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  1. Another season is upon us, and for the first time in a little while we've got an entirely new alternate group within our leadership. As always our leadership group is a vote in democracy, and a random tie breaker using either random list generators or WheelDecide (the website) to decide who'll be where if we can't do it ourselves. I wonder what politics would look like if two arguing parties just flipped a coin over some laws. Anyway. LEGION FANS! You're S76 leadership group! CAPTAIN - JAXX HEXTALL @ROOKIE745 ALTERNATE 1 - LEO STRAUSS @gregreg
  2. Peace


    Play it off as if Motza was still angry at Saskatoon for stealing his cup in S69.
  3. Only because you went to New York. It's the Davos of the NA Conference. Don't kill me Esso.
  4. For the week of 24-JAN-2021. 1. (For players:) What do you think of Toronto's draft? \ (For prospects:) How does it feel to be selected by the Toronto Legion? 2. Toronto has some impressive depth this season. Nine forwards, five defenders and two quality goaltenders. Do you think we make the playoffs? 3. If we make the playoffs how far do you think we'll go? 4. We've got five rookies joining us for the upcoming season. Do you have any tips for them? 5. What do you expect from yourself this season? 6. What do you expect from management this season? @Nic
  5. Just better at pissing off the right people.
  6. Dear Bann, Ain't calling because it's you, man. I think you just summed up why Eno is a better man than you, mang. Looking forward to the Toronto - Seattle rivalry.
  7. 1. As the GM, I know we need a stronger forward group to really compete with the teams above us. Toronto is young and well develop into a better team, and we still have that S77 LON 1 to work with, so maybe there's a way we draft or trade for our goals. 2. Nope! 3. We drafted who I wanted! 4. Yes, yes, tell me what you'd like to improve upon! 5. Jarome Iginla 6. I've got two dogs; Sadie and Chloe!
  8. So the S76 VHL Entry Draft is closed, and the sunshine of the following morning is cresting the rooftops of my apartment complex. I realized I still needed some TPE to max this week for Killinger, so I figured I'd get this done early before the sun is well above the sky and I lazily waddle away from my computer to 'adult'. The topic for this short VHL.com article is Toronto's draft, but I won't go into great depth as I plan on doing a podcast with @DoktorFunk and maybe some other members of the Toronto Legion sometime in the future! Toronto selected Kristof Welch ( @Juice ) at fifth overal
  9. Red Lite light red lights when Red Lite lite the red light.
  10. S69 SSK vs. S75 PHI vs. S74 HFX (S73?) Let's do it. But seriously, great job DMax!
  11. @hedgehog337 I appreciate the kind negotiations. Welcome to Toronto! S78 TOR 1, it was nice knowing you for these short days, but hopefully you're a sixteenth overall pick. (( Also there is a condition to this trade: If Klamasteris doesn't resign with the Toronto Legion at the end of his current contract, the S78 TOR 1 becomes a S78 TOR 3. ))