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Here we go again, I am in scramble mode to finish an article.  

I am in desperate need of my final 2tpe to cap this week. Chara has gone full Sean William Scott and has dubbed himself a "goon". At the very least he is not on good terms with VHL referees. Zeedayno's most recent game he was ejected for abuse of an official. Chara received  15 PIM's for that one game alone. 20210729_180820.thumb.jpg.4f521db48e65fa32c707c28962654f4f.jpg

He now has 39 penalty minutes in just 15 games. 

So my plan will be to use the tpe earned from this article and slam it into discipline.  Try a 70 checking , 42 discipline setup for the next few sims. I was already not liking the penalties Chara was taking but this major penalty and game ejection was the last straw.  I suppose it does not help it was in a game that went on to be another loss for NYA.  We are currently on a 4 game losing streak. If Chara can stop having so many PIM's , maybe I can help my team turn this slide around. 


That is all for this week. 


Aprox 180 words

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