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  1. New PC! 1. Chad Magnum officially hit the 500 TPE milestone, so congratulations Captain! What are you thoughts about his dedicated development? 2. Toronto recently acquired the Gutzwiler siblings, what are your thoughts about the trade that brought them to Toronto? 3. Are you enjoying the season so far? 4. What areas do you think Toronto needs to improve upon? 5. We've had a run of 'good luck' according to some, but do you think there is more than luck involved in the Legions' 11-11-4 record? 6. What is one thing you bought with the bonus money you were given?
  2. $10 - S71 Transaction ID: 5618-3007-0975-447 5 TPE Doubles Week
  3. The disrespect to Toronto is unreal.
  4. TORONTO, ONTARIO -- During the off season the Legions' GM predicted that Toronto would be closer to .500 than some people were anticipating, and they've proven through the seasons first twenty four games to be a bigger thorn than some have come to realize, at least compared to their record from last season. Toronto was 9-14-1 after their first twenty four games in Season 70, while they're now 10-10-4 this season and looking to maintain their position, perhaps even move into a playoff spot as the teams above them battle each other for points in the conference. Toronto has been led by by their first alternate captain -- Nielsen (@solas) -- and by a formerly underutilized Miniti with twenty points each, while Scoringsonn, Dissanyake (@nethi99) and Killinger make up the remaining three players of Toronto's top five point scorers with 18, 17 and 16 respectively. While team captain Chad Magnum (@Corco) and his 15 points have certainly been welcomed -- which he is on pace to double his rookie totals -- it's his impressive physical presence on the ice with a remarkable 97 hits so far, well above any other Legion player and good for fifth league wide, that has helped the Legion establish a thorny reputation. "I'm very happy with how we're performing," Peace said in a brief media conference after the teams recent 4-3 loss to Moscow. "I think we're underestimated by a large chunk of the league, and while it's still early, we've been performing pretty good against teams that should -- at least on paper -- completely blow us away, such as the game today against Moscow. Killinger's 18 shots, that impressive, and Toronto actually controlling segments of the game are more common now." While rookie goaltender Hextall (@ROOKIE745) wasn't in net during Toronto's latest games against Prague and Moscow, finally given a break after a string of successful starts for the club, the young netminder has built himself a solid foundation to continue his daily improvement. The Legions' starting goaltender has a 9-8-3 record with a .916 save percentage, better than both former Legion goaltender JB Rift and league favorite Rayz Funk, while earning a respectable 2.83 goals against average after facing the third most shots in the league. He's a massive reason Toronto is 10-10-4 right now, and there is absolutely no denying it. "We've got to reach the minimum games played requirement," Peace said in regards to Hextall being on the bench in the clubs recent games. "He knows that I believe he gives us the best chance at a win each night over Gunnarsson, and he'll be playing ten more games in a row so I hope he's ready, but yeah, sadly we have to reach a minimum. If we don't I'll eventually have a rule named after me, too, and I don't know if I want that just yet." While Toronto is sharing team success, individually rookie forward McDagg (@Viperxhawks19) seems to be going through a rut after being the top rookie leader earlier this season. He's been scoreless in many contests, and we know in the world of hockey this could ruin a prospects confidence, but there is still hope. The Legion forward has been a great defensive asset for the club, slowly clawing his way back into a positive +/- rating, and making those around him a little more defensively better as a result. The points will come, he's doing the small things right. Oh yeah... Toronto recently added the Gutzwiler brothers (@DaftRaincloud and @Gwdjohnson) too! Both of them celebrated their first VHL goals in Legion uniforms. Congratulations, Leon and Gabriel Gutzwiler!
  5. What will you say if Toronto does make it? 🤔
  6. 109 Malmo Nighthawks @ Vancouver Wolves 110 Toronto Legion @ Prague Phantoms 112 Helsinki Titans @ HC Davos Dynamo 113 Riga Reign @ Moscow Menace
  7. Peace

    TOR/NYA: S71

    Toronto receives: Gabriel Gutzwiler Leon Gutzwiler New York receives: S73 TOR 3rd @Esso2264 Was told to wait a couple hours for the portal to be fixed, it ain't fixed -- it'll be a new sim tomorrow but I understand the league still needs to approve this, just wanted to get it out of the way. Esso and I cam make it 'official' on the Portal once it has been repaired so it tracks all this stuff.
  8. Whew! New week PC. This one is focusing on our 5-5-0 record, GF and GA compared to last season. 1. After our first five games we're sitting at 5-5-0, and 4-6-0 was our record after ten last season. Do you feel like Toronto is more competitive, or what do you feel got Toronto a .500 record? 2. Toronto had 18 goals in their first ten games last season, but they have 32 this season after ten. What do you attribute for the nearly doubled offensive production? 3. Toronto had 26 goals against last season, but they've got 40 this season. Why do you think we've let in nearly twice the amount of goals after ten games than last season? 4. Toronto went 2-1-0 against Seattle in the first ten games last season, and we're currently 2-0-0 against them this season. It appears as if Toronto has 'their number' -- why? 5. McDagg is tied for rookie scoring with 9 points in 10 games, do you think he has a shot at winning the Top Rookie award? Keep in mind that Lafontaine from Calgary might be eligible by the BoG. 6. Who's the most surprising player Toronto has on their roster after the first ten games?