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  1. TORONTO, CANADA -- Rylan Peace is absolutely thrilled by the early success of the Toronto Legion. "It's an absolute blast," Peace said. "Huge contrast from Davos or Riga." Rylan Peace is tied alongside free agent pickup and previous Davos' teammate Veran Dragomir for league lead in points - both of them have seventeen each for a few fingers in the cookie jar this early in the season. In an interesting contrast to Dragomir's typical play over his career, where he's usually recording more goals than assists, the high scoring left winger has turned playmaker early on for the Toronto Legion in his final VHL season. The season is young - yes - but the powers that be have seemingly dealt the Legion a classic UNO flip card. Peace was anticipated to be the playmaker while Dragomir slammed the pucks into the back of the net with lethal reliability, but as we've all seen with Peace's eight goals it appears the roles have flipped. It's nothing to be upset about, in fact it is a moment to rejoice, as it means both Dragomir and Peace will be putting the puck in the net with consistency for Toronto over the seventy two game schedule. "It's been a thrill," Peace said after a five point performance in a shootout loss to Moscow. "It was bound to end, but we're still undefeated in regulation, and it'll be a blast trying to keep that record going for as long as we can. Maybe we can make some VHL history... you know, if we haven't already that is." The Toronto Legion sit comfortably atop the VHL with a ten-zero-one record, and that position is supported by an impressive goal differential that also leads the league. Their twenty one point is five better than the second best team, and no one anticipated Toronto to be this good right out of the gates, except for maybe Toronto's general manager when he acquired the pieces he want in what some consider a lucky off-season.
  2. A lot! Didn't mean much though, we were defeated in five by the Reapers when I anticipated more. Also... fourth and final claim.
  3. Implying Dahlberg actually has skill is a compliment for him. He's just being himself otherwise with this game, minus a few points tacked on for good measure. Peace carried Dahlberg in Davos.
  4. Rylan Peace beats up Jordan Tonn at 7:43 of 2nd periodRylan Peace ejected from game at 7:43 of 2nd period I mean I won the fight, but ruined my point scoring streak.
  5. Solid team effort. I'll take two assists, but that negative one leaves me disappointed.
  6. @Quik @Beketov I thought recreates and first gens had a free position swap for the first month of their players career. Could allow this guy to switch from D to F.
  7. It's never too early for clutch team performances!
  8. There’s VAN fans out there during Beaviss tenure? I’m surprised!
  9. Starting the season off strong... nice!