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Tale of Omi Aberg


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Omi Aberg this year is a part of the Houston Bulls organization and he is excited to be playing his last season in the VHLM. He has said that as much as he enjoys playing in VHLM and meeting new people that he has not ever heard of them, he can't wait when he can go to other leagues and is pretty sure the next league for Aberg's career is going to be VHLE.

94-Year-Old Hockey Player Still Plays in Minnesota | PEOPLE.com

The league will be introduced next season and Aberg will be one of those youngsters that will try this new league that hopefully in the future be the big stepping stone for other prospects. Aberg himself has said, that he is excited about new opportunities and he hopes that he will enjoy his new team. He has already been drafted by Vancouver Wolves, so it is expected that he will make his way to Vancouver in the near future too, but first, he has to do some other work - finishing his season with Houston and getting through VHLE. His final VHLM season hasn't started the best way, the team is the last of the whole league and individually Aberg has -14 in 20 games, but he keeps his head up and wants to impress his GM by working the hardest and not talking the most. Aberg has said - "I believe in Bulls and I believe in our team. I think we can still continue fighting, but we need to figure out our game and personality. We need to make the first step to the victory and not wait for it to come to us.". Aberg got drafted in the 2nd round, 18th overall to Bulls and it is pretty easy to see, that he won't be winning his VHLM cup because if Houston doesn't make any sudden changes, they will be stuck in the lower places. Aberg right now has been putting all his focus on Houston, because that's where he plays right now and he doesn't think about his future. But if you would look into the future - Vancouver Wolves are doing great - 3rd place in North American Conference, with a young core and strong young players coming up to the system (ehem Omi Aberg). For the Wolves, the sky is the limit, because the team is playing great now and the future is looking even brighter than it is right now. Some scouts have compared this team to some of the greatest VHL teams, but there have been a lot of hyped and strong young teams that have been hyped to win everything multiple times, but in the end, nothing happens. That's why you have to choose the words carefully and the future will show - will Vancouver be the juggernaut that the potential of the team is showing. Omi Aberg has said multiple times - "There is not a team that I would rather be than Vancouver Wolves. Team is young and full of good vibes. We are going to have fun winning a lot of championships with this core when I get there!".


Vancouver will be the team to watch for in the future!

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