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  1. So, uh, with you and Nyko now GMs... do I gotta ask for your ID and call your parents before making transactions? (Welcome to the VHLM GM club. )
  2. 500k isnt much but not exactly Shawn’s fault either...
  3. Negative. You’ve already said the payout, I’m claiming 4.
  4. Went from 2 to 3, but should have 4.
  5. I should have 4. All star selection Winning team Game Winning Goal @Beaviss
  6. 1. I'd like to thank you all for joining me for this season as members of the Saskatoon Wild. Although we finished just outside the playoffs, I'd like to ask if you enjoyed your season and if the idea returning to Saskatoon is appealing. 2. What do you think we should have done differently to get into the playoffs, or perhaps further down the standings for a better draft pick? Keep in mind I racked the minds of other GMs for defense and pulled the trigger on the absolute best deal I could make that improved Saskatoon rather than took assets away. I opted to try and be competitive, not the opposite, but you can! 3. What would your lines have been down the stretch (after the trade deadline)? We were either offensively or defensively inconsistent, so I'm genuinely curious about your go-to. 4. There was heart break when the season ended, but overall I felt like the season was pretty good and the atmosphere of our locker room was always (mostly) positive. How did you enjoy our locker rooms atmosphere? 5. On the flip side of that question, how did you enjoy the activity of our locker room? (Our Discord had 24 people at one point!) 6. Saskatoon for Victory Cup next season? I think so. 7. Who was Saskatoon's most effective forward this season? 8. What about Saskatoon's most effective defender this season? 9. Who joined Saskatoon and prospered? 10. Likewise... who joined Saskatoon and suffered? 11. Funniest Saskatoon player in the locker room? 12. What about the most serious?
  7. SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN -- The VHLM playoffs have concluded - the Minnesota Storm have claimed the highest award in their inaugural season after relocating from Oslo to Minnesota - but now it is time to prepare for the off-season. Work doesn't stop for the general managers of each VHLM club, including the three new additions to the league, which means on top of a busy and deep draft class the skippers behind the wheel also have to prepare their clubs for expansion. Saskatoon Wild have kept their protection list internal, but sources suggest the team is 'ready and waiting' for the conclusion of the expansion draft so they can prepare for the dispersal draft in greater depth. Saskatoon has three first round draft picks, and although they were unfortunately RNG'd right out of the top three by the introduction of a percentage based lottery (which undoubtedly pissed off the entire fan base and staff of the Saskatoon-based team) the club insists that they are already prepared to make selections with Saskatoon's pick, which dropped to fourth overall after the lotteries conclusion. Unfortunately it's highly likely Saskatoon will also lose a second round pick in the draft. "Expanding by three wasn't a smart decision, at least in my opinion, and I absolutely question the process behind it - especially our ability to protect our rosters and picks." GM Peace stats. "For the second time in a row Saskatoon is burned by attempting to accumulate a future through the draft, only to have it stripped from us once again. Last season we traded our first round picks to accumulate a high draft stock in this draft, but we had a pick taken from us that hampered our ability to draft a better team through the mid rounds. Now we're likely to lose an even higher pick because we simply can't protect it, which is beyond frustrating." "We've protected the assets that we've protected, the list in finalized and we're waiting on the results from the league now. We're happy with our protection list and we think it gives us the best opportunity to be successful for next season and that's what we prepared for." The Saskatoon Wild traded their first round picks last draft in return for first round picks and additional assets this draft, and through that move accumulated a large draft stock despite a mid-season trade that sent nearly a full set of picks to Philadelphia. The Saskatoon Wild will draft fourth, sixth and eighth in the first round and those picks are 'absolutely protected', Peace says, and will net the Wild a talented player regardless of their position thanks to the impressive depth of the dispersal draft. Although the season has just ended, the team is already looking towards the beginning of the next. "We have a strong returning core, our top players will remain our top players." Peace explained. "Couple that with our three first round picks, and at least one second round pick, I'm very excited about the prospects of next season." Philadelphia is another team that has a lot of draft assets, and it isn't unreasonable that Saskatoon and Philadelphia will be among the top of the standings if they use the picks correctly. "Obviously we need to address our goaltending," Peace replied to - perhaps - one of the most asked questions any GM gets. "We've always had faith in Juan, but he's draft eligible, he'll be in the dispersal draft and he'll either return to Saskatoon or won't." Peace has been known to favor Saskatoon players. Nazarians and Dissanayake stayed with Saskatoon through dispersal draft, he reacquired Strong through a trade, so it's likely he'll drop a few picks on Wild players.
  8. SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN -- A Twitter post went up earlier today of the Saskatoon Wild teasing the Halifax 21st, saying it would take the Halifax club twenty one playoff appearances to finally win the Victory Cup, and that it was only destiny for anyone who played for the team. Despite being a consistent playoff performer, Halifax has yet to win the championship since their expansion into the league, but they've pressed hard. A community meme was 'name a better duo', comparing Halifax and a three to one series lead. In a second post by the Saskatoon Wild twitter account the team gave their congratulations to the Minnesota Storm on capturing the Victory Cup from Halifax. Minnesota relocated from Oslo during the expansion process last season and rewarding the local but fanatic fans of Minnesota with a party that'll last through the off-season. In an effort to entrench excitement in their fans, the Saskatoon Wild posted a custom GIF of the Victory Cup and Peace staring intently, with the subtitle 'I'm coming for you.' engraved in his glossy eyes. (Congrats on your first Victory Cup, @Eudaldkp! From winning it in SSK, to winning it as a GM just seasons later, your growth as a member of this community has been a pleasure to watch.)
  9. @Beaviss Who scored the tenth? CHECK IT.
  10. What is the criteria for being nominated for 'most outstanding', list is missing players who had 100 points (Thompson, Smirnov as examples) and generally had great seasons but don't even get nominated for it? Seems backward.
  11. Peace


    If you look back to the S63 VHLM playoffs... Dahlberg disappeared when it mattered too. Coincidence? I think not.
  12. LW - Oyorra Arroyo C - Rylan Peace I see Spade is a man of taste. Wait a minute... LW- Elias Dahlberg Wow Spade, I had respect for you.