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  1. Joel Ylonen and Rauno Palo fight to a draw at 16:06 of 3rd period The fack is this
  2. Joel Ylonen and Rauno Palo fight to a draw at 6:00 of 1st period Damn Ylonen, we meet again in the fighting circle
  3. 2. How have you been playing of late? Pretty well I´d say, been able to get on the scoreboard on a steady pace, so that has been cool to see even if some of the games have not been too close. 3. If you could change one thing about your game what would it be? I would like to hit more, I feel like I´m getting hit too often, if I could be more physical maybe they would not try and run me over as much? 4. What do you think our team needs to take it to the next level? Solid goaltending and even more deadlier offensive system starting from creating better scoring chances and of course then finishing them. 5. How do you see our chances in the playoffs? I have big hopes, powerplay has been good and we have lines that seem to click nicely, have hard time believing too many teams can realistically stop our offensive power. 6. What do you think about Expansion? Mixed feelings, nice to see new teams and so on, but some players have to leave their current teams and that can sometimes create tough situations that has no real winners - expansion drafts sucks. 7. What has been your favorite game this season? I´ll say the last game of the season, got couple assists on powerplay. Those points were my 50th on PP this year, so hitting that milestone pushed the game first in my list.
  4. It´s official - Palo is more hittable than Louth.
  5. Malmo Nighthawks 7 @ Moscow Menace 4
  6. Vancouver Wolves Riga Reign Malmo Nighthawks Calgary Wranglers
  7. Two new teams will be joining the VHL soon, we don´t know just yet where those teams are located, but that gives me an excellent opportunity to think about some cool locations for those teams! When we think about hockey around the world right now, I think Germany is one of the nations that will surprise many in the future. A real focus on German players and youth programs instead of the national team being half full of Canadians. Germany has also great fan culture in football and in hockey. In my opinion Germany is an ideal place to have a team in. Hamburg, Berlin or Leipzig to throw couple city names out there. The second one is England or Great-Britain, taking big steps forward in the hockey world as we saw in the IIHF 2019 world championship. Just like Germany, they have the sports culture and people to support hockey, just need to keep going forward and invest in the sport. That is why I would add a team into England: London, Liverpool or Manchester could be good locations. Does not have to be England necessarily, anywhere in Great Britain would work, got great fans that make games a treat to be part of.