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  1. Toronto... In season seventy four the Legion made a surprise appearance in the NA Conference Finals against the Vancouver Wolves after defeating the Seattle Bears 4-1 in the previous round. In our reality Toronto fell in a long seven game series to Vancouver, losing game six 3-2 and game seven 3-1 respectively, and actually lead the series 3-2 before those two games... obviously. Toronto's offense died at the most unfortunate time and that wound up guaranteeing Vancouver's spot in the Continental Finals, however it's fun to think about an alternate reality even if it is just a fun mind gam
  2. Interesting article! Thought maybe I'd put in my experience a little, but I don't want to seem like I'm high jacking the thread or anything. I found during my time as a VHLM GM that scouting wasn't really required, and quickly discovered that it was more or less just something fun we could do to get people engaged a little more. My VHLM GM tenure was from S63-S69, so I never really had to scout the prospects that were released for the VHLM Dispersal Draft. It didn't help that my strategy was to go all out every three seasons and try to win a championship for the roster and the individuals
  3. We did it! I may have jynx'd us though... 1. A win... finally! What can we learn from the 8L streak we endured? 2. The lines were shaken up, promised to players regarding lines and ice time were broken, so was the W worth it? 3. The EU Conference has been destroying Toronto. What do you think we can do to improve ourselves? 4. One of our dominating wins was a 8-3 W. Did you enjoy that game... was it fun to participate in? 5. On a scale of 1-10 where was your panic level during the 8L streak? 6. Do you think we can climb back up the NA Conference? @McWolf @
  4. LONDON, UK -- Erik Killinger's time with the London United has been challenging on both a personal and professional level; personal due to the distance away from his family who opted to remain in Canada, and professional primarily due to his struggles with the British hockey club. Killinger came from Toronto after producing 81 and 90 points respectively in his final two seasons with the Legion, which included a dominating playoff performance in S74 that was cut short when his team was defeated in seven games by the eventual cup champions (Vancouver). Expectations were high for the climbing def
  5. We'll use bleach on the rim, don't worry, that'll solve the problem! (Please don't do that.)
  6. TORONTO, ONTARIO -- The Legions' 2-6-2 record in their last ten games may have some fans worried, but GM Peace has stated behind closed doors that the team can't lose forever and has reportedly told his club to forget the last five games and focus on the next two. The Legion will likely play Riga and Warsaw tomorrow, so it is important for the club to regroup and forget about the current five loss streak they are suffering through. Despite losing five straight games, the NA Conference as a whole has been set back and besieged by the European Conference. The only team to have made any headway i
  7. Pass the bottle. Whole team needs a morale boost.
  8. He also stole wrote all the HoF articles for a certain time IIRC. lol
  9. So I still need two capped, and while I wanted to talk about this in a podcast, I understood that the next episode of 'WeAreLegion' is still very much in its infancy. I decided last night that instead of waiting around until the trade is more or less forgotten about, I'd briefly talk about my thoughts even if a VHL.com article ends up being a media spot. To sum of the trade for everyone Toronto acquired Hornet, Adrienne and a second pick from Vancouver recently. I sent Anigbogu, Weiss, Upton, a first round pick and a second round pick back to Vancouver in order to find neutral ground in bo
  10. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Killinger has a pulse? Thank you McWolf for trusting in me, I'd like to thank my teammates for the support as I recover from whatever Killinger is suffering from. We did it boys, a seven bomb for Devise.
  11. Well hello there! New PC for you wonderful people. 1. Toronto just completed a huge trade that brought in Hornet and Adrienne... thoughts? (For McWolf/Poptart: What do you think about the value sent that brought you here?) 2. What has been your favorite game of the season so far? 3. The Toronto Social Club said goodbye to two members of our LR yesterday... how do you feel? 4. SS Hornet somehow had a -20 this season with Vancouver. Care to guess why? 5. Giant and Welch are tied with ten goals a piece. Who do you think reaches 15 first? 6. Green and Sens are tied wi
  12. Peace

    TOR/VAN; S77

    He was my mentor.
  13. Peace

    TOR/VAN; S77

    @fonziGG lied to me!