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That Dude Career Year


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London United third year forward That Dude has been putting together a career year (in spite of it being only 2/3 way through S79 as I type this one up right now).... in all statistical categories except the +/- category. After remaining close toward the team lead in scoring, it appears that Dude has fallen off the pace, ranking fourth on the team in goals, points and fifth in assists. He also ranks second on the team in hits. That largely has to do with That Dude being relegated to the fourth line center duties although he's gotten opportunities on both the power play and penalty kill situations which has helped to keep his point-per-game pace alive. 


"We're starting to make a few more strides up the standings. While it isn't quite what I would personally prefer -- but we're in this together as a team and we simply have to do whatever it takes to help the team win. If that means me doing mopup duties or whatever, I'm perfectly okay with it. 


Our team still has a shot at the postseason and we've been slowly but steadily making up ground on Prague Phantoms for the fifth/final postseason spot. We definitely can do it, just got to keep on hustling on both ends of the rink and eat into our goal differential. As for myself -- I'm in a contract year, so I've got to hustle and really showcase my talent/skills to the best of my abilities. I'm practically playing for a job next season, every game from now onwards."

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