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  1. F - Benny Graves @Midnite otc Draft going well my men, keep it up!
  2. and that's why I shouldn't make text into pictures.
  3. McWolf

    Games: 1-13

  4. The London United are right off their first ever trip to the Continental Cup Playoffs, a trip that sadly ended in the first round. We got a taste for blood, and now we're hungry for it. We are looking forward for these three players to show the example, both on the ice and in the locker room. - ALTERNATE CAPTAIN Kasper Kankkunen @16z A new addition to the leadership group, Kankkunen was drafted by the United back in S74 and has been an incredible presence in our locker room ever since. ALTERNATE CAPTAIN Alec Volchenkov @SirRupertBarnes
  5. I hate it but, homer pick F - SS Hornet @Midnite otc
  6. 1. @aksuko F - Groovy Dood F - F - D - Ziaire Anigbogu D - L G - 2. @Greg_Di F - Mikko Lahtinen F - Patrik Tallinder F - Thomas Landry II D - D - G - 3. @McWolf - Group Manager F - SS Hornet F - Ola Vikingstad F - Benny Graves D - D - G - 4. @Midnite F - Xavier leFlamant F - F - D - Erik Killinger D - G - 5. @Toast F - John Merrick F - F - D - RJ Jubis D - G - 6. @RedSus F - Chris H
  7. Bridges recreating the day the VHFL drafts start. That's no coincidence
  8. 3 solid choices. Make an alternating gif and put them all there.