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  1. is it too late to decline the offer?
  2. Press Conference for the week ending on Sunday September 27th. 1. We have won 2 of our first 12 games. Did you expect us to do better so far? 2. Chicago is the easily the best expansion team at this point. What's their secret? 3. Which player on the team has surprised you so far? 4. Are you satisfied with your own performance? 5. Who are your early favourites to win the Continental Cup? 6. What's the best kind of tea? @TTtheT @MattyIce @SirRupertBarnes @Boragina @Biggreen10 @der meister @Ninjaboi @SeamusSv @okochastar @Enorama @ZP16 @eaglesfan03
  3. We should create a better engine, how hard can it be?
  4. I refuse to pay @Sonnet
  5. ikr, i test simmed 25 times and these gave the best results smh my head
  6. London is missing Balentine Kidd
  7. Maybe at some point, now's not the best time. I was mostly interested in knowing where Fox was atm.
  8. The United Captains We took the decision as a team last season to not name a captain for our inaugural season. Instead, we named our 4 active members alternate captains, giving each of them a chance to represent our expansion franchise. One season later, we are ready to officially name our first ever captain - and his two alternates. Over the last day, we held a team vote to determine who were the most deserving. So, here are the triplets that are going to be decorated with the three letters of leadership, representing the London United on and off the ice for the next 2
  9. McWolf

    CHI/MOS; S74

    yes, the 350 TPA inactive dman will change everything
  10. @Emi is my player still doing something or was he auto-retired at some point?
  11. Inactive. Never changed before. @Josh
  12. Inactive. Never changed before. @Josh