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  1. I needed a article to write about, so I figured why not convert something I had planned as a 500 word media spot and condense it into something I can use for this week instead... given the time frame I have left to complete it. Honestly, when I converted Killinger to D, I said I was alright with the swap for a few different reasons. After a full season, I can genuinely say my decision is conflicted; on one hand it gives Toronto a steady and reliable presence on the back end, something the Legion have publicly [and desperately] needed; on the other hand it was a snap decision, really, I had been thinking about it but never truly committed until I starting building up the S72 roster on the teams private spreadsheet. I keep thinking to myself how both Magnum and Killinger would have fared together at an entirely new TPA bracket. Would they have clicked together like Peace and Dahlberg did for the S65 Dynamo, or would they have kept the similar sub point per game of the prior season. I'll always wonder how Magnum and Killinger would perform together as both players 'matured' into their prime, but with my player now playing defense, it's not something that'll happen now. I suppose the next step for Killinger is to find a good defensive partner for him, and maybe he can be the offensive [but defensively reliable] defender I'm trying to build him into. That's a wrap!
  2. It shouldn't be an attribute in the first place.
  3. Now that you've said it, someone is going to take ACL Tear just for the memes.
  4. I’m telling you @Motzaburger if you changed your name to a half decent burger you’d win more. Just saying.
  5. I can't find anyone who does.
  6. TORONTO, ONTARIO -- The final seconds of the season are on the clock, just a few more seconds before the off-season begins. The VHL S73 Expansion Draft looms just around the corner, hiding in perfect sight but cloaked in mystery. The Legions' protection list has already been submitted, and now it's time for Toronto's management team to continue preparing for the S73 VHL Entry Draft. It's around this time where the hype starts to build, player agencies start to amp up the draft expectations for their players, and GMs begin to send out inquiries as they test the draft pool waters. Although typically boring for some, especially those outside of the playoffs or eliminated early, it's also one of the more unique atmospheres to be around -- especially for a first time player agency. The Legion themselves have three prospects ascending from the VHLM ranks, which fits the cut-and-run stories of free agents leaving their teams at the conclusion of the season. Toronto has plenty of free agents that will hit the market, or in one case a pending UFA that will be forced to retire due to the VHL's collective bargaining agreement. Dissanayake? Gone. Matthews? Retired. Scoringsonn? Gone. Three gone -- three more rise, maybe. Joseph Gainer (@joeg) -- perhaps Toronto's most anticipated prospect since the wonderful three -- will join the team around the same level McDagg started his VHL career at, if I can recall correctly, but I digress. There should be no surprise that Mr. Gainer will immediately slot into the Legions' forward core, and given enough time to develop properly, could even surpass current 1LW McDagg in just a few short seasons. It's inevitable for depreciation to happen, but Gainer will be ready to assume the duties his teammate has performed with immense loyalty. Ziarie Anigbogu (@ngine4) -- Toronto's current top defensive prospect -- has slowly been earning himself reputation as one of the best fourth round selections picked in recent drafts. The 38th overall draft pick has risen over ten slots compared to his fellow drafted prospects, ranking in at the 26th best player from his class. Combined with training camp and the growth between the present day and when they open, Anigbogu will likely find a spot on the Legions' roster for the start of S73. Jeff Blaze (@NyQuil) -- formerly one of Toronto's top prospects from seasons in the past -- will likely be forced to join the Toronto Legion as per the leagues rules. It's unclear whether or not the S71 prospect wished to be a career VHLM player, but his development exceeded the capacity the VHLM allows, so his options may be limited. Blaze, should he actually join the Toronto Legion, could replace an 'unlikely to return' player in Damien Wolfe. We hope he does, we really do. That leaves the Toronto Legion looking ahead at the entry draft. The Legion have the fifth overall pick. "We're excited," GM Peace admitted. "Lots of quality players around that pick, so we've got options. The only position that we're not interested in right now -- and this might be disheartening for some to hear -- would be goaltenders, so I guess that's a little bit of a hint. With Hextall in net, we don't really think it's far to those hardworking goalies to be stuck behind a starting goalie signed long term for the foreseeable future." "Optimally, we'd like to go with either a quality forward or a defender who could rise above our current depth chart to eventually slot in with either Magnum or Killinger. We'll see what happens though."
  7. What can you expect when it's Nyko.
  8. Right to the point! ... Right? 1. The draft lottery results were just released and Toronto drafts fifth. It's a pretty high native pick, are you excited that your team gets a good pick and made the playoffs? 2. How are you enjoying the off season so far? 3. What are you doing to prepare for next season? 4. Expansion draft could hurt the Toronto Legion -- among other teams -- so which team do you think expansion will hurt the most? 5. Coke or Pepsi? 6. Burrito or Taco? @Anthony Matthews @11 Eleven @Corco @Laflamme @Viperxhawks19 @Sixersfan549 @ng1291 @DaftRaincloud @Gwdjohnson @nethi99 @ROOKIE745 @Kachur @goldenglutes @NyQuil @joeg @JDGraves @LastOneUp @ngine4
  9. A Toronto Legion fan visibly disappointed by the Legions elimination during the post-game handshakes. It's all over now, Toronto. But by my deity did we put up one hell of a fight. 1. How do you personally feel about Toronto being eliminated by a score of 4-3 in a game seven where the Legion lead 1-0, 2-1 and 3-2 after two periods of play? 2. Who do you think was our best playoff performer? 3. Do you think the time is right to start selling assets for talented and established VHL players, or do you think management should stay on course for their game plan? [Competitive by S74]? 4. Toronto was down in this series 2-0 before winning two in Toronto to tie it up. What was your reaction at the buzzer in game four, when this best of seven series became a best of three? 5. Similarly to the above... what was your reaction when Toronto won game six to force a seventh game? 6. What were some of your superstitions or pregame rituals during the series? @Anthony Matthews @11 Eleven @Corco @Laflamme @Viperxhawks19 @Sixersfan549 @ng1291 @DaftRaincloud @Gwdjohnson @nethi99 @ROOKIE745 @Kachur @goldenglutes @NyQuil @joeg @JDGraves @LastOneUp @ngine4
  10. Firm handshakes to all of Calgary. One hell of a series. Great season, Legion, we'll be back.
  11. Tied again! What a show of home dominance this best of seven.
  12. TORONTO, ONTARIO -- Whoa! Quite frankly I don't think anyone thought the Toronto Legion would be tied with the Calgary Wranglers four games into the playoffs. In fact I think most of the league thought this series would have been over now, or at the very least a 3-1 CGY lead... but here we are. In quality italic words the series blatantly reads: Series tied 2-2. "Toronto scares me more than Vancouver," a Calgary player was quoted saying before the off-season began -- which was also said during Toronto's unfortunate eleven game tumble off a rocky cliff. I guess he was justified. Toronto went 3-5-1 against the Victory Cup champions this season, so the Legion have displayed that they're a competitive team to go up against, and the teams star players [or what would be considered the teams best] have shown up for the series. Chad Magnum has five points in four games: three goals and two assists, including a game tying goal. Teemu Lethinen Jr also has five points in four games: a goal and four assists. Fredrik Elmebeck has five points as well, sharing the same stats as his teammate mentioned above (1G-4A), while also scoring the game four game winner. Anthony Matthews has potted three goals in four games, tied with just two other Legion players. Dissanayake and L. Gutzwiler both have four points from the blue line. Scoringsonn has lived up to his name, potting three goals himself, including a game winner. Jaxx Hextall has been solid when he needed to be, battling hard through adversity to get his team tied against Calgary. Erik Killinger has been a physical presence on the blue line. He's registered 23 hits in just four games, tied for second in the post-season. Kristopher McDagg may be hoping for more production, but his disciplined defensive play is helping the team achieve victories. Let's see if the Legion can take a 3-2 series lead.