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  1. CowboyinAmerica

    S61 Group 1 Fantasy Draft

    Nope! (Though I do argue he probably would've been my pick anyway given my normal strategy, maybe Dragon McDragon)
  2. CowboyinAmerica

    Awards Won, by player

    McAllister's already up there, that's sweet. Might be able to get to double digits there. And I think Wingate is tops among all goalies, tied with Labatte? Like that.
  3. CowboyinAmerica

    S61 Group 1 Fantasy Draft

    D Emil Martinov @Arthur
  4. New York (AP) -- It's safe to say that Team USA is officially clutch. For the second straight World Cup, the American squad didn't have one of the top two positions out of the round robin, but it hasn't mattered - they've won the gold. And just like last time, forward Gabriel McAllister came up large, with a first star in the gold medal game and five points (one goal, four assists) on the day. It was McAllister's fourth medal in the World Cup, as he now has two golds, a silver and a bronze, with one more World Cup (S62) likely in the player's future. And don't be surprised if Team USA at least medals in that one too, as the CIA agency has been extremely lucky in the event. In fact, out of the three players the agency has paid attention to, it has won medals in 11 out of 12 World Cups, including 10 straight. Karsten Olsen - Team Scandinavia S32 - Gold S34 - Fourth S37 - Bronze S40 - Silver Hans Wingate - Team Western Europe S43 - Gold S46 - Gold S48 - Silver S50 - Silver Gabriel McAllister - Team USA S54 - Silver S56 - Bronze S58 - Gold S60 - Gold McAllister may not have had the winning of Hans Wingate, but he's had his fair share - he is in fact the agency's only Triple Gold player, with titles at the Saskatoon Wild and Seattle Bears as well. And he's just fine with what he's done. "It feels good to take it home, and we've really gotten a streak going," McAllister said. "Team USA may not have the pedigree of Canada or Europe in this event, but we're carving out a nice niche for ourselves. Next up is the threepeat in two seasons."
  5. CowboyinAmerica

    Practice Facility (June 18th - June 24th)

    +1 McAllister
  6. CowboyinAmerica

    Welfare / Pension (June 18th - June 24th)

    +5 McAllister
  7. CowboyinAmerica

    GM 10: Americans vs. HC Dynamo

    Hell yeah! There's a big early win
  8. CowboyinAmerica

    GM 7: Legion vs. HC Dynamo

    Really like these 3-1 games against Toronto apparently. Second line coming in super clutch
  9. CowboyinAmerica

    World Cup Pick'Em Week 2

    Argentina - Croatia Nigeria - Iceland - Draw Germany - Sweden Japan - Senegal
  10. CowboyinAmerica

    GM 4: HC Dynamo vs. Legion

    First goal and first win in Davos. Hopefully first of many
  11. CowboyinAmerica

    S61 Group 1 Fantasy Draft

    F Aleksei Federov @ShaneAppelle
  12. CowboyinAmerica

    Gold Medal: USA vs. World

    I'll take the five points and the first star in the gold medal game. Happy to get another gold
  13. CowboyinAmerica

    S61 Group 1 Fantasy Draft

    ( @hedgehog337 )
  14. CowboyinAmerica

    S54 Fook Yu Updates

    Checking back in with @Will - you able to adjust Yu's attributes with these purchases here before I update? Based off last year's index, believe his Player Page would be the below pre-depreciation, just don't want to mess up the percentages myself: CK = Checking: 85 FG = Fighting: 40 DI = Discipline: 40 SK = Skating: 93 ST = Strength: 71 PH = Puck Handling: 85 FO = Face Offs: 40 PA = Passing: 40 SC = Scoring: 99 DF = Defense: 87 PS = Penalty Shot: 40 EX = Experience: 84 LD = Leadership: 40