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  1. New York -- It hasn't been the strongest season for New York, but it hasn't been a complete failure either. The team currently sits two points behind Calgary for the final playoff birth, which was New York's ultimate goal all along. Young players such as Fredrik Elmebeck and rookie Soren Jensen have been bright spots for their early play as well. But if there's one area where New York has struggled, it's been with the top defensemen expected to lead the team - and that may have just gotten harder. Today, the New York Americans shipped off franchise defenseman Guy LeGrande to the Seattle Bears, getting back fellow defenseman Kevin Low and a third round pick. LeGrande hadn't been having the best season compared to last year, but still can be considered a top-flight talent with his skills - something that could also be said for his former linemate Lance Flowers. Flowers told reporters shortly after the deal that he'd miss LeGrande, and he thought with some more time they'd be able to capture the magical form they had just last season. But he also added that it's a business, and what he has to do now is focus on connecting with Low and developing his offensive game to replace some of what the team's losing in LeGrande. "If it wasn't already my time to step up, it certainly is now," Flowers said. "It's been a tough season, nobody's going to deny that. But I do have to believe that if I continue to put in the work, it'll all turn out in the end. So that's what I'm going to do, and I'm ready for this team to start winning here shortly."
  2. 1. Walk us through your gameday routine as you prepare for a match up. I'm a big proponent of getting into the zone. For me, that means a lot of carbs, then listening to some metal to pump me up. Don't want to too many people, just let me get on the ice. 3. Who was your favorite athlete growing up? I didn't really watch much hockey until I got older, so it was Wayne Rooney when I was young. But then again, didn't really have the football body type, and the rest is history. 4. Name one player in the VHL you want to challenge to a one on one face off. I'm going to say it'd be Finn Davison. Because lord knows I'm not winning a face off against a center, so a goalie seems like a good bet. 5. They are casting the biopic of your life - who should play you? I think it'd be Benedict Cumberbatch. Just let me be pretty for once, please. 7. What should we work on so the Americans finish the season strong? There are only so many times I say we should keep on keeping on, but I really do think that we'll only get better with time. 8. If the New York Americans rebranded they should be called the New York _____ Canadians. I like a good sense of irony as much as the next guy.
  3. It's been a pleasure playing with you @Steve Let's do this thing @Smarch
  4. Gold World Silver Canada Bronze Europe MVP Jerry Wang
  5. (For week ending 12/1, will do the other later this week) 1. With our season starting out on the wrong foot, how do you keep your morale high? It's tough, but just have to keep an eye towards the future. We know we're a young team growing towards something. 2. We have been in some real hard fought games. How do you feel your about your player and his/her compete level? Hasn't been my best season, to be totally fair. I figured there'd be some regression to the mean given how well I did last year, but it's still not fun. 3. With Thanksgiving coming up fast, will you make time to stay in shape or pig out? I mean, I'm a big dude, and I hit people. Of course I'm going to pig out, because that's what I'm supposed to do! 4. We have some young players really doing well under the circumstances, who sticks out in your mind? He may not be at the level he wanted to be entering the season, but it's nice that Wilcox is leading the league in PP goals. At least take one positive from this. 5. What changes would you like to see on our team, be it players or playtime? Just need more firepower overall, everyone seems to be regressing a bit this year. Just one of those seasons, I suppose. 6. What do you like most about our team so far? Everyone's keeping a positive attitude, even with the struggles so far. We're going to need that for the rest of this year.
  6. New York -- Outside of a few upset victories over Moscow, not much has gone right for the New York Americans this season. Originally expected to be a fringe playoff contender, the Americans currently sit last in North America, 6 points behind second-year team D.C., with only Davos keeping them from the basement of the entire VHL. Perhaps chief among those who are struggling is second year defenseman Lance Flowers. Coming off a season where he won two VHL awards, pretty much all facets of his play have declined this season. Notably, he's been an absolute zero offensively - 2 goals and 4 assists in 22 games couldn't be further from the 52 assists he had in his rookie season. Overall, coaches and Flowers alike seem to be at a loss for words as to what's happened so far this season. New York has even experimented with moving him to the second line for something different, but nothing seems to have worked. "I put in the same amount of work this offseason, so yeah, it's a bit frustrating to not see it translating," Flowers said. "There are always ups and downs, so I just have to keep working in hopes that things get better. I really do hope that's soon though." The law of averages would seem to indicate that things may change for Flowers soon, but it may be too little, too late for New York. Still, that's not the worst thing. New York does own its own first in the upcoming draft, and especially with top players like Forest and LeGrande signing extensions, there's little worry of a mass talent exodus this offseason.
  7. 139 Helsinki Titans @ HC Davos Dynamo 140 Moscow Menace @ Vancouver Wolves 141 Calgary Wranglers @ Prague Phantoms 142 Seattle Bears @ Toronto Legion
  8. Hell yeah, that looks awesome! And a bit regal too. Thanks!
  9. 97 HC Davos Dynamo @ Prague Phantoms 98 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves 99 Moscow Menace @ Calgary Wranglers 100 Riga Reign @ Helsinki Titans