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  1. No worries! I'm going: F - Phil Marleau One of these damn seasons selecting him is gonna work. @Banackock
  2. I mean, I agree for obvious reasons. But the devil's advocate argument, Gow was also a year younger, on a solid TPE pace, and the goalie hatred I don't think had fully set in yet. Plus, yeah, I was leaving given that the team was built around S40 players entering their final season. A good article though, agree that it's a fun look back!
  3. Now I'm just planning out what my moves are. Plain B is a body check, right B a stick slash, down B a skate stomp...
  4. I seem to have stumbled in to this weird room... 1. What do you think about our s74 draft? We'll see how it pans out long-term, but seem to have good value with our picks. Hope our new players are having a good time! 2. What are your goals this season? It's all about the winning, baby. I came to D.C. to win a title, and hope we're able to accomplish that. 3. Do you have any superstitions before a game? Before I put on my protective cup, I just smear a little bit of jelly on the inside. Don't knock it until you've tried it. 4. Who will be
  5. But I love this one too, appreciated!
  6. Off to the Dragons Washington, D.C. -- It's the beginning of a new era for defenseman Lance Flowers. Following a six season stint with the New York Americans, who drafted him second overall in S68, Flowers is set to head to his first new team in the VHL. And today, he announced who that destination would be: the D.C. Dragons. An expansion team in S68, the Dragons have made the playoffs in three of the past four seasons, but are still looking for a little help to get over the top into their first finals appearance. Flowers is hoping he can be that piece, slotting in to
  7. Fair. Could have always given into my long-standing offer that I'd GM if I'm allowed to bring back Vasteras...
  8. Just saw this one, and wanted to note because I agree - there's definitely precedent for this. Take a look who's awarded the title for S43 Seattle. (Which I have no idea how he was awarded another GM job after going AWOL on both Davos and Seattle, but I digress.)