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  1. TORONTO, ONTARIO -- The Toronto Legion are currently 1-9-1 to begin the season seventy four campaign, and it's something that is bothering some members of the team. "We're capable of so much more," claimed Legion defender Erik Killinger. "We've been close the majority of the games, just can't seem to turn a lead into a victory or push while we're behind one. I think we're playing good, most of us have reasonable stats too, maybe it's just bad luck." GM Peace is one of the more frustrated individuals on the team. "We've changed tactics, lines, had a father visit the locker room on Sunday...
  2. D - Guy Saskamoose @diamond_ace That's the draft!
  3. 1. As a defender, I worked hard at improving my game, hoping to help the Legion advance further than we got last season. Our 1-4-1 start isn't that impressive, but I'm confident the hard work we all put in during the off season will come through when we need it the most. 2. I'm a task oriented player, give me an objective to complete and I'll do my best to achieve it. 3. I thought it was an excellent draft for the Legion. 4. Mostly discipline. 5. Absolutely! 6. Toronto could use an updated logo, honestly. It's simple, basic, but nothing really 'pops out' at you.
  4. Saskatoon has roots all the way back to S2, when the team was originally based in Fresno!
  5. F - John Merrick F - Kyl Oferson @der meister
  6. No worries, if you can’t let me know and I’ll send in new lines with bot placement for you to swap Blaze and Daldo with.
  7. Also signed Daldo a few minutes ago, so would it be possible to upload a new index early AM and I’ll send lines in during morning coffee? Would actually make it easier for you I’d reckon, If not I can just do the bot thing, lot of movement though.
  8. @Beketov Toronto claimed Jeff Blaze yesterday and he didn't get into the roster at all, just letting you know.
  9. ERIK KILLINGER | D TORONTO LEGION A lot has changed for me since I joined the league as a rookie: I completely changed who I was for the betterment of my team, so things have certainly been interesting. My rookie season was different from a lot of other upcoming veterans, and there's probably a ton of change coming in the future too. You see, I joined the Legion in season seventy one as a winger, and I did alright. I didn't win the top rookie award like I had hoped, but I think I did alright, and I was poised to become -- in my opinion -- a dangerous forward for Toronto. I
  10. My AGM pointed out that this is the reverse trade. Originally, Yukon received Rocket in a trade for the same picks, and is now trading Rocket back to Miami for the picks they traded him for. Ricer and MexicanCow practically reversed the trade, or at least that's how it appears. Good investigative work, @Dtayl.
  11. F - Thomas Landry II G - Jaxx Hextall @der meister
  12. That's actually not true. I broke down the TPA per position, and had Toronto received just one of the available defenders we would have been competitive with even Seattle after moving Elmebeck to the wing for six forwards. I broke this down and explained it to numerous free agents, but I guess that was simply not enough. Quite frustrating, actually, all Toronto needed was that one person to join and we'd have been a much better team.