Regular season games are not the same as playoff games, playoff games are more valuable always. Throwing these extra games to playoffs too easily and in this case, it seriously hurt the team. That is excessive, I agree, but something that could happen even in smaller scale, some team having more than few picks and a lot of cap space, then missing playoffs and you are left wondering how to punish the team in a situation like this, take a pick away? Uuh, that hurt - got 4 more left, cap penalty? Owie, now I only have 15 mills left, could be years before that team hits playoffs, so not going to hit a team like that too harshly.
  10. jRuutu

    Keaton Louth Rule

    So why not force the backup to play 14 games next year and the whatever statistical advantage goes away quite nicely? If a team sold everything and everybody, but for next year managed to get or keep two goalies, one inactive who is a lot better and the other is young and upcoming active one, what stops that GM from making sure the young goalie gets all the love and just plays him or her for full year? Keep in mind the team has shit loads of picks and cap space, nowhere near playoffs - could happen now? And to that playoff case with a tight race and two or more teams battling right to the end on who gets in, why not fire the GM right there on the spot and put in point penalty, so the team who followed the rules gets into the playoffs?
  11. jRuutu

    Keaton Louth Rule

    I do like depth, but at the moment I donĀ“t see why any team should have backup G when bots play like this? The comments here suggest that Quebec should focus on other areas because it was not goaltending that let us down. Punish the Louth guy in Quebec? Surely that is going to hit home equally well and innocent players would not have to miss out on the action. If a GM made the mistake, punish the GM in whatever way. In that case if a GM decides to just F it and goes all in and does whatever to get record or something, you should fire him, BUT in Beaviss case, it was not done on purpose, the team made the playoffs quite clearly even if you straight up handed out 9 point or whatever point penalty for the missed games and looked at the standing again = point is, did not affect the playoff race and you should take that into consideration like you look each case and then decide what the penalty is. That is how I see it in this case, note: In this case, not in the wildest examples on what the GM could do and what it means then, but in this case and with all the information taken into consideration. Punishment like this was to show who is the boss and maybe to get few cheap laughs with the big boys at the BOG office when the plan comes together. What is good for the league and for the playoffs in this situation and in this case came second. This is not the NHL, in NHL you would lose every single game with the rosters and kind of players we have in VHL. There is also no backup rules in NHL, we donĀ“t also have suspensions in VHL. Overall, this was a wrong decision on the punishment.
  12. jRuutu

    Keaton Louth Rule

    But still the option to punish teams who are Ā“rebuildingĀ“ is there with cap or pick penalty?
  13. jRuutu

    Keaton Louth Rule

    Of course there needs to be rules and IĀ“m not saying you need to let Beaviss walk for free or any other GM, but unreal to me how they think the right move was to play those missing backup games in the playoffs? Super easily could have just said: Quebec plays 14 games with backup next season and that would have been that. (Double the missed games + normal eight). Would anybody cared? Would anybody said: Woah woah, what about the bot backup G, he earned his right to play 8 games in the season, put him in on the playoffs The point is absolutely to have fun and that is why we are here, now league prevented a innocent user from having fun and behind that, others in the team are watching with their mouths open and asking: What if? Two players are retiring, they will not get a second chance to play in the playoffs, ever again. Is that the right way to punish a GM, try to make him look like a piece of something in front of the team by jumping on top of him: Now you will learn, now you will learn when there are other tools to punish the GM.