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How do you keep engaged?


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It's 10:09 PM as I start to write this, but the truth is I've been working on a 150-word article for the majority of the afternoon, well before the earlier media spot I posted not long ago. The idea I had for a VHL.com article developed into a full media spot by the time I stopped writing, so now I have to write another. I haven't sat down at the computer and dedicated the ten minutes it takes to write a VHL.com article after growing drowsy from the new medication I'm on, and I still need to complete an additional task for my last capped TPE. I reckon I'm near 150 words now though, so I'll end this blurb with a question: How do you keep engaged to the VHL? 

Do you rely on the VHL General chat to keep you entertained? 

Perhaps your individual locker rooms are your preferred poison. 

I'd like to know. 

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