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  1. 1. Is Yukon a competitive team, and if so where should we be prepared to see them in the rankings? Yukon is absolutely a competitive team, but we've still got some room to build. Our team is filled with S68 players, who hopefully will be up near 200 TPE by the time the playoffs roll around. I figure Yukon will be a 3-4 seed, but win it all when they get there. 2. What player stands out the most to you in terms of improvement? A Red Guy has struggled in a few games so far, but he just joined right before the season started. Even in that small time he's grown so much, and I only see him getting more consistent from here. 3. Where does the team stand on offensive/defensive strategy? Is one more important than the other? It's interesting - the team has so much defensive talent, arguably more than any other team. But I do think it's equal between the two, which should serve us well in the playoffs. 4. Who is this team's next VHL designated player? People are sleeping on Frans Eller. I think there's a distinct possibility that he's the first pick in the draft next season because of his combination of work ethic, skill, and the position he plays. Don't be surprised if he makes multiple all-star teams, and quickly. 5. Where does Yukon need improvement? It's just time. We're young, and we'll get there. But until the team gets a few more games and practices in, there's going to be some consistency issues. 6. What has to happen for you to consider this season a success? As a team or personally. It's all about the titles. If the zero goals in 14 games didn't give it away, I'm not about that scoring life. It's much better for me if we win as a team, and I'm excited for the possibility.
  2. Flowers Still a Top Pick? Yukon Territory -- When he originally declared for the VHLM at least season's trade deadline, defenseman Lance Flowers was at the top of the charts for potential Season 68 draft picks. However, less than one season later, some are starting to believe that he might not be as high a pick as originally believed. As it currently, Flowers is indeed one of two players in the upcoming draft above the 200 TPE cap. However, due to a number of different factors, Philadelphia defenseman Condor Adrienne has blown by Flowers in the overall standings. Meanwhile, forwards Eller and Underyew are coming up on Flowers quickly, and other players further down the TPE rankings may show more upside. Does that concern Flowers? Not particularly. He's happy to work on his skills at his own rate, and for the rest, he believe it'll all come out in the wash. "I'm happy with my work so far, and wherever I land in the draft, I'll land," he explained. "Mock drafts are for the blog boys online. Teams know what I'm about, and if I fall down the draft, so be it. I can't make peoples' decisions for them." As it currently stands, Flowers has been an excellent passer and checker, as expected. His 14 assists, 20 shots blocked and 36 hits are all in the top 10 of all VHLM players.
  3. Names: F - Patrick Juhlin D - Leif Rohlin G - Mats Ytter In honor of recent conversations, they're three historic players from popular Swedish hockey team VIK Vasteras HK (Points are for Lance Flowers)
  4. Very much not, in my eyes. But yeah, unless the VHLM was to go global again, it wouldn't be the best fit. I just voted yes for optics purposes.
  5. Another good team win! 8 power plays are fun
  6. Helsinki Titans Toronto Legion Moscow Menace New York Americans
  8. There are a few of us still left on that train (hi @solas), but I doubt it happens. My standing offer was/is that I'd only become a GM if I were allowed to move a team there.
  9. I'm tanking for a higher draft pick. D - Jerry Garcia @TheFlash
  10. (Crosby already taken by Bushito @Sixersfan549)