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The End of Hornet


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It’s been brought to Hornet’s attention that Hornet will be able to enter autopilot mode a week from now, which would mark the end of Hornet’s career. Hornet is most pleased about it, because Hornet hasn’t been enjoying his hockey career as much as Hornet expected to, eight seasons ago.


On the bright side, Hornet travelled the world, Hornet made some friends. These are memories Hornet will cherish forever, memories Hornet will bring in the afterlife.


But there was another side to Hornet’s career, one that defined Hornet on and off the ice - the aggression. After a violent hit to the head from Lahtinen at some point, midway through Hornet’s career, Hornet’s playstyle went from disciplined sharpshooter to bloodlusting fighter, which made Hornet the target of many more hits. Hornet’s style became erratically violent and Hornet started to feel the consequences of it outside of the ice.


One week from now, Hornet will enter autopilot mode, and it’s a good timing, because Hornet can’t take it anymore. Hornet gave Hornet’s life to the game and it killed Hornet inside.


One week from now, Hornet will be free.

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