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  1. Or just remove pick trading all together.
  2. As a former VHLM GM hearing this kinda breaks my heart. I'd be glad to help if you need my assistance.
  3. 1. Calgary 2. Probably not. 3. I'm I would not oppose of the idea, but it's not something that fits the VHL. Questions: 1. Do you play any musical instruments? 2. Do you have any hobbies you'd say are less common than others? 3. How fun would you rate the VHL?
  4. It's been a tough year for Toronto, but a scorched-Earth rebuild usually is, and now we're ready for the reinforcements we've been looking forward to since the season began! Five new faces could don the historic Legion white and blue in the upcoming season, one is a surefire guarantee [K. Peace] while another is likely to join Toronto [@Doomsday's O. Lindbergh] after his season concludes with Vasteras. The other three listed below are gambles and ultimately boils down to whether or not they'd like to join, and of course the decision would be up to them. If they're at -- or above -- the 350 TPE soft cap and would like to play in the VHL, I'll absolutely call them up and slot them into our lineup. If they'd like to stay down for an extra season, I'm alright with that too. @WildfireMicro's Calamari has been making steady progress and could potentially reach the 350 TPE minimum by the S81 VHL Entry Draft, although Micro would need to smash some max earning weeks to reach the goal. @Viper's Jakub Brozik has quietly slowed his earning rate again but should also reach the 350 minimum, I'm tagging him just to say 'Hey, I'm watching you... light that fire under your ass, S79 prospect' and I hope it works. @FBR's Kimura has been earning steadily through a graphic and practice facility, but I'm anticipating Kimura being under the 350 TPA cap so FBR will likely spend another season in the VHLE, hopefully a season that sees Kumura produce more consistently on a roster filled with Legion prospects.
  5. Regular claim since I was using this as a doubles while claiming a multi-week article.
  6. Kyle Peace's fall from grace has been rather spectacular, but simply frustrating for the young Toronto Legion prospect and current Vasteras Iron Eagle; he was once tied for the league lead in goals, only to fall out of the top ten altogether shortly thereafter; he once found himself in the top ten shooting percentage, but has collapsed into the high thirties throughout the middle of S80; and a once disciplined player has been taking more penalties, likely due to the increased frustration and disappointment in his own play. "I have to find ways to be more consistent," Peace commented. "Plain and simple, no excuses and no further comments." The Vasteras Iron Eagles' left winger recorded his first game winning goal just a few games ago, perhaps the worst of the slide is over. It's common for a young player to feel snake bitten, even veteran players can experience the mounting pressure to perform and quietly slip into an unhealthy mindset. Feet to the pavement... so to speak, and eventually the slide ends.
  7. Erik Killinger was a decent defensemen within the VHL prior to his retirement, but what story has the free man written now that a professional team doesn't own his rights? What has Erik been doing since he left the VHL, perhaps he returned to the armed services of his country or disappeared into the wilderness to only be seen once a month by loved ones. One would be understandable based on his history, the other would be a total opposite of his personality, so the truth lies somewhere in the middle... or at least it should. Frankly Erik Killinger hasn't gone far, I reckon, as the now wealthy individual enjoys life from the comfort of his Toronto dwelling. In fact he's probably only left his house a handful of times since retiring. The former Legion, United and Titan defender has picked up a career in streaming content to various platforms, such as YouTube and Twitch. His name alone generated enough interest to build a community large enough to sustain himself, not that he needed the income after retiring with more than thirty million earned during his career; his growth has been comparable to numerous actors when they've announced a 'gaming channel' or when particularly favored individuals in the entertainment sector are revealed to live stream video games on the internet. Through the camera we can see Killinger lives a fairly modest lifestyle; his walls are chipping away, painting in a boring grey; his living room sofa doesn't represent the higher class, but rather the working class; his living room area is often compared with regular fans, often loosing in the aesthetics department; and his 'office' sits in the middle of his living room, as if he was truly the amateur broadcaster he is. Instead of adopting the high society life he's certainly earned for himself, Killinger chose to 'regress' back to a generally classic low/mid-income family home, stating he prefers the atmosphere it creates more than a multi-million dollar home he could of had. It's not a very interesting post-retirement story, but it's a story that reveals Killinger was never enticed to join the VHL for monetary gains, his motivation was never money but rather the success he hoped to achieve throughout his career. He finished his career with five hundred seventy five [575] games played, a hundred fifty eight [158] goals, four hundred thirty two [432] assists for a total of five hundred ninety [590] points as a member of the Toronto Legion, London United and the Helsinki Titans. He recorded thirty three [33] points in thirty four [34] post-season games, appearing in the playoffs twice with Toronto and London, and once with the Titans during his final season. Killinger won two heavily debated awards with the United in S77, yet all of those accomplishments pale in comparison to the fun he's having just sitting at home. "I feel like I'm myself now, I'm way happier than I ever was in the VHL and I don't hide from it." Killinger stated in a Zoom interview. "Streaming video games and eating potato chips all day certainly has it's moments, but I've met more amazing people than ever before, that's not an opportunity you get as a VHL player. In the VHL you're always focused on improving yourself, improving your team play and trying to rise above your own shadow in order to help the team win the championship. I never got to experience that, and the sacrifices I made for the various teams I played for just made me feel hallow throughout my career." "I won awards, sure, and had what I consider a good career, but I was never really happy... I'm happy now, and that's what makes this feel so natural for me." Game on, Killinger. Game on.
  8. 1) Why do you think teams with lesser talent and skill are doing so well in the VHL the past couple seasons? Is it skill or luck? I think it's just STHS' design flaws coming to light, it's time for a new sim engine for frak sakes. 2) Which VHL franchise would you never want to play for? Invasive question, I do have a two-team list but I'd rather keep that to myself. 3) Are you into the podcast game? Any recommendations? Did a podcast, I really enjoyed it, want to participate in more. I don't really have any recommendations. My questions: 1. If the league switched to a new sim engine -- or tested a new sim engine for a season or two -- what sim engine would you prefer? [EHM, FMH4, 5, 6, 7... 8?] 2. When did you join the league? What season was it? 3. Who was the first person to give you help/guide you around when you first registered on the forum?
  9. The intent behind a full scorched-earth rebuild was to quickly assemble the foundations of a competitive roster with the strength of the picks we had; we all knew Toronto's season was going to be rough, but I'll admit I expected more than just two wins nearing the halfway mark of S80. Through the draft the Legion had three of the top six draft picks, and as a club we selected Matty Fire [2nd overall], Oskar Lindbergh [4th overall] and my own player, Kyle Peace [5th overall]. Sadly it has been announced that Doomsday is missing in action, and as his friend I've been unable to contact him at all. If I had known he was taking a step back in the league for whatever reason, from a complicated life to teetering interest in the VHL, I probably would have kept Andrew Bowman on the roster instead of trading the goalie to Riga earlier this season. I'm thinking with a proper goalie between the pipes instead of a CPU G, we would have easily won some of the one goal games we've had with other teams.
  10. How is your team doing? Are you on track to make playoffs? Nope! Toronto is a lock for the sixteenth team in the league. What is the number 1 thing your player needs to improve upon? I need to get more attributes in passing and skating before making the VHL. Do you have a unique tape color or do you stick with a basic black or white? I can't remember when I started doing this, maybe in middle school, but I've always liked red and black stripes on the blade. Questions: Do you base your attributes off successful VHL players? What do you think of the VHL's general activity away from Discord? Do you have a favorite TV show right now?
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