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  1. Peace

    (S65) LW - Daytin Vidovich, TPE: 30

    He’s already signed by Yukon unfortunately.
  2. Peace

    (S64) C - Trevor Cobelo, TPE: 30

    The draft is over, and I saw Matt_o post informing us you’ve been unfortunate to not be signed to a team yet. Saskatoon would like to officially extend a contract offer.
  3. Peace

    (S65) LW - Daytin Vidovich, TPE: 30

    Saskatoon can offer you a ton of ice time along side one of the better Centers in the minors.
  4. Peace

    (S65) G - Dominick Hasek, TPE: 30

    Saskatoon has a starting position for you, if you’d like.
  5. I don’t always agree with best player available, but what do I know, I’m not exactly a veteran GM here. I’m not trying to be snippy but sincere, maybe there’s a trick I don’t know yet. On either EHM or FHM5 I tend to draft prospects that seem like they have a higher skill ceiling which would be TPE earning potential here. Something comes to mind though: KVM looked like he was going to be a steady earner then disappeared, likewise for a few other members that turned into mostly claiming welfare and practice facility. Its a total risk selecting anybody.
  6. Every pick is a gamble. In my own class, I’ve caught up to all but the highest picks and turned into a decent steal for Riga mid second round. Finding consistency is nice too, but no, you don’t want to mess up the second overall. All I’m saying (or trying to) is this could be a difficult decision. Helsinki took Crosby above his projected rank for example, came as a surprise to a few.
  7. Not saying he isn’t, but in terms of how fast TPE is being acquired there are other options. TPE total ignored, some players have earned more TPE in a shorter time frame. May be worth a look at 2nd even if they’re not as close in total TPE.
  8. Peace

    DAV/SEA: S64

    Then I regress.
  9. Peace

    DAV/SEA: S64

    Well, no you’re right, but being educated is a two way street. Would Glade have been asking as much if he knew before hand that it was technically a one season rental? Just my thoughts.
  10. Don’t always choose the highest TPE, sometimes the rate of TPE being acquired is more important. Some good options here and it’s not as lopsided as it seems. Do your research first @ShawnGlade lol.
  11. Peace

    DAV/SEA: S64

    If it’s not in the official rule book available for everyone to read, it is therefore still unofficial? Seems kinda strange to hid information like that from a brand new GM and those who would otherwise be interested in managing a big league team.
  12. Peace

    GMing Dominoes: Part 3

    Mhmm. Paging @Dtayl
  13. Peace

    GMing Dominoes: Part 3

    Unless Dtayl steps down, he’s still the main guy behind the wheel; my computer went down so it’s difficult to submit lines and do really anything.
  14. They can’t, Brick and Carles have ruined them all. Lol