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  1. A Red Guy JB Rift DONE. Thanks everyone.
  2. Jerry Garcia JB Rift @Josh never saw I was tagged. We almost had to DQ the DQ team haha
  3. I completed the DQ team with Zoiderberg, Rift and Block, to give you guys some competition in the season-end standings
  4. Nothing solid sadly. And I doubt anyone has anything. Anything we knew about confirmed townie can be thrown out the window, with the vampire potentially converting one of them yesterday. If you claim is valid, it can't be you. Phillie can't be the one who attacked yesterday because he was roleblocked N4, when the last attack happened. He could have been bit N5 though. Anyone could have been bitten yesterday. Rayz who claimed medium. Jacobaa who claimed doc. omg who claimed psy.
  5. Oh how I wish Josh was a vampire. Not gonna try to defend myself - you all know what I am - just going to try to divert the people's attention to the ever growing Neutral Evil (Chaos, Killing?) population. We still have a werewolf on our hands. We had one vampire yesterday who now it might have bit and converted a second one. We have a plaguebearer. We have one survivor. Is killing the mafia as important as killing them? Your pick. If not, let's work together to lynch a vampire or a werewolf, before I die anyway.
  6. if the big thing is recruitment and everyone creates a forward, I'm out of room lmao.
  7. Vote tracker Josh - 7 DoktorFunk - 1 Votes needed to lynch: 8
  8. I think he's trying to communicate through votes. one of jhatty or Rayz is good, maybe? Vote tracker Josh - 6 DoktorFunk - 2 Votes needed to lynch: 8
  9. omg pointed my direction, and both you and solas have confirmed to visiting me. Wouldn't be that big a reach to expect the framer to shoot my way too. Werewolf missed a game-changing buffet lmao
  10. Fair enough. Might as well put my whole thought process on the table. N1: I went to penny because I thought claiming GA straight out of the gate was fishy. It pretty much confirmed he was GA. You said he was a confirmed dead town, but he isn't dead, by the way. He isn't GA anymore, if I understand the rules correctly, he should be a Survivor, now that Solas is dead. N2: At first, I didn't want to go to Ferk, exactly because of what you said. If it was a fake claim, the real jailor could easily have jailed and killed him on N2. But then LO said after N1 that no TP visited the Jailor on N1. Thought to myself: "If TP don't protect our Jailor, maybe he isn't even the Jailor, maybe there's another Jailor who doesn't know what he's doing? What do we even know about that?" I didn't really have any other people to visit, so I decided I'd go check Ferk, just to be sure. I almost went to Nyko to confirm that he was the vet, but then opted not to, I didn't want him to alert and hit me like he hit Snu the night before. It's not like I had a lot of info, or other claims to confirm. In retrospect, it might not have been the best move, but not protecting him 2 nights in a row wasn't a bright move either, it just gave an easy maf kill. LO taunted the maf saying there was no TP, and then there was no TP again lol N3: Decided to go at random that night. I went with Josh, because he hadn't said much yet, which I thought was odd for him. Didn't talk about it on D4 because I thought Fonzi was maf and thought lynching him would be good. The movement was already started so I just let it happen. Witch isn't bad either but oh well. Back then we didn't even know we had a vampire on our hands, making the results even more interesting to me in hindsight. To be fair, you didn't contribute much either at first. Not trying to throw you under the bus, but you did the same I did: waited until you had enough interesting info to spill it out.