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  1. Vancouver has the gimmick working for them, but I believe Chicago is the most well-rounded team and that could help them in a 7-game series. It might be the easy way out because they are currently leading the European Conference, but I do think Moscow are doing great, and I believe they'll be able to keep that going in the playoffs. The VHL is the one I'm the most involved with, easily my favourite, but I also have active players in the EFL, SBA and PBE. Question 1. Who is your favourite for MVP this season? Question 2. What team has been the most surprising this season? Apart from like Vancouver. Question 3. What do you have planned for your next player?
  2. It happens a bunch of times every season, it's usually not a big deal. 14 players reached 100 points in S79, then 5 in S78, 6 in S77, 7 in S76. Even this season, 13 players have already made it, with a bunch more games left to play. You get the picture. Thing is, it never happened for us. All three of our expansion cousins have had multiple cases of players making it past the century mark since our conjoined inception in S73. Just this past season, Merrick and Stamen did it in Los Angeles, Dear, Lamb and Grachev did it in Warsaw, Xin and Nousiainen did it in Chicago. Which left London trailing back with a franchise record of 97 points, held by Julian Nousiainen for a couple of seasons now. Until yesterday -- or the day before yesterday. That Dude left his mark on the history of the London United with a 3-point night that pushed him straight up to 100 points. Here's hoping The Terrible Trivium follows in his steps. He only needs 7 more points in the last five games of the season, and he could also join this historic effort, in his ultimate VHL season.
  3. 2 assists in 2 games, not terrible. But yeah, need more.
  4. @Cornholio officially becomes London's first 100-point scorer
  5. lmao I missed that. Excellent
  6. Last minute update. Of course. There is a part of me.that doesn't care about updating anymore, it feels like. Especially since I realized I'm probably not gonna be able to make it to 350 and skip the mandatory VHLE season. I was all-in with hopes of making it to the VHL faster, but it's looking like a lost cause at the moment, which is a shame. With the way the VHLE was presented at first, it felt like top earners would have the choice between jumping straight to the VHL, but the reality is that it's gonna be rough even for max earners, and the smallest things like a shorter offseason can mean it's most likely impossible unless you ball out all season in fantasy and stuff like that. Which I haven't. It also makes it rough as a VHL GM, cause now you are drafting not to solve a now problem, but you are drafting to solve problems you probably don't even have yet, but it's gonna be a thing when the players are VHL ready. uh.
  7. I'm like 90% sure that this is too many words for a PT too
  8. It's Sunday and I'm just now realizing I'm still missing some capped TPE. This week has been a mess for me irl. Probably the busiest I've been ever, but I'm not about to miss my first capped TPE chance with Colors, so here we go, I'm giving myself 5 minutes to write an article between two tasks. Vancouver is still stupid. Please stop. Chicago is on a 15-game winning streak. I don't remember ever seeing one that high ever before. In the VHL, at least. London is higher than Seattle in the standings. That's something? Despite being way low in the standings, we have a couple of players on pace to break franchise records. Mostly That Dude, whose 58 pts in 38 games put him on pace for 110. I believe our best season is still Nousiainen's 97 points from 2 or 3 seasons ago. 110 would not only beat it, it would obliterate it. I don't remember what our goals record was, but both Dude and The Terrible Trivium are on pace for 40, or really close to it. Talking of them, it's pretty cool to see both the forward that carried our offense for the past 8 seasons and the forward who's expected to carry our offense for the next 4 hitting it off together. It's just a shame that it's Trivium's last season. Riga is selling but no one is buying. I feel like if I help @hedgehog337 advertise, he might get more calls. Zaza Colors hasn't even played a full season yet and he's already pretty my most productive player ever. Hornet was trash from the get go, and McWolf was amazing at everything except creating offense. Here's hoping this keeps up at the next level. This took more than 5 minutes and I almost doubled the word count. See you all next Sunday, probably.
  9. 1. Seeing how the team is performing now, and how we are transitioning to a younger roster, when would you say our contending window opens? 2. That Dude is on a pace to break the franchise season points record. Does he do it, and how many points does he finish the season with? 3. Which team are you rooting for this season? 4. Who is your favourite to win MVP this season? 5. Who do you sit with when we are on the road? 6. You can have whatever pet you want. Do you go typical or do you showoff and go for an exotic animal? @der meister @Big Dee @Lazarus @Matmenzinger @Tbeez99 @Cornholio @Devise @SirRupertBarnes @Noxalpha @kentakira @Trunkxolotl @Jamomayo @Moon_50 @JCV @DrummerBoy15 @nhlbeastmode_7777 @Siddhus @Kelsier @Mr Bohannan @Ekky @usouj @ThatsGreissy
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