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  1. So I can update myself. I know a lot of you, please don't make me be a jerk 12 hours a pick, STZ starts on the clock. 1. @STZ F - F - F - D - D - G - 2. @JB123 F - F - F - D - D - G - 3. @CowboyinAmerica(GM) F - F - F - D - D - G - 4. @NSG88 F - F - F - D - D - G - 5. @Timmy Turner F - F - F - D - D - G - 6. @Frank F - F - F - D - D - G -
  2. I'm about to be so damn obnoxious.
  3. The Rebuild Takes Shape in Helsinki Helsinki, Finland -- It was a busy night in the draft room for the Helsinki Titans, which along with Toronto held a large portion of the first three rounds of the Season 80 VHL Draft. And all in all, the Titans leadership should be happy with their haul, bringing in a host of rookies to one day join with young stars like Jonathan Ori and Gustislav Nasherov. The Titans seemingly had three sets of strategies throughout the night. First was securing the goalie of the future, which they did by making Marlins goalie Xavier Booberry the #1 overall pick. Then, their attention turned to secure the blue line, where Alessandro Nano (8th overall), Flynn Remy (18th overall) and Dookie Headtop (22nd overall) gives Helsinki a number of top-tier defensive options moving forward. Finally, it was all about the high-upside wingers, with Kyosti Karjalainen (25th overall), Bradley Buzzer (31st overall) and Gunnarwolfe Vomacka (34th overall) looking like potential linemates for Ori or another future center if they can keep up their training pace. It's notable that even since the draft last night, all seven of those rookies have already showed up to training camp, and all but Remy have signed their rookie contracts. To Booberry, it shows all the signs of a team that's hungry to grow and potentially compete for titles here in a few seasons. "I knew going in this would be a rebuilding project, but every new project needs its foundation," Booberry said in a post-draft interview. "Take everything this team's done tonight together, and it's clear we've got that base now. This is looking like a strong team in a few seasons already, and with so many picks next season and a lot of growing to do from these guys, I'm excited to see where it goes from here."
  4. Hey, I can do these now! 1) What is your least favorite part about the VHL? Don't really have anything tangible, so I suppose it's just getting burned out. Full careers spanning multiple years can be a lot to try and keep up. 2) And your favorite part? A lot of what I get out of the VHL is just building towards something - seeing what happens when I put in work compared to others. I have a competitive streak, and it does well to satisfy it. 3) How many teams have you played for in total? Christ. Well - Seattle, Cologne, Calgary, Riga, Stockholm held my rights for a second, Toronto, Seattle again, Davos, Seattle a third time, New York, D.C., now Helsinki. So, uh, 10th different team? 4) Would you rather lose in the first round of playoffs, or come in dead last but get the 1st overall pick in the draft? It's all about the titles for me, and if that means a full rebuild with the number one pick, that's what you have to do. 5) Do you think teams should be punished for tanking? Not at all, it's a viable strategy. It's on the league to adjust lottery odds so that it's fair. Though I'm also approaching that from the perspective of someone who Trusted the Process so... 7) Have you ever been traded? Only once - when Calgary knew I was heading to FA with Wingate and wanted to get something for me before I did. Of course, they ended up losing the finals in Game 7 after a bad goaltending performance, so...
  5. S80 Donation ID: 20769008176737536 Doubles Week 5 Uncapped TPE 1M Player Store Claiming the week ending 9/19/21
  6. I enjoyed it! Some stuff I agreed with, some stuff I'd argue, definitely will be interesting to see how it all plays out. One note since it came up a few times: I actually told everybody who reached out that I plan on playing in the E next season regardless of where I land. It's both that I think being in the first VHLE season would be fun, but also don't think it's worth another season of regression just to be the worst starting goalie by TPE this year.
  7. Enjoyed listening! Yeah, goalie scarcity is about to get super interesting, super quickly. And I figured too that Toronto trading up was Peace ensuring he got himself, while still being able to plug those other holes.
  8. Very tempted to put that sig in mine now. And hi!
  9. #1. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE NHL TEAM ? It sounds weird, but I've never really had one? I just like watching good matchups. I grew up in Flyers territory and live in Wild territory right now, but I was in Chicago during their Stanley Cup runs and enjoyed those teams, so gun to head that'd probably be my pick. #2. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A FAN ? I've enjoyed watching hockey for a while, a lot of my friends in the neighborhood growing up played as well so got it secondhand. Call it a couple decades then. #3. ITS EARLY BUT WHO WINS THE CONTINENTAL CUP NEXT SEASON? Malmo's still a young team, so I wouldn't be surprised if they make a strong push to repeat. Going back-to-back is a very tough thing to do, but that team's set up extraordinarily well to try it. #4. WHAT PLAYERS RETIREMENT WILL HAVE THE BIGGEST IMPACT ON THE LEAGUE? Not just one player, but I'm a bit surprised more people aren't talking about how old a lot of the goalies are, particularly the S75 class that is now going into regression. The balance of power is going to shift dramatically between S82-83 when they're gone. #5. IF YOU COULD PICK AN ALTERNATE JERSEY FOR YOUR TEAM , WHAT WOULD IT LOOK LIKE ? The Padres have camo alternates for their jerseys because of the heavy military presence in San Diego. The Marlins could definitely lean into the same, but call it blue camo perhaps? #6. RIGHT TWIX OR LEFT TWIX ? AND WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CHOCOLATE BAR ? We read left to right in English, only makes sense to eat our Twix the same way. And it's not necessarily a chocolate bar, but I've always been a Reese's person and will be forever.
  10. San Diego, Calif. -- The offseason is about to be a busy time for former Bulls and Marlins goalie Xavier Booberry. Because this year, for the first time, he has not one but two drafts to prepare for: the new VHLE, which he’ll enter next season, and the grand VHL Draft that will determine his long-term home. While the playoffs just ended, Booberry has already heard from a few teams in the VHL, though none in the VHLE. There’s certainly still more time for outreach before the big days arrive, but Booberry’s hoping more than anything that the outreach indeed occurs. “Yeah, I hope teams talk to me. That’s big for me – I want to hear the team’s plan and where I fit in,” Booberry said. “Plus I think it starts off our relationship on the right foot to be able to have a conversation and hear about each other’s likes and dislikes.” The Booberry camp thinks this conversation is more important on the VHL than the VHLE side, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to hear from the new VHLE GMs. On the contrary, he points to his experience in the VHLM last year as evidence of the good of that conversation. “I didn’t really talk with Houston before they drafted me – I didn’t really talk with them even when I was the backup the season before,” Booberry said. “If I had the opportunity, I would have raised the exact concerns that caused them to sell off the entire team mid-season. I just don’t want to be in that sort situation again, that’s all.”
  11. Really liked it, obviously super curious myself. I wouldn't be surprised if we see some trades either - particularly LA as you mentioned, don't think Davis is falling that far based on TPE.
  12. I read this already, so now I'm going to review it because I need a point. Review: 10/10 The main point that sticks out to me for this article is the presentation. It'd be very easy to just bold names and keep them all in paragraph form, but the team bars, the centering of the selections, and the user tagging really goes above and beyond here. It makes the article not only easier to read, but easier to skim too for people who are looking more at the picks than the explanations. The explanations themselves work well too however, taking into account not only team needs, but player builds and stats as well when talking about potential destinations (such as the reasoning for the Detroit drop). If there's one super nitpick there it would be taking more of the long-term futures into account (i.e. what Toronto and Vancouver look like in S80 isn't nearly as important as in S83), but that'd be asking a whole lot and you crammed a bunch in with a short space. I know you called this an amateur opinion, but I view it as anything but that and extremely well done.
  13. Yeah not to belabor the point too much, but if 93.6% of people have the same "incorrect" answer, and not all of those people copied off of one person (as I didn't and know a bunch of others didn't), seems pretty obvious to me that the answerers aren't the ones at fault.
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