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  1. Congrats to Malmo, I'm glad to see a bunch of players I like get a title. And for DC - it's been a ride. Even though we didn't get it this time, I think you guys still have a ride ahead. Go get this thing next season.
  2. It was a good run. I accomplished a good deal of what I wanted with Flowers - a few awards, a chance to build a defensive defenseman, and some good playoff runs and even a finals run that last season. But most of all, I had fun. I'd like to thank @Esso2264, @Enorama and all of my great NY and DC teammates over these eight seasons for going on this ride with me. I'm happy with how Flowers turned out. Typically, I like to take a break for a few seasons after retiring anyway, just to recharge the batteries. This time though, I think the break here might be a bit longer than normal. A
  3. They've won in DC! There's riots in the... wait.
  4. Lance Flowers' Career Isn't Over Yet Washington, D.C. -- Lance Flowers has had his fair share of individual success in his eight season career, but often, it hasn't translated to actual winning in the playoffs. In fact, coming into this season, he had only actually reached the conference finals once: Season 72, where his New York Americans would fall to the Wranglers in 7 games. This season looked to be much of the same, as his third-seeded Dragons fell behind 3-2 to Vancouver in the first round. But after two straight OT wins, the Dragons pulled a rabbit out of a hat, and Flowers
  5. 1. I just learned the concept of someone's "main", and it made me really curious: what's your main sim league? Historically it's been the VHL. As I'm coming up on retirement and a player break though, it'll probably be the SBA next. I have a lot invested in Serrano at this point. 2. Is your main league the same as your first league? If no, why'd you switch? Well, my first league (the MSFL) has been dead since 2008, so no. Fuck, I'm old. 3. Do you find it easy or hard to keep up with one or more sim leagues in your life? It comes in waves. I've had to go i
  6. VHL needs the Trash react, can you get on that?