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  1. Hello! I'm the GM of the Saskatoon Wild, we're looking for an active goalie to replace our ailing inactive goaltender on our roster (we signed him and we haven't heard anything since). If you're interested in the position let me know, we can offer you our starting position right away; however, I will be honest, we're not likely a championship caliber team this season. We'll be fighting for the underdog spots, but that's always fun... right? Looking forward to your decision. - Peace
  2. 1. As the GM I am anticipating some good feedback with this answer, and I'm happy to read some of our members are enjoying the locker room. 2. I played right wing for Saskatoon when I was here, during Season 63, and I chose it because - honestly - I was too lazy to make a centre, which require more TPE and a higher TPA to be effective in the position. lol 3. I'd let... literally any gaming company sponsor me for cheap. 4. I think we're performing right around where we should be. At the moment we're one point out of eight spot, and that's where I expected to be fighting for. 5. I was drafted by Riga, and that only lasted a season, and although I was happy where I was I felt like I was suffocated on Riga's lineup at the time. 6. Telker has my bet.
  3. SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN -- The Wild find themselves in a unique position... regarding the lottery. If it were to happen right now, Saskatoon would have a baffling 90% chance to win the first overall draft pick. The Ottawa Lynx, San Diego Marlins and the Saskatoon Wild all sit in the bottom of the league and only one team, the Saskatoon Wild, own each of the thirty percent lottery picks. The Wild acquired the Lynx and Marlin's first round pick last season, and also aquired Minnesota's first round pick to compliment their first round draft stock. Wild GM Rylan Peace was tactical in his decisions, apparently, but called hypocritical in the lack of available picks during season sixty eight's dispersal draft. "I tried to get into the dispersal draft," Peace admitted. "But there were no bites for the players we had on the market." "The most logical move was to trade for a few seasons in advance. We weren't willing to deal a player like Palazzo for a third round pick - and that's just an example - in the then upcoming dispersal draft." Peace said. The Wild moved out the majority of their core last season in exchange for picks, but the majority of the picks were for the season sixty nine dispersal draft. A particular GM called out the moves made by the Saskatoon Wild as hypocritical, but that's an expired can of worms already tossed in the trash bin. "I'm excited for the upcoming draft," Peace admitted. "Of course this draft stock relies heavily upon a certain quality of rookies in the draft itself." Previous drafts had healthy amounts of early depth, but so far the S69 Dispersal Draft lacks that early depth - it should be noted that the quality of the draft isn't in question, just the depth of the draft so far. With further league recruitment it should develop into a deeper draft, but as it stands it would be difficult to pull two full rounds of active players if it were to happen right now. The season is early after all, and recruitment drives haven't really begun. "I have the utmost faith in the recruitment team. I am anticipating a large influx of new players, and I'm looking forward to introducing Saskatoon to them."
  4. TORONTO, ONTARIO -- Rylan Peace has been quietly and privately upset about his individual performance so far this season. The Toronto Legion centre was hit with the first wave of depreciation and the effects have been notable. More passes have been intercepted, his shooting percentage is at a career low, and despite maintaining a point per game pace so far Peace knows he is capable of so much more - especially a few seasons removed from a triple digit achievement. The Legion have relied mostly on top defender Tzuyu for their offensive production, who leads his team in all offensive categories bar shot attempts. Rylan Peace has registered twenty nine more shots on net than any other Legion player, and while it would seem lopsided, the majority of Peace's assists aren't generated on the rebound opportunity but rather a pas. He's 54% on the dot, too, so Peace is understandably trying to do it all for his club but struggling offensively at the last. The Legion were anticipated to be the top club in their division, but a rocky 5-5-3 start may have the team in a small depression. Let's break this down. Game 1: CGY 3 - 2 TOR (SO) Rylan Peace earned a secondary assist on Matthew Kai's game tying goal near the mid point of the third period. Peace won a defensive zone face off after Rift froze the puck, directed it back to Tzuyu, who gave it to Kai as Toronto transitioned through the neutral zone. Kai was able to pot the goal. Tzuyu got his second point of the season, and Peace was finally on the score board after registering nine shots and generating numerous rebound opportunities. Game 2: NYA 5 - 3 TOR Rylan Peace earned two primary assists (0-3-3) on both of Tzuyu's goals during Toronto's defeat against a division rival; mid-way through the first period Tzuyu would collect a shot taken by Rylan Peace (blocked by Forest) and scored to draw Toronto within one; and during the second frame Tzuyu would receive a pass from Peace and put Toronto up 3-2 early in the second. Peace would register four shots on net but was kept scoreless. Game 3: TOR 5 - 0 SEA Despite Toronto shutting out Seattle 5-0, Peace only registered an assist (0-4-4) after firing a barrage of pucks (9 shots) at the Bears' goaltender. Rylan Peace earned a secondary assist on King's first of the season during the second period, perhaps the most awkward assist in his career. Peace deflected a shot towards the net, missed, which was subsequently collected by Kia. Kai took a shot and missed, but the bouncing puck found its way to King who made no mistake when he fired the puck into the back of the net. Game 4: HSK 2 - 1 TOR (SO) Rylan Peace was held scoreless against Helsinki, but that can be attributed to one of the best goaltenders in the league in Pepper. Rylan Peace and Alexander have had previous rivalries in the past during Peace's rookie season. Pepper saved not only his four regulation shots, but his shootout attempt too. Game 5: TOR 3 - 1 SEA Another game against Seattle, and another win against Seattle, and a individual relief for Rylan Peace - or so he thought. Peace would register his fifth assist on Tzuyu's go ahead goal less than thirty seconds into the third frame. Peace won the offensive face off, collected his own puck and skated around the back of the net and passed back to Tzuyu moments before a minor hit by Hogan along the boards. Tzuyu's point shot found twine, tying the game at one. Peace would get the game winner, and his first goal of the season, after potting a goal similar to King's goal in the previous Seattle game. Two shots missing the net, bouncing in front of the net, and Peace was lucky enough to slam the puck home. Peace would have a stat line of 1-5-6 after five games. Game 6: SEA 2 - 0 TOR Rylan Peace won just over half of his face offs, and took six shots, but everyone from Toronto was kept scoreless this game. Game 7: TOR 9 - 1 DCD Toronto's first ever game against one of the newest expansion teams was a blowout. Rylan Peace recorded four points in this game - two goals and two assists; all four of his points would come in the first and third periods of the game. After an impressively offensive game from Toronto, Rylan Peace would have three goals, seven assists and ten points on the season in just seven games. In comparison, he now had thirteen points in twelve games. Spoiler alert? Game 8: VAN 4 - 3 TOR (SO) Rylan Peace would record a goal and an assist, and pot his shootout attempt, in Vancouver's 4-3 shootout win over the Legion. He received the primary helper on Tzuyu's first period game tying goal, and netted his forth of the season to bring Toronto within one almost four minutes into the third period. Rylan Peace would have four goals, eight assist and twelve points in eight games... now the slump begins. Game 9: NYA 5 - 4 TOR Rylan Peace was held scoreless and finished the night as a negative two plus/minus player. Additionally, he was on the ice for nearly six minutes on the penalty kill and was one of the penalty killers during NYA's only power play goal. Overall, Peace was on the ice for... too many goals against Toronto, to be blunt. While Peace's contributions weren't offensive, him and the members of his PK unit kept NYA to one powerplay goal on six opportunities if you're looking on the bright side. Game 10: TOR 3 - 2 DCD Thirteen shots... thirteen fucking shots. Scoreless. Game 11: TOR 2 - 0 CGY If Peace was frustrated before, imagine how frustrated he is now... over twenty five shots on net before a goal, and the slump continues past this game! Certainly, at this point, you're gripping the stick far too tightly and you're prepared to chop heads off like your hockey stick turned into an extremely sharp great sword. Game 12: VAN 5 - 3 TOR Scoreless... again. Peace's slump since game eight continues to drive his morale into the ground, as if the STHS gods were drilling into him like the United States drills for oil in countries it is 'liberating' while installing democracy and freedom. Six feet under? Nah, Peace's mood could be found by archaeologists and put into a museum as the worlds grumpiest individual. It's be a hit display for the emotionally unavailable. Game 13: VAN 2 - 1 TOR An assist during a drought?! Well it goes like this... the forth, the fifth... the minor fall... the major lift? The baffled Peace composing hallelujah? Hallelujah! 1, 000+ words. Claiming for the next two weeks.
  5. Easy there. Wasn't complaining, I just feel bad for those who only got three minutes a game in this edition of Commissioners Cup. That's all I meant. Nothing more. I understood that this was all done with haste, there is nothing wrong with that, I applaud the dedication in creating something new for the leagues 'top prospects' in the VHLM and cheered for team Ace (who beat you) in this game. I had just noticed some names only got a handful of minutes when I figured the lineups would have been manually adjusted based on the team both of you drafted. Time restrains are something I understand. Auto compiled rosters are STHS' fault and not yours as far as I'm concerned. We need a new sim engine. Also princessy left the building already.
  6. So.... did either team actually bother to set lines or was it just auto compiled? lol Feel bad for those who were actually on the team with high TPE and got.. well... 3 minutes.
  7. Accidentally only claimed one for this, claiming one more for two.
  8. 1. I have to be biased because I'm the GM - Saskatoon. (Even though I know we won't be. >_> ) 2. When Saskatoon beats teams this season at home, because the province is so flat, we can see them riding the bus to the airport angry for a solid fifteen minutes. 3. Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede. 4. As the GM I can't answer this question, but yes... it certainly needs to be changed. National animal of Saskatoon is a deer, which is kinda weak, but it's better than a similar animal to the Lynx. 5. I anticipate a sub .500 season, but I want to make the playoffs. 6. The best teammate! ... A GM who will do anything to help his players develop.
  9. SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN -- The Saskatoon Wild have had a surprisingly active off-season despite the initial lack of draft assets in S68 Dispersal Draft. The Wild GM traded assets from a deep stock of picks in the next dispersal draft, as well as a lower pick in the following, in order to climb back into the recently concluded dispersal draft. Saskatoon's management found and detected players that they wanted, pursued a trade when it became available, and drafted multiple players they had on their scout list. "A lot of credit goes to my AGM," GM Peace stated. "He was active despite the time-zone difference and engaged with every pick we made. In fact he detected Taika and I agreed with the pick, so technically he made that pick. I'm extremely happy at the enthusiasm Fredrik has, it's awesome to see." The Saskatoon Wild lost Tate in free-agency, so that impacts their ability to push for lower playoff seeds, but GM Peace is optimistic. "We've got Telker leading the way for Saskatoon this season," Peace informed. "He'll be flanked alongside Ohradka and Taika potentially." Peace believes the top line for Saskatoon will register some offense, and he's thrilled with the growth of the back end recently through recent signings and a 'stellar' draft pick in the third round. "Our D-Core shaped up nicely the last few days. We got Jokinen from the draft then added OQuinn and Gaming Jr through waivers, so we're going to help them develop into the players they want to be." Saskatoon won't be winning any championships with the roster they have, and the management team has been honest with their players. The situation in Saskatoon is pretty simple - and to a point predictable - the majority of the picks they made were depth acquisitions for the 'big draft' next off-season. At the same time, however, Saskatoon did pick players they believed would produce competitive players and help them make the playoffs after failing to reach the post-season by just a few points at the end of S67. "It's our goal to get into the playoffs, even if we're the eighth seed, because once you're in the playoffs anything can happen. Top teams can be swept by the underdogs, and go all the way to the finals, and sometimes the middle of the mill teams win it all. It's a whole different beast."
  10. Honestly this just broadcasts the issues I have with updaters approving their own updates in the queue. Back claiming? I get that, and the double birthday TPE I get can be a mistake too. I've accidentally double claimed media spots when my phone is slow and just spammed the submit button. Always gets detected, but it's happened.