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The San Diego Comeback


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San Diego, Calif. -- When goalie Xavier Booberry was traded from the Houston Bulls to the San Diego Marlins, it was a bit of an odd trade for one reason: the Marlins were actually below the Bulls in the standings. Mired in last place, team management felt that had a winner but needed a jump. They hoped that a rash of trades, including Booberry, would be the spark that inspired the team before it was too late.


Now, about 25 games later, it's clear that the spark did its job. As of this article, the Marlins are in playoff position, in eighth place with 43 points and clear of the Ottawa Lynx by 4. And while it would take some excellent play to catch either Las Vegas or Halifax seven points ahead, even the fact that Marlins fans can have that conversation has to be considered a win after the way the season started in San Diego.


"We're gelling, and I think everyone can tell," Booberry said. "We've officially become that team that nobody wants to play, and we're doing a damn good job at it if I do say so myself."


Booberry himself has been a big part of that resurgence. While his save percentage and GAA has been raised a bit by a few bad outings against the Hounds, his 11-3-2 record through 16 games with the Marlins speaks for itself.


"They've really embraced me here, and I'm happy to be a team where I feel like I'm contributing," Booberry added. "Now for the next goal: that title."

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