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  1. CowboyinAmerica

    Why All The Hits?

    Davos -- A little over two-thirds of the way through the season, Davos forward Gabriel McAllister isn't an MVP candidate like he was last season. He is, however, in the running for the Top Two-Way Forward award for one distinct, possibly weird reason: He's hitting like a damned maniac. Through 53 games, McAllister has 334 hits, 70 more than second-place Aleksei Federov and 93 more than third place Fook Yu. Coupled with his 70 points and 36 goals, it's clear that he's having a well-rounded season. So why did I call his hit total "possibly weird"? Well, he entered the league as a pure playmaker, and in his second season totaled just 19 hits for a pretty bad Seattle Bears team. Before this year, his highest hit total was just 292 hits in Season 58 - the only time to date he has won the Top Two-Way Forward award. "Yeah, it's something I've worked on, and I'm happy to see my hard work come to fruition," McAllister said after another recent 7 hit performance. "I've seen the light in the benefit of knocking people off the puck, and I'm glad I can contribute in a way that my team probably didn't expect."
  2. CowboyinAmerica

    Practice Facility (July 9th - July 15th)

    McAllister +1
  3. CowboyinAmerica

    Welfare & Pension (July 9th - July 15th)

    McAllister +5
  4. CowboyinAmerica

    World Cup Bracket: The Finals

    Username: CowboyinAmerica Final ranking of the last 4 teams: (France, Belgium, Croatia, England) 1. France 2. Croatia 3. Belgium 4. ´╗┐England
  5. CowboyinAmerica

    GM 152: HC Dynamo vs. Bears

    There's the goal, first one in a bit. Go
  6. CowboyinAmerica

    GM 148: Reign vs. HC Dynamo

    First star with 2 assists and a whole buncha hits? Sure why not
  7. CowboyinAmerica

    World Cup Bracket: Quarter Finals

    Uruguay - France Brazil - Belgium Sweden - England Russia - Croatia
  8. CowboyinAmerica

    VHL Predict the score (S61W4)

    3-2 Wranglers
  9. CowboyinAmerica

    VHL Predict the score (S61W3)

    3-2 Meute
  10. CowboyinAmerica

    VHL Pickem (S61W4)

    169 Bears @ Meute 170 Reign @ Legion 171 Wranglers @ Americans 172 HC Dynamo @ Titans
  11. CowboyinAmerica

    VHL Pickem (S61W3)

    157 Meute @ Reign 158 Bears @ Americans 159 HC Dynamo @ Titans 160 Legion @ Wranglers
  12. CowboyinAmerica

    GM 125: HC Dynamo vs. Americans

    A Charmed penalty shot, love it
  13. CowboyinAmerica

    GM 124: HC Dynamo vs. Legion

    Another good game from Brodeur, excellent win
  14. CowboyinAmerica

    World Cup Predict the Score Week 4

    3-2 Brazil
  15. CowboyinAmerica

    Practice Facility (July 2nd - July 8th)

    +1 McAllister